Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1332

Although the blood auspicious day is not Xia Tian kills. But Xia Tian already had has killed the blood auspicious day the thoughts. Therefore he becomes enemies with blood blade old ancestor was essential, now the blood blade old ancestor looked that in his eye has filled ominously light, seems a greedy person is the same, if Xia Tian does not give him a lesson, after him, will not give up. Good, I first have killed you, then revenges for my son.” Blood blade old ancestor whole face angry saying, his son died now, during his whole person fell into to be crazy. Present he is a greedy person. Saw that who wants to nip whose greedy person. His son blood auspicious day able to move unhindered Heavenly Connection tower first. The corrupt wolf and Jiang Tianshu this super figure also admitted defeat under his hand. Only then in Xia Tian there, blood auspicious day has not asked for cheaply, even also almost dies in the hand of Xia Tian, therefore the blood blade old ancestor wants to complete this final dream for his son. Now the flames of war between blood blade old ancestor and Xia Tian lit. We walk first.” Jiang Tianshu always some unlucky premonitions, therefore he plans to walk first. Em.” Yu He nodded Person who afterward Jiang Tianshu is bringing his left quietly. Boy, he is not simple.” The Northern Army reminder said that although Northern Army had won the blood blade old ancestor a moment ago, but he does not think that the blood blade old ancestor is affable, moreover was not the life and death wrestled a moment ago, otherwise was Northern Army also possibly is the hard victory. Blood blade old ancestor is not simple figure, he becomes famous is early, if not because past four big Expert ranked beforehand Northern Army to injure the blood blade old ancestor. Blood blade old ancestor is also one of the winning popular people. Finally although the blood blade old ancestor has not appeared, but he actually hid in the desert has led a pious life these many years. The strength early has reached the pinnacle. Son, in this I, how the father must make you see with one's own eyes him dead.” Blood blade old ancestor now is half crazy condition. Old fogy, you tries.” The Xia Tian right hand flings, the day cold sword appears in his hands. Burns 5 million compounded drugs.

Bang! Flash. The strength of Xia Tian within the body exploded, a formidable strength flowed through his whole body. Burns once more 5 million compounded drugs. Bang! Xia Tian within the body came the second explosion. Burns three years of life. The Xia Tian flash has burnt once more three years of life. Xia Tian when obtains the monster king mask, but also obtained another thing, reduces the thing that the life loses, if not this thing, now the Xia Tian life reduced were many. This time, Xia Tian also knows the great strength of match. Therefore was only the flash, Xia Tian burns 10 million compounded drugs to add on three years of life. „A very strong strength, this boy unexpectedly has also retained.” Eastern Man surprised looks at Xia Tian. That was natural.” Northern Army light saying. Em?” Eastern Man doubts looked to Northern Army: „Do you know him?” You also knew.” Northern Army said. „Did I also know?” Eastern Man has thought deeply about a meeting, afterward at present: What you said is he.” Right, is he, but I do not know why he hides the identity, therefore has not seen through him.” Northern Army nodded. No wonder, ha ha ha ha, no wonder, I said that originally is he.” Eastern Man has laughed, at this time he had also guessed correctly, front boy is Xia Tian, actually before him, has suspected, but Xia Tian was too intelligent, he used others' Martial Arts confusing Eastern Man. Therefore suddenly Eastern Man has not guessed that who he is. Now by a Northern Army saying, he is wanted to understand finally, front boy is not Xia Tian.

Blood blade old ancestor puts down oneself son's corpse, afterward he moves toward Xia Tian slowly. I want you dead.” A blood blade old ancestor blade cuts directly. Giant blade glow as if can swallow all. Whiz! Xia Tian body fast retreat. Bang! The surrounding ground was cut directly by the blood blade old ancestor, his blade is quick, the speed is also quick, a blade has not fallen completely, the second blade got up, normal, his pair of blade can definitely destroy completely any Earth Grade late stage Expert with ease. The speed that because he cuts was too fast, moreover again in addition slight. Earth Grade late stage Expert almost little can hide. Was insane! Blood blade old ancestor now is completely insane.” Eastern Man helpless shaking the head. He in old age, calculates that is not easy, was only a pity, his son extremely in arrogance, even if not die today, later certainly in all directions will also annoy troublesome.” Northern Army said. Bang! Blood blade old ancestor seems is doing the destruction to be the same. In all directions bombardment. Xia Tian is body fast retreat, maintained with the blood blade old ancestor a distance. ! The flash, Xia Tian has called a halt, afterward the day cold sword in his right hand punctures directly, on the day cold sword has had the ice crystal gradually, a thick ice wrapped the day cold sword, looked that from outside probably was an ice punctures is the same. Afterward speed fetch headway of Xia Tian. Eight Trigrams step. Flickers the body technique.

Xia Tian all used. Finally is Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step. Moreover his speed is also increasing. Looks quickly, the boy in study you, his is the ice.” Eastern Man said. The person who at this time periphery watches the fight may be Expert, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has that many, they saw a moment ago how Northern Army wins the blood blade old ancestor, decent that now Xia Tian unexpectedly also studies. Started to go forward according to the Northern Army appearance. This boy, has real skill.” Northern Army said. Following, Northern Army also was a little surprised. Because Xia Tian is the straight line goes forward, Northern Army dares the straight line advance is because he controls the ice the ability to be strong . Moreover the power of observation is unequalled, but Xia Tian unexpectedly also dares directly to clash. This and courts death different. This boy, studies others' skill to be good, what a pity, he overestimated his strength, Northern Army has used this move to cope with the blood blade old ancestor, that was because he controlling force to the ice was strong, the power of observation was also very strong, therefore dared the straight line impact, moreover he such did a moment ago for following that hit to prepare, the blood blade old ancestor was how possible on second working as, therefore this boy rushed, was impossible to win the blood blade old ancestor.” Earth Grade greatly complete Expert said. Other people nod in abundance. They also think. When dāng! At this moment, the people discovered the crushed stone and blade glow that unexpectedly the ground collapses by the Xia Tian cold ice armor blocking, where had the attack, which position the cold ice armor appears, this is Northern Army is simply exactly the same. shit, how this boy achieves.” Northern Army also slightly stares. It seems like the power of observation of this boy is perhaps stronger than you, moreover he is handy to any Martial Arts, he is having the strongest learning capability.” Eastern Man said.