Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1336

Hears high-grade goods spirit stone time. Xia Tian has raised up the ear. These knowledge after him are useful, therefore he plans careful listening. Low-grade goods spirit stone regarding the normal person, that already the buried treasure that is unable to obtain, even if regarding Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, this also absolutely is the treasure in treasure. that fought has indicated precious of low grade spirit stone. But spirit stone is the treasure in legend, obtained one, that inside spiritual energy was needless saying that what was low grade spirit stone was ten times, self-recovery spiritual energy, this simply will be the most precious object. The treasure in treasure. Low-grade goods spirit stone and spirit stone so has resulted, that high-grade goods spirit stone? Xia Tian anticipates looks to Eastern Man. „The high-grade goods spirit stone effect I do not know.” Eastern Man said directly. Fuck! on the face of Xia Tian is the look that despises, he is filled with the anticipation, finally Eastern Man unexpectedly said the words that such has made him collapse with him. Xia Tian anticipated for quite a while, finally Eastern Man unexpectedly said that does not know. Thing has succeeded in obtaining, we walk.” Eastern Man said directly.

Xia Tian also can only helpless followed, has to say Eastern Man enticing his curiosity, but Eastern Man finally unexpectedly said does not know, this made Xia Tian anticipate the function of high-grade goods spirit stone. Regarding Xia Tian, spirit stone is his goal, if he can also obtain spirit stone, rapidness that perhaps his Realm can promote. Since his strength breakthrough to Earth Grade, he completely could not feel that any might the turning point of breakthrough. In other words he does not have the feeling of least bit possibly breakthrough now, he wants to break through to the Earth Grade intermediate stage simply is never, if he can obtain spirit stone and so on thing, he had the hope of breakthrough. Senior military officer, or spirit stone you used, I cannot break through in any case.” Eastern Man looked spirit stone in own hand said that although spirit stone is good, but low grade spirit stone also insufficiently he breaks through together. Ok, many a little makes a mickle, even if were low grade spirit stone found two again, you will have the opportunity of breakthrough, Inner Strength of my within the body accumulation did not have you to be many, even if were this gives me, the function was not big.” Northern Army shook the head. Good! Only can implore our luck a point.” Eastern Man nodded. Was right, does that person you still remember?” Northern Army opens the mouth to ask suddenly. What you said is that? Also wants the monstruous talent compared with Xia Tianlong that?” Eastern Man asked. Em, he should soon break through Heaven Grade.” Northern Army spoke of here time as if has thought of anything, pondered a moment later continued saying: If in the past were not the head of Xia Tianlong is flexible enough, our China honor may probably lose completely.” Yes, that war, our nobody is the match of that person.” Eastern Man said. „Is that person who Senior, you said who?” Xia Tian asked that he was suddenly curious, who in the Eastern Man mouth that defeat completely China four big Expert people were, moreover this was the concerned his father's matter.

Therefore he wants to inquire. On a person list first.” Eastern Man said. Previous? Person list first!” Xia Tian heard this time stares, before he did not care about the person list, but knew about this world along with him more and more, he to person list understanding were also getting more and more. The deicide is this person list first. Xia Tian saw formidable from her body. On that a person list first. Right, this person list first three are the deicide, Xia Tian and corrupt wolf, on first three are Lucifer, Xia Tianlong and Wei Guang.” The Eastern Man patient explanation said. Although he and Northern Army has guessed correctly the Xia Tian status, but they have not said that they guessed that Xia Tian trades the status of this monster king, certainly has the secret facts that anything has no other choice but. Lucifer!” Xia Tian silently this name in heart. Lucifer is a legend, he is Expert in American legend, was known as that world strongest Expert, past years's that war, Lucifer challenged China four big Expert, the senior military officer, I, Wei Guang, the defeat in his hands, Xia Tianlong has thought finally means that have finally won that person, redeemed the China dignity, that person has not visited China from now.” Eastern Man as if seemed affected during the recollection. What means?” Xia Tian curious asking, actually his very curious father how has won a such terrifying match. He used Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step to forgive enough 15 days with Lucifer, 15 days later, he used Finger of Consonance to seal up Lucifer acupoint, entire 15 days, they endured the hardships of fieldwork, has not starved to death, has not died of thirst, finally Xia Tianlong won.” Eastern Man said.

15 days? Hits?” On the face of Xia Tian has written all over inconceivable, what he is unable to imagine really for 15 days is, Inner Strength of person is limited, 15 days did not starve to death also die of thirst. 15 days do not get wet, the body of person should already reach the limit. Will, supports their is the will, the will that does not concede, Xia Tianlong understands that fought he not to be impossible to win Lucifer directly, therefore he enhanced strong points and avoided weaknesses, used the Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step mystery, has towed for 15 days.” Eastern Man spoke of the meaning of here time whole face admiration. Was too inconceivable.” Xia Tian felt that he heard the legend, although he felt that own present has been full of the strength, moreover there are to restore the compounded drug, but he has considered, if occurred fights continually, seven days, he might stamina lose cleanly. Therefore Xia Tianlong was one has created the man of miracle, in the past Xia Tianlong and Lucifer two people were called are most likely become the Heaven Grade Expert people, I estimated that Lucifer entered here, but does not know where he, really wants to hand over a hand with him now again.” Eastern Man has gotten hold of own fist, it seems like he to past years that fights is not convinced very much. Senior, actually that does Lucifer have fiercely what?” Xia Tian asked. His Saint light technique can be been invincible by own defense, the Saint sword may be called invincible, these two methods have made people unable to cope, moreover he also has other methods, is one may be called the perfect enemy.” Eastern Man spoke of Lucifer time, on the face association appearance cannot help but fought intent. Old elderly fisherman, you thinks that coped with his means? Perhaps we bump into him in third or the entrance of Neidong.” Northern Army light saying. Hits has known.” Eastern Man said. Was right, two Senior, have you heard Lei Feng this person?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask suddenly, previous and Lei Feng fights, Xia Tian felt the death, that death feeling was intense.