Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1342

As in Lucifer mouth invites comment. The Saint sword in his hand on this pounding stiffly on the Wei Guang sword. Bang! The flash, the body of Wei Guang has flown upside down. What?” Sees such condition, all people were all shocked, Wei Guang unexpectedly was hit to fly by others one move, this simply was too inconceivable, this has surpassed their cognition, Wei Guang unexpectedly China four big Expert one will be hit to fly by others. Yeah! It seems like the consumption of Wei Guang is not truly small.” Eastern Man sighed to say. Wei Guang has the consumption, the opposite party not possibly casual to strike hits to fly Wei Guang.” Xia Tian also thinks somewhat inconceivable, he already with Wei Guang short has fought. He naturally knows fierce of Wei Guang, although Wei Guang now is not the heyday, but also absolutely is not the casual any person can be defeated. This is the Lucifer fierce place, although consumption of Wei Guang, only then 50% many, but he, so long as is not the heyday impossible to contend with Lucifer, the Lucifer Saint sword strength is big, if frontage contact, even if will be Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is also flown by a racket, this why Lucifer will also look down upon the Earth Grade greatly complete reason.” Eastern Man answered. In was extremely self-confident to own overall strength because of Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, therefore they do not think that this sword can have the big might, generally in this case, they like Wei Guang, will be flown by the direct racket, naturally, Wei Guang is not intentionally and opposite party collides, but is his body is somewhat weary, therefore has not avoided this.” Northern Army answered. Xia Tian nodded. He has not thought that the opposite this Lucifer strength so will be big. A move. All people were all shocked by Lucifer the move of institute. Whiz! The body of Wei Guang in the airborne two tuck dive, the sword point in the air, the body steadily falls to the ground afterward, although he was flown by the opposite party racket, but he is maintaining the Expert style. Falls to the ground steadily. These Quicksand members all are look at Wei Guang that one worries lazily. They know that today Wei Guang possibly soon reached the limit, they had never seen Wei Guang is so distressed. Once Lucifer gets rid, will not be softhearted.

„The second move.” After the Lucifer sound falls, his body appears in the Wei Guang front instantaneously. Wei Guang starts to leave to incur instantaneously, he leaves a move of speed to be quick, arrives quickly inconceivable, is only the flash, he punctured dozens swords. Ding-dong dāng! These swords all punctured on the Lucifer body surrounding light screen, light screen any issue, will not have attacked to keep off completely, but the attack of Lucifer also arrived. Whiz! Wei Guang instantaneous retreat. But at this moment Lucifer appears in his front, afterward a sword pounds down, normal, nobody can evade this sword, saw that Lucifer the sword must swallow Wei Guang. At this moment. dāng! Wei Guang sword sharp direct on the Lucifer sword, afterward a shake. Kill! Wei Guang put out one to kill character. Bang! The body of Lucifer goes to retreat, his sword unexpectedly was shaken. Wei Guang worthily is one of the China four big Expert, even if in this case, his unexpectedly can also counter-attack. Yeah!” Shaking the head that Eastern Man keeps. Northern Army also deeps frown. Xia Tian has not said anything. Lucifer corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, he again has held afterward up the Saint sword in oneself hand: „The third move.” As his sound falls, his body appears in the Wei Guang side instantaneously.

Kill! As the Wei Guang sound falls, long sword in his hand sweeps away. Blue substantive sword air/Qi appears before the people. Above this sword air/Qi is gathering the incomparably formidable strength. Bang! Sword air/Qi direct bang above the Lucifer safety mask. bo! The Lucifer safety mask broke. Saw the Lucifer safety mask breaks, Eastern Man and Northern Army at present all are one bright, since, Lucifer that safety mask has been their most headache matter. In their eyes, that probably absolutely defends to be the same. This safety mask has cast the shadow in them, since continuously they think that the Lucifer safety mask is not broken, is at this moment, Lucifer safety mask unexpectedly was broken. Wei Guang broke the Lucifer safety mask. Bang! Meanwhile, the great sword in Lucifer hand also directly pounded on the body of Wei Guang. Ka! Sound of bone break appears, Wei Guang was pounded to fly directly. China one of the four big Expert like this defeated in the hand of Lucifer, although Wei Guang in state of fatigue, but he truly has defeated, was defeated by the Lucifer three moves. Ka! In the situation of bone break, Wei Guang unexpectedly has stood stiffly. Chief!” The Quicksand person overran hurriedly.

Almost, so long as I can launch a attack again, I certainly can win you.” On the face of Wei Guang unexpectedly had the happy expression, nobody had seen Wei Guang smiles. However at this moment Wei Guang truly smiled. He smiles is very happy. Since Lucifer has been the goal that he struggles, for these years, he duplicates every day is practicing the sword, to one day can defeat Lucifer. He believes that if today in his heyday, he certainly has the means to defeat Lucifer. Right?” Lucifer has held up the sword in oneself hand. His unexpectedly must begin to kill Wei Guang. Saw such scene, the Quicksand person all stands in Wei Guang front. You are first break the person of my safety mask, therefore as the reward, I planned that delivers you dead.” Lucifer seemed aroused in the heart by Wei Guang some frightened feeling. Therefore he must kill Wei Guang. Because he feared. He biggest taking advantage is a safety mask, now safety mask unexpectedly was broken by Wei Guang, Wei Guang is in this world only one has also broken the person of his safety mask, therefore he does not want to make Wei Guang live. Boy, you said that we do help?” Eastern Man looked that asked to Xia Tian, he knows that relations between Xia Tian and Wei Guang, Wei Guang was the killing father personal enemy who the affection discussed that therefore he must solicit the suggestions of Xia Tian. He should not be so dead.” Xia Tian said. Northern Army nodded, although Wei Guang damn, but Wei Guang should not die here, moreover is this cause of death, Xia Tian is not the person of that taking advantage of somebody. Lucifer obviously is not good thing, if compares with Lucifer and Wei Guang, Xia Tian rather Wei Guang lives, because Wei Guang is that frank and upright person, suspicion that but Lucifer this time procedure actually a little resorts to all means. Bang! In Eastern Man with the Northern Army hesitant instance, Lucifer has gotten rid, the body of Lucifer as if occurred moved instantaneously is the same, no one has expected Lucifer also to have such skill, Eastern Man and Western Hidden they could not catch up at this time completely. Saw that Lucifer the sword wanted sword Wei Guang and Quicksand person embezzles completely.