Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1333

Surroundings these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert have the dessert to be startled. They do not think a moment ago Xia Tian can evade the blade glow and crushed stone. But Xia Tian unexpectedly the ability control of cold ice is not worse than Northern Army, this simply was too surprising, this ability has surpassed the cognition of people, in the eyes of people. The study and imitation ability of Xia Tian simply are the monstruous talent. But they do not think that Xia Tian can win the blood blade old ancestor. After all Xia Tian this is only procrastinates, studies the Northern Army style to fight against the blood blade old ancestor. Hateful!” Blood blade old ancestor gives a loud shout. He started to enlarge once more incurs. The blade glow has swallowed the surrounding all instantaneously. Ka! The cold ice disruption of day cold sword surface adhesion, around the body of Xia Tian is also the cold ice rises from all directions, is resisting the injury of blade glow. This. All people had seen a moment ago. Is Northern Army wins blood blade old ancestor's that. Saw that Xia Tian also rushed to the blood blade old ancestor's front. Dies. A blood blade old ancestor blade embezzles the Xia Tian whole person directly. ! Day cold sword in Xia Tian right hand departs directly. Speed incredibly fast is incomparable. Earth Grade late stage above Expert can induce to the day cold sword existed, although the blood blade old ancestor the brains is a little impulsive at this time, but does not represent him not to discover that a day of cold sword, in him discovered the instance of day cold sword, the sword in his hand cuts directly.

Whiz! Flickers the body technique! The flash, Xia Tian appeared in the blood blade old ancestor's armpit. His has covered entirely cold ice from top to bottom. Dashing. Bang! The blood blade old ancestor's body was hit to fly by Xia Tian directly. Exactly the same. Xia Tian study almost and Northern Army is exactly the same, the way of winning one after another is also exactly the same, this all people were all shocked, they do not believe the blood blade old ancestor will not have any protection. But Xia Tian unexpectedly once more succeeded. Your attention above day cold sword, moreover you think that I equally will directly also overrun to Northern Army Senior, what a pity you have made a mistake, I have my movement.” Xia Tian light saying. Puff! Blood blade old ancestor has spouted a blood. Xia Tian victory! This.” Eastern Man this being dumbfounded. This boy, a little way, if personally does not see, even if I, does not believe that some people can look at one this set of move of perfect use.” Northern Army is also very surprised looks at Xia Tian. Blood blade old ancestor completely has also been shocked at this time, he has a dream has not thought that he will lose to one seems the 20-year-old boy. All these keep him from accepting. I must kill you!” Blood blade old ancestor stands up angry shouting. Although does not like you, but I do not want to kill you, your son is not I kills, in him the toxin was just refined, can refine outside this poisonous person entire Heavenly Connection in the hole, only then a person can achieve.” Xia Tian said.

Heard the Xia Tian words, blood blade old ancestor eyes inside scarlet removes slightly. What person?” Blood blade old ancestor asked with the hoarse sound. His name is Jiang Tianshu, stood there that native of Poland Chief a moment ago, I once noticed that he uses this type of toxin to refine a poisonous person, that poisonous person bumps into the flowers and plants to die, the toxin of toxin in your son is exactly the same.” Xia Tian said. Jiang Tianshu!” Blood blade old ancestor thought at this time that Jiang Tianshu that group of people are very monster, as if has been tracking them to be the same, at that time he thinks the strength of Jiang Tianshu this team of people are too bad, therefore has not responded . Moreover the person who Jiang Tianshu gets is the Hidden Sect person, although he does not care about the Hidden Sect person, but he must give a Hidden Sect face more or less. Therefore he has not gone to pay attention to Jiang Tianshu and the others. Now recalls. He discovered that his son has the possibility very much really by that the person who called Jiang Tianshu killed. Old ancestor, I thought that truly some people placed little in that false Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll the main hand a moment ago, that fellows were away from us recently, the opportunity that they started was biggest, moreover they sneaked off a moment ago quietly.” Earth Grade late stage Expert shouts. Deeping frown of blood blade old ancestor: This time matter I have taken down, when I killed Jiang Tianshu then to come back to kill you again.” Do not blame me not to remind you, he is not good to kill.” Xia Tian light saying. Snort!” Blood blade old ancestor cold snort, returned to his son's side afterward directly, he uses a cloth sack to wrap the blood auspicious day: We walk.” An enormous and powerful war such ended. Shout! Xia Tian long expiration. With the Expert fight of blood blade old ancestor rank also is really very tired. The blood blade old ancestor's strength was too strong. Blood blade old ancestor walked. The also remaining these many people, they compete for spirit stone one group of people, a war, the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince are withdrew automatically, after South Korean Earth Grade greatly complete Expert was rescued by Eastern Man next, was withdraws. A Wei Guang war had not ended. However now has added on Eastern Man, Northern Army and Xia Tian.

Moreover their three are the same places. No matter what, they three strengths are most terrorist, the combination that their three add is also a little non-solution, person who therefore together was fighting a moment ago, at this time might collaborate very much. However they carefully think that perhaps besides Wei Guang, they do not have any to be able with Northern Army also to have Eastern Man to contend. Even if three people collaborates to constrain Northern Army, then Wei Guang copes with Eastern Man, then Xia Tian? A moment ago Xia Tian and a blood blade old ancestor's war, already deep carving in their mind. In their opinion, Xia Tian simply is more terrorist than Eastern Man and Northern Army, because he only looked one time, the Eastern Man adept Unique Skill study, moreover used this move to defeat the blood blade old ancestor in legend directly. Thing I wanted, do some people struggle?” Eastern Man asked. Scene complete silence. If nobody struggles, I must take spirit stone.” The Eastern Man vision took a fast look around the people. Wait / Etc.!” Wei Guang opens the mouth suddenly. „Do you want to snatch with me?” Eastern Man asked. Your three can only want this time.” Saying of Wei Guang coldly. The people understand that meaning of Wei Guang, that is if will present spirit stone next time again, Eastern Man their three cannot participate to rob. „It is not good, I and senior military officer come together, but with the monster king is not, therefore I can only guarantee that I and senior military officer no longer rob spirit stone, but did not guarantee that the monster king robs.” Eastern Man said directly. Monster king!” Wei Guang vision coldly looks to Xia Tian, the famous sword in hand moves slightly, as if will momentarily get rid to be the same, his murderous aura is very heavy. Southern Kill Wei Guang.” Xia Tian also stubbornly is staring at Wei Guang, the so-called personal enemy meets particularly is jealous, the Xia Tian father dies in the Wei Guang hand, Xia Tian knows that he will have a war with Wei Guang sooner or later.