Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1330

After Xia Tian looks Eastern Man came up, he also directly followed. At this time here is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, he may hope plagiarize several moves. Then uses the techniques of eight Qi to imitate these moves. This is the Xia Tian goal. Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, each is this world Pyramid existence of most peak, their Martial Skill are also of reaching the pinnacle. Now Xia Tian each plagiarize one type, after him, will be many an unexpected method. Saw that Eastern Man and Xia Tian moved, whom Northern Army as if also wants to ask to fight one, but obviously does not suit him to get rid now, if he gets rid, either has helped Wei Guang, either to bully few, this matter he absolutely cannot do. He is China one of the four big Expert. How to handle this matter. Old ice is strange, fights one.” At this moment, Northern Army has broadcast a sound, master blood blade old ancestor who makes this sound, at this time here Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is fighting. After blood blade old ancestor came, happen to sees Northern Army to idle, he also planned that gets with Northern Army again, a past war, Northern Army made into the severe wound him, this made him lose has competed for four big Expert opportunities. Therefore this matter he is the unusual lamentation, he hides desert these many years, to practice the skill looks for Northern Army to get one again. Blood blade is old, your blade is about to rust, how to fight me.” Northern Army said. You, since dares to despise me, I will certainly make you pay the price.” The blood red broadsword in blood blade old ancestor hand cuts directly. Bang! A blade. A blood blade old ancestor blade smashed a gulf the ground.

Really was the strength big to has not located to use, if you carried out the construction, that flew in circles blue closes.” Northern Army had evaded the opposite party a moment ago directly the strikes. Hateful.” The blood blade old ancestor's anger is getting bigger and bigger. Xia Tian also noted here situation, at this time his vision fast took a fast look around in the surrounding these people. Wei Guang there fight is most relaxed. He as if not worry to win, another three people are the method completely leave. Pressed Lishan big South Korea Expert to see that a moment ago some people helped, immediately very excited, he also knew Eastern Man, after all the Eastern Man given name was really too resounding, the world almost did not have Expert not to know. North Korean and South Korean that is a bitter enemy, North Korean crown prince saw that South Korean Expert wants to hit, he had studied with the Maoshan old ancestors a moment ago, so long as the Maoshan old ancestors help him kill South Korean Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, outside that this Heavenly Connection the hole his anything does not want, assists the Maoshan old ancestor fully. So long as they can kill South Korean Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, that South Korea will not have in a short time Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, that in this regard, North Korea had the absolute superiority. Therefore North Korean crown prince has decided this transaction. The Maoshan old ancestors naturally agreed that this has traded, therefore they start to carry on the converging attack to South Korean Expert, South Korean Expert was a little strenuous, so long as such hits, in less than a half hour, South Korean Expert must defeat without doubt. But at this time, Eastern Man and monster king inserted a foot suddenly. Eastern Man was needless saying that his strength that was the world is obvious to all, the monster king was not a simple fellow, this made them have to receive the hand. Many thanks two.” South Korean Expert finally recovering consciousness one breath. Does not need to thank me, some people make me see your time helps your one.” Xia Tian said. Has the person?” South Korean Expert does not remember what one have to relate with the monster king, is his friend? But his friend does not have Expert of this rank, at this moment he has thought of a possibility suddenly. Front monster king is the Xia Tian friend.

He had given the Xia Tian face outside recently. Thinks of here, he confirmed. Certainly is this, he is feeling to rejoice for the beforehand decision now. Boy, favored.” After Eastern Man looked at Xia Tian one, has fired into North Korean crown prince directly, his right hand soft making, this fist does not seem like any strength, the speed is also slow. Xia Tian understands that Eastern Man this is wants the legend his Unique Skill. Because before Xia Tian, used that many Unique Skill, therefore Eastern Man guessed that Xia Tian has certainly anything to learn others skill the ability, therefore he made Xia Tian look at his movement intentionally. The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously, concentrating on looks at the Eastern Man movement. He discovers a fist of Eastern Man, although seems soft, but his fist nearby air was compressed. Puff! Eastern Man fights with the fists. North Korean crown prince has shunted, he believes that one these has shunted the Eastern Man attack range absolutely, although Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has the slight this ability, but he has hidden more than one meter, he does not believe slightly can also make one meter lethality. Bang! At this moment, his body felt a fearful strength suddenly. He felt that his half body these maliciously had been brushed, is only the flash, his body was hit to fly, that strength his five main internal organs (entrails) shaken unusual is painful. Idiot!” Wei Guang looks at North Korean crown prince who had been hit to fly to say. unexpectedly uses to cope with the means of average person to cope with the old elderly fisherman, is really one lives the impatient boy.” Saying that Northern Army disdains.

Old ice is strange, you are fighting with me, unexpectedly also has the time to look at others.” The blood blade in blood blade old ancestor hand cuts once more. Dodging that Northern Army keeps, but does not counterattack. Puff! North Korean crown prince has put out a blood, he does not have to think own unexpectedly had been injured by opposite party one move, although wound is not serious, but he truly was injured. After Earth Grade was greatly complete this Realm, very much difficultly in a short time decided the victory and defeat. But his unexpectedly was injured by an opposite party fist. „Did boy, look to understand?” Eastern Man said. Looked to understand, what a pity I used the might one-third not to have continually.” Xia Tian said. shit, monster.” After Eastern Man hears the Xia Tian words, scolded directly, he practiced these many years to use this might, Xia Tian only to look at one time to say one can use one-third strengths, this simply technology monstruous talent same talent. Senior, called the monster king on the line.” Xia Tian said. Volume.” On the Eastern Man forehead is the heavy line: Was good, here matter has been solved, senior military officer there may also wait for you.” Is waiting for me?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Eastern Man. You had not discovered that senior military officer does not have the strength to hit back that the blood blade old ancestor does hit? Although the blood blade old ancestor is very fierce, but he is not the match of senior military officer, reason that the senior military officer occupies the inferiority , because he in you looked that quite makes you study several moves.” Eastern Man said.