Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1341

This sound they were too familiar. Because the master of this sound regarding them is a legend, living legend. Road - west - law.” The mouth of Eastern Man jumped these characters. Hears this name time, the Xia Tian vision looks immediately forward. At this time he can see a person's shadow from the distant place, he knows that this person's shadow is in the legend person list first Lucifer. Attract! Wei Guang deeply inspired, obviously his long-term combat also makes him consume much, facing powerful enemy who will soon present, he is also preparing, but Xia Tian has not seen from his body anxiously. But is excited. Past years's that war, Wei Guang was in first, he was also the first pendulum in the Lucifer hand. For these years, Wei Guang is never negligent in the training, he is hopes some day him to defeat Lucifer, is defeating of upright and frank, but does not use Xia Tianlong that method, although was related with the China prestige at that time . Moreover the common people hear is also only the result, but is not the process, but Wei Guang did not approve of the victory of Xia Tianlong. He thinks that must win upright and frank that must win. This matter cannot say Xia Tianlong to be wrong, cannot say Wei Guang to be wrong, because they have the different views, Xia Tianlong for the China prestige, but Wei Guang for own Swordsmanship. At this time that form of distant place was getting more and more near. Xia Tian also saw clearly the appearance of this person. The golden hair, the body is not too strong. On the face is very clean, seems also the 30-year-old appearance, but after Eastern Man several people of narrations, Xia Tian knows that this Lucifer absolutely is existence of old monster rank, at this time a Lucifer white clothing, carries a Saint sword. As if an angel is the same.

His appearance attracted the attention of surrounding all people, naturally, knew that his person are not many, because he is not famous, even if also almost nobody knows him in the Earth Grade greatly complete circle. Because he has not paid attention to Earth Grade complete greatly Expert. In his eye has Eastern Man their this true Expert extremely. Other person of anything do not calculate. Finally came.” On the face of Eastern Man also presented the excited look. What is called Expert? In Eastern Man and the others in eyes, only then Lucifer can be considered as on is true Expert, because the Lucifer strength suffices, can obtain their approvals. He is Lucifer, really has the Expert style.” Xia Tian saw nod that Lucifer that moment keeps, the Lucifer age cannot say that is too big, otherwise he impossible same to be in the previous person list with his father, moreover took first. Can over 20 years old on able to move unhindered the world, this person be able to be called peerless Expert that deserves. Lucifer, Xia Tianlong and Wei Guang their three can be called this peerless Expert. Because of them not only strength, but also is not old. Boy, favored carefully, he appeared, that had the good play to look.” Eastern Man light saying. Lucifer under thousands of staring eyes, moved toward Wei Guang slowly. Has not thought that unexpectedly can also see you.” Wei Guang had also guessed can see Lucifer, but he guessed that may see Lucifer in third, he has not thought that bumped into Lucifer on second. Southern Kill Wei Guang is right!” Lucifer took a fast look around Wei Guang one, then looked at not far away Xia Tian their three: Eastern Man and Northern Army, how have not seen Western Hidden Xia Tianlong.” Xia Tianlong died.” Wei Guang said.

Died? It seems like I for a long time did not have really very much, Xia Tianlong unexpectedly died.” Saying that Lucifer a little regrets. Lucifer, fights one.” Wei Guang gives a loud shout, on this day he and others was too long, he has thought perhaps if in the past promoted a strength to win Lucifer, these years he has practiced the sword. Today he has the opportunity to bump into Lucifer finally once more. Therefore he plans to lose that wins. You have hit these many , to continue to hit with me very much suffers a loss, waits for your condition best time looks for me again.” Although Lucifer has not gone to look, but his keen power of observation already discovered that here fight, can see according to here scene the injured situations of situations and surrounding these people. Wei Guang definitely has hit more than ten. Although his strength enough, but he is these many Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has competed with after all, therefore consumes is definitely big. Although they are only the point, moreover Wei Guang reduces the consumption of Inner Strength intentionally, Inner Strength that but he remains now less than 1/2.” Eastern Man already saw the Wei Guang condition. Reason that Wei Guang can defeat these many Earth Grade Expert is because everybody is the point, will not harm and life, if otherwise these people go all out with Wei Guang, that three people get down, perhaps Wei Guang did not have no Inner Strength. I am the best condition.” Saying of Wei Guang coldly, the famous sword in his right hand flings, has prepared to start to fight. Three moves!” Lucifer stretched out three fingers. I do not believe.” Wei Guang as before is the facial color ice-cold. In three moves I can defeat present you.” Lucifer said. Surroundings these people hear the Lucifer words, thinks that Lucifer simply was too extremely arrogant, his unexpectedly said that must defeat Wei Guang in three moves, this simply was the impossible matter. Before these people have experienced the great strength of Wei Guang, although currently Wei Guang has the wound, but impossible by person so easily defeated. Three moves defeat Southern Kill Wei Guang.

This nobody can believe. You can try.” The Wei Guang sword points to Lucifer sharp. Good.” The Lucifer right hand wields, his behind big sword appeared in his hands, the sword in his hand was the Saint sword in legend. Whiz! Wei Guang began. The flash, he arrived at the Lucifer front, this speed incredibly fast is incomparable, arrives quickly inconceivable, a sword punctures directly. Slight. Wei Guang the sword copes with the Xia Tian time a sword. Bang! When the Wei Guang sword is away from the Lucifer also half meters, his sword has anchored, is not he wants to anchor, but was the Lucifer front presented a safety mask, this safety mask has protected him completely in the middle. Appeared, this absolutely defends.” Eastern Man sees the absolute defense again time is that surprised. Absolute defense!!” The Xia Tian corners of the mouth raise slightly, besides the first that statue, he had not seen that anything can defend [gold/metal] Dao, he wants to try the ore assay blade to be able actually very much to cut open the absolute defense of opposite party. „The first move.” The Lucifer sound just fell, his sword also at the same time fell.