Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1331

Good!” Although Xia Tian a moment ago only in Eastern Man there plagiarize a fist, but the deep meaning in this fist enough he comprehended some time. This time North Korean crown prince whole face hate looks at Eastern Man, but he does not dare to fight with Eastern Man, that time fought he to understand a moment ago, oneself are not the Eastern Man match. Since called a halt. Fights between their three could not hit. Similarly, their three also lost has scrambled for the qualifications of spirit stone. Therefore they can only stand in one side see a play. Wei Guang and the others who now fought have also called a halt, all people will all focus on Northern Army and blood blade old ancestor's body, among them who lost, who must lose scrambles for the qualifications of spirit stone. This is Earth Grade greatly is also complete the latent rule. Bumps into the treasure, that respectively depends on the skill, whose wrist|skill, who can obtain the treasure. Boy, favored, I only use one time.” The Northern Army right hand wields, in his hand presented an ice cone weapon, afterward his body clashes fast forward. Blood blade crazy demon. Blood blade old ancestor noticed that Northern Army starts to counterattack, he also instantaneously started his big unique skill. The flash, around the blood blade in his hand presents the empty shade, turned into more than one zhang (3.33 m) to be long. After blade glow length of side, has not delayed to the speed of blade. Bang! The surrounding ground and stone wall start shatter. The people of seeing a play dodge hurriedly. Blood blade old ancestor this is doing the destruction obviously. After Yu He and Jiang Tianshu have looked at each other one, Jiang Tianshu nod of silently. Bang! You dare to hit me, kills, brothers.” Surroundings once more chaotic, person who major Expert bring immediately tangled warfare in the same place.

Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, looks quickly, what in his hand is Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll.” Does not know that was who shouted, dozens vision centralized on the body of blood auspicious day, the blood auspicious day also a little have hoodwinked afterward at this time, he has not done yes what's the matter. In his hand suddenly presented such a jade Jane. In the instance that he is in a daze. More than ten Expert flushed. Bang! Expert of blood blade gate protected him instantaneously in the middle, he was blood blade gate few hosts, the blood blade gate person does not dare to make him be injured. Jiang Shao, succeeded.” Yu He said. Em.” Jiang Tianshu nodded. Outside Heavenly Connection in the hole the toxin of poisonous insect is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert cannot shoulder, outside entire Heavenly Connection in the hole, besides Jiang Shao you, nobody can unarmed catch the poisonous insect, and refines poisonous insect inside toxin.” Saying of Yu He admiration. This time Northern Army grasps ice thorn, flushes away from a straight line directly forward. Counter-attack in a straight line is simple. The opposite party can counter-attack with ease. However Northern Army speed very quick, Xia Tian is also very surprised. Looks at his.” The Eastern Man reminder said. When the Xia Tian vision looks to the Northern Army under foot, he understands why finally the Northern Army speed can be so fast. Ice! Is the ice, under the foot of Northern Army is the ice, he using the glide of ice, therefore the speed can be so fast. When dāng! The crushed stone of ground also has blade glow to contact the instance of Northern Army body, that body of Northern Army will present an ice, defends directly the attack of opposite party.

Controlling force unexpectedly is so strong.” Xia Tian completely was shaken simply by Northern Army. Northern Army unexpectedly can achieve so perfect control ice. Naturally, the senior military officer's controlling force to the ice does not know that practiced many to spread.” Eastern Man said. Saw only the body fast shuttle of Northern Army the blood blade old ancestor's front. A blood blade old ancestor blade chops, the blade glow embezzles Northern Army instantaneously completely, but the ice in Eastern Man hand punctures is also the instantaneous smashing, at this moment, the entire body of Northern Army turned into the ice crystal, the formidable ice crystal hit instantaneously on the blood blade old ancestor's body. Bang! The blood blade old ancestor's body was hit to fly directly. But Northern Army ice also all vanishes to disappear. You lost.” Saying of Northern Army coldly. Puff! Hateful!” Blood blade old ancestor spouts a blood. You complete attention will place the ice in my hand to puncture, therefore you have not considered my other attacks.” The Northern Army education said. I have no need for you teaching.” Blood blade old ancestor got angry shouted one. Few hosts!” At this moment some team inside people of blood blade gate shout. Hears this sound time, blood blade old ancestor immediately one startled, the instance when he turns head, happen to saw his son body but actually: Son.” As drinks greatly, the blood blade old ancestor's body flushed instantaneously. The blood light dodges. He caught the body of blood auspicious day directly. But the blood auspicious day one startled did not have sound. Ah!

Angry roaring shouted from the blood blade old ancestor mouth that he in old age, regarding his son unusual spoiling , a blood auspicious day ten -year-old toy was Spirit Tool, thus it can be seen the blood blade old ancestor loved to his son. This time he leads his son to come, to let his son becomes famous thoroughly, is now, his son died. He has a dream has not thought that his son unexpectedly died. Old ancestor!!” Bang! Blood blade old ancestor fought with the fists on the face of that Earth Grade late stage Expert: Why has not protected good my son, I want you to be useful.” Old ancestor, we have encircled few hosts in the middle, had not seen how he dies.” That Earth Grade late stage Expert said hurriedly. Blood blade is old, let loose your son quickly, your son was poisoned, was the toxin of poisonous insect.” Northern Army shouts hurriedly, although he and blood blade old ancestor has fought many, but sometimes year to year has an inexplicable friendship to the person of war. Toxin!” The blood blade old ancestor's vision looked at one in the surroundings: Does not have the poisonous insect, not having the poisonous insect possibly to be how poisoned.” Gets into the stomach, the blood blade is old, do not bump jade Jane in your son hand, that Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll is false, moreover you have cremated him, immediately on him all will be the toxin.” The Northern Army reminder said. Binocular red angry exclaiming of blood blade old ancestor: Who does, I must kill him.” Deeping frown of Xia Tian, his X-Ray Vision eye opens, discovered that toxin looks familiar very much. You!” The blood blade old ancestor's vision looks suddenly to Xia Tian. I?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. My son wanted you dead at that time, now my son died, this is his final desire, I will certainly help him complete.” Blood blade old ancestor both eyes get angry looks at Xia Tian, afterward looks down to the corpse of blood auspicious day: Son, in this I, father this goes to revenge for you.” Hey, the blood blade is old, you were insane, your son was not the homicide, now you do not look for the murderer, must cope with him on the contrary.” Northern Army does not want to make the blood blade old ancestor kill Xia Tian, because he knows the Xia Tian real status, actually uses various Martial Arts from Xia Tian the time, he looked. „To fight? I accompany you.” The Xia Tian anger also came up.