Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1334
Among them the imposing manner increased instantaneously in one. Southern Kill Wei Guang. China one of the four big Expert, are known as world first Assassins. Quicksand Chief. He became famous is really too early . Moreover the Wei Guang ominous famous world all knows. The sword in his hand is known as the world quickest sword. Sword that is unable to dodge. Even if other topest Expert is not willing with Wei Guang for the enemy. Actually in the past four big Expert rank wars, the Eastern Man strength was strongest, next was Western Hidden Xia Tianlong, was Southern Kill Wei Guang, finally was Northern Army. But everybody rather offends Eastern Man, is not willing to offend Wei Guang. Because the Eastern Man manner is genial, little begins to kill people, but Wei Guang is different, so long as you had to cope with the idea of Wei Guang, that Wei Guang will not let off you, the homicide person never showed mercy. So long as on Jianghu mentioned that Wei Guang name, that definitely is panic at the news. However Xia Tian actually just here a little reputation. Monster king! This name recently just a little reputation, moreover Xia Tian seems, only then over 20 years old, 20 years ago, Wei Guang is moves Jianghu big figure. No matter how visits them is not existence of same rank. If were not the former and a blood blade old ancestor's war, the second entrance bloodthirsty demon beast worshipping on bended knees event, that monster king name nobody has heard radically, at this time Wei Guang unexpectedly and this monster king to holding. Wei Guang, do you want to do? At the worst we get one.” Eastern Man saw that Wei Guang must get rid to Xia Tian, he goes forward to prevent hurriedly. Wei Guang has not gone to pay attention to Eastern Man, but is the vision looks at Xia Tian: I heard that you will be many person Kungfu, I am very curious you to be able with Xia Tianlong Finger of Consonance to grip my sword.” Wei Guang, were you insane, even if were Xia Tianlong does not dare to meet your sword easily.” Eastern Man shouts hurriedly.

Wei Guang has still not paid attention to Eastern Man, but is the vision has stared at Xia Tian to look. Good.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Honor! This war was doomed to be the war of honor, Xia Tian this was must win this glory for his father, past years's that war, his father overcomes the cliff by Wei Guang, today, Xia Tian uses Finger of Consonance shame Wei Guang well. Regarding Wei Guang such Expert. Was gripped the sword by Xia Tianlong, this does not have anything, because Xia Tian is China one of the four big Expert, was gripped the sword by him is not the shame, but if were gripped by front monster king. Then regarding Wei Guang is shame. But the reputation of monster king will rise sharply thoroughly. After all the Wei Guang reputation was really too big. Boy, you do not send to mix, even if Xia Tianlong does not dare to meet the Wei Guang sword easily.” Eastern Man said hurriedly that he has guessed correctly the Xia Tian status now. Although the Xia Tian body results in the Xia Tianlong true line. But is his father Xia Tianlong does not dare to meet the Wei Guang sword easily, otherwise may present the danger of broken finger. Right. Yin Nie also had said at that time to Xia Tian such words, the Wei Guang sword was quick, if met easily, the broken finger, the Xia Tianlong talent will be high in the past . Moreover the strength early has also reached the pinnacle. May be such Xia Tianlong, had not said that can catch the Wei Guang sword at will. However now Xia Tian must meet the Wei Guang sword. If this sword you can catch, spirit stone you, if cannot catch, I have killed you.” Saying of Wei Guang coldly. Wei Guang said person who kills, he will thoroughly get rid, even if to Eastern Man with Northern Army, he also will be the same will get rid. This is the Southern Kill Wei Guang name.

Has the skill, comes.” Xia Tian tranquil looks at Wei Guang, his killing father personal enemy in oneself at present, now wants to make Xia Tian tranquil to be difficult, but he understands, even if come up to go all out with Wei Guang, is impossible to win. Now he must win father's glory. The atmosphere coagulates thoroughly. Today's monster king could be said as had removed in front of world Expert thoroughly, particularly blood blade old ancestor that war, in addition now to fighting Wei Guang, if this fought him and can also win, that the place that was doomed here is he will become famous thoroughly. „Did boy, you think?” Eastern Man asked again. This fights me unable to avoid.” Xia Tian understands that he and Wei Guang collision just started. Good.” Eastern Man nodded. Northern Army has not spoken, he knows that the androcentrism of Xia Tian was too serious, moreover he is a man of being indomitable spirit, regardless at this time others said anything, he will not flinch. Therefore he has not gone to urge Xia Tian. ! Instantaneous, the Wei Guang sword came out of the sheath, the Wei Guang sword was the world second sword. Is more famous than the Yin Nie sword. murderous aura! On the sword unexpectedly are bringing murderous aura. Generally speaking, a person has killed too many people, the body will have murderous aura, especially has killed many Expert and jumped the ranks the challenge the time, murderous aura will be big, for example Profound Grade cut to kill Earth Grade to be greatly complete greatly completely, this jumping the ranks challenge, will kill 1000 Profound Grade greatly complete Expert murderous aura more exuberant than Xia Tian. The people have murderous aura not to be strange. But on the Wei Guang sword unexpectedly has murderous aura. Thus it can be seen, actually the Wei Guang sword is how terrifying. !

The left hand of Xia Tian pointed out forward, behind right hand, feelings of this posture quite one generation of Grandmaster, Xia Tian has prepared. The scene has not spoken. Perhaps regarding them, the fight of such rank cannot see for a lifetime several, especially Wei Guang Finger of Consonance of sword to fighting Xia Tianlong, this is the fight that the past years became famous. Now this 20-year-old monster king must duplicate with Wei Guang this fights. Past Xia Tianlong also because of gripping the Wei Guang sword, but a war became famous, finally won the Western Hidden title. ! Wei Guang gently pulled a sword to be colored the sword in hand, afterward his sword moved, moved that moment in his sword, nobody paid attention to him, because all vision as if were passed to the attraction by the sword. Quick! In the world the quickest sword is the Wei Guang sword. At this time the sword in Wei Guang hand arrives quickly inconceivable, some people had said that a Wei Guang sword can cut off the lightning, thus it can be seen, actually the Wei Guang sword will draw near any degree. At this moment, the Wei Guang person as if changed into the air. But his sword incarnation is this world sharpest weapon. Came.” Flash, Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye instantaneous full, his all conditions were all opened. Combustion! 20 million compounded drugs! Xia Tian started not to calculate to lose, before coped with the blood blade old ancestor time, he has burnt 10 million compounded drugs, at this time to receive Wei Guang the sword, he has burnt once more 20 million compounded drugs. Actually he is not necessary to burn greatly these many, but this is the war of honor, he won must win attractively.