Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1337

Lei Feng?” A Eastern Man brow wrinkle. Right, is Lei Feng.” Xia Tian closely examines hurriedly. Did not know.” Eastern Man serious saying. Fuck! Xia Tian despises Eastern Man intensely, before his appearance was knows to be the same probably, finally Xia Tian was filled with the anticipation time, he also said does not know that was the same with the former high-grade goods spirit stone matter. He also entices the Xia Tian intellectual curiosity, finally he has not known. He is very strong!” Xia Tian said. Very strong?” Eastern Man asked. He said that is in this world the strongest person.” Xia Tian remembers that Lei Feng has spoken such a few words. Said?” On the Eastern Man face had a happy expression. I and he have fought, I almost die in his hands, if not he has finally walks beforehand, perhaps I really died in his hands.” Xia Tian thinks that now then that war, his heart startled, he and deicide they collaborates, still does not have the strength to hit back. „?” Smiling Eastern Man received the smiling face a moment ago. Now the Xia Tian strength he watches, Xia Tian unexpectedly said his almost that in hand that called Lei Feng, this has to make him attach great importance , the Xia Tian speed was not slow. However unexpectedly including Xia Tian said that he was almost killed, thus it can be seen this Lei Feng is not simple figure. unexpectedly presented this terrifying fellow.” A Eastern Man brow wrinkle, he has not thought that some unexpectedly person of energy balance points have killed Xia Tian, this was a little is too simply inconceivable. Xia Tian can catch including the Wei Guang sword a moment ago, in other words that Lei Feng be more terrorist than Wei Guang. Em, two Senior are careful, how although I do not know the Lucifer strength, but I think that Lei Feng's strength should not be worse than him.” The Xia Tian reminder said that he thinks Eastern Man and Northern Army come to try one's luck, but now looks like, their senses of purpose are very strong, by present this condition, they might very much with Lei Feng to. That Lei Feng is not affable. If not good, is easy dead in Lei Feng's hands. Therefore Xia Tian reminded them.

It seems like, besides Lucifer, in this world also has the person of high skill.” Northern Army light saying. Do not despise this world, in this world the crouching tiger , hidden dragon, everywhere is Expert, perhaps in which mountain is hiding figure of old monster rank.” Eastern Man does not think that they now are in this world the strongest person, before had Lucifer, now presents a Lei Feng. Expert definitely incessantly such several in this world. Front has the liveliness, in the past had a look!” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly that heard the Xia Tian words they also to come the interest, arrived here them solely for not to look for spirit stone. Although they were old, but in fact, they also young, their within the body also has warm-blooded, saw that here person to seize the treasure and carries on the war, they also returned to the young time probably. Although they are 60-70 years old, but they in the true Expert ranks are also young, other Earth Grade greatly complete Expert often is the yierbai-year- old monster. Walks!” Eastern Man nodded. Xia Tian their three direct stand forths. Meanwhile. In a dense hole. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the god level inheritance, this certainly is the god level inheritance in legend, is really day unceasingly I.” A person has exuded the crazed laughter, his laughter has spread over the entire cave. Chen azure, Xia Tian, Wei Guang, Jiang Tianshu, you must die, I covet the wolf am the genuine God's favored one.” The corrupt wolf has exuded endless laughter. On his front platform, there is golden compounded drug. This compounded drug has the fist to be so big, the average person cannot eat. But corrupt wolf unexpectedly directly stiffly gnawed to take the compounded drug. When he swallows that compounded drug. Entire Heavenly Connection tower first and second all starts to rock, fierce rocking. What's the matter?” Xia Tian their three are planning to go forward to watch the fun, the ground started to rock.

Does not know that before had not had this situation.” Eastern Man said. At this moment. Rocked to stop. Some people obtain god level inheritance, the Heavenly Connection tower open the crazy pattern, the bloodthirsty demon beast quantity increase ten times.” The sound of vicissitudes from conveys together in all directions, at this time outside Heavenly Connection all people in hole heard this sound, when heard this sound the complexions of all people changes. God level inheritance! Bloodthirsty demon beast quantity increases ten times! News that these two news most shock absolutely. God level inheritance? unexpectedly has existence of this type of thing.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. In the Heavenly Connection tower, all has the possibility, it seems like some people must reach the sky in a single bound, person who can obtain the god level inheritance, I estimated that is the average person may also enter step Earth Grade to be greatly complete all of a sudden . Moreover the so-called god level inheritance certainly is that growth, later will be getting more and more fierce.” Eastern Man light saying. „It is not the corrupt wolf.” Saying that Xia Tian thought aloud. What did you say?” Eastern Man has not heard clearly. „, All right, all right.” Xia Tian answered hurriedly. ! Meanwhile. Outside entire Heavenly Connection in hole second has heard the endless howling, the bloodthirsty demon beast, these howling all are the bloodthirsty demon beasts, ten times, the quantity increases ten times, this absolutely is very terrifying. Draws an analogy, in Heavenly Connection tower second altogether 10,000 bloodthirsty demon beasts, but ten times turned into 100,000 all of a sudden, were many 90,000 heads, in entire Heavenly Connection tower second the density of bloodthirsty demon beast increased all of a sudden. What these people of front fight competed is the encrinite.

Is the encrinite, this thing I wanted.” Xia Tian still remembers after one took encrinite, matter that Inner Strength increases, he knows a person, only then takes the first effect to be biggest, therefore he had not planned one take . Moreover the belt exits to take to own brothers. Whiz! Body directly stand forth of Xia Tian. His Movement Technique is lithe, but has not gone out one step, goes out of 56 compared with the average man also far. Bang! The Xia Tian surrounding enemy all flies upside down, is only the flash, the surrounding person all looked to him. Over 20 years old. Beautiful face, side with two peerless Expert. In the presence of everyone person these points to time. Monster king, he is the monster king.” Does not know that was who shouted such one. When he shouted this, surroundings all people all start fast retreat. The monster king, was recently the most famous person, almost every Heavenly Connection tower second people had heard his name, the strength of monster king is immeasurably deep, moreover his side also with two peerless Expert. Two in China four big Expert. Thing I wanted, don't some people agree?” The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around.