Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1343
All occur was too quick. That Lucifer as if started the space skill a moment ago, as if used Teleport to be the same. The flickering body technique of Xia Tian is unable with Lucifer these places on a par. Because any little fluctuation of Lucifer does not have continually, is suddenly, Eastern Man and Northern Army super Expert has not discovered Lucifer any path of beginning like this. They are also thinking gets rid to rescue Wei Guang, was now they radically without enough time. Saw that Wei Guang and Quicksand these Expert must die in the Lucifer sword gets down. dāng! At this moment, the sword in Lucifer hand had kept off stiffly, his sword from the Quicksand person, only then less than several centimeters being away from, is he is unable the little advance half minute. Yin Nie!” In the Lucifer mouth has put out two characters. Blocks the person of his sword is not others, is Xia Tian master Yin Nie, first under Heaven sword Saint Yin Nie. Whiz whiz! Eastern Man and Northern Army are also the same time appear in Wei Guang and the others the front. You also block me.” Lucifer vision coldly looks at Eastern Man and Northern Army. At this time periphery these 4,000-5,000 people have all turned very quiet, because here fought is in the world fight between most Expert, they all were in this world strongest a group of people. Three in China four big Expert, one is first under Heaven sword Saint Yin Nie, opposite is three moves defeats Wei Guang super Expert, Lucifer. Lucifer, competes with us not to have any objection normally, but you should not under Assassins.” Eastern Man very serious saying.

Since is the fight, that could not avoid the death.” Saying of Lucifer coldly. If Wei Guang is the heyday, we will not stop absolutely, but in this case, even if you did kill him to be what kind of? I respected very much your, after all you are I have seen in the person are strongest, but I saw the fear from your vision a moment ago.” Saying that Eastern Man does not evade: Expert unexpectedly like you will present the fear, it seems like your safety mask is not the true absolute defense, it also has the limit.” You are compelling me to kill you.” Saying of Lucifer coldly. It seems like this Lucifer should have several super weapons, his safety mask is one, reason that he can so formidable because of the matters of these weapons, now Wei Guang break his defense, his innermost feelings have had the fear, therefore he planned to kill Wei Guang.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. He heard the Lucifer matter, but also thinks that Lucifer is true peerless Expert, but he discovered now, Eastern Man and Northern Army and the others all by the Lucifer method deceiving. This was just like Xia Tian to use the peacock plume to be the same at that time, he was just the Profound Grade strength, but he can actually use the peacock plume to kill Earth Grade Expert. He guessed that Lucifer also so, the Saint sword in his hand is a super weapon, that safety mask is also a super weapon, as for his Teleport ability, two possibilities, one type is Martial Arts, super Martial Arts, another type is certain on the drinking first two weapons, is the super weapons, as for is weapon Xia Tian of any rank does not know. ! Red Abyss Sword in Yin Nie hand has directly aimed at opposite Lucifer, he usually does not like speaking, but he with his movement had shown that his idea, he did not mind launches a true fight with Lucifer. Hold up! The Lucifer sword is also the same time forwards. Suddenly, the flames of war as if were lit were the same, the hearts of all people have all hung, once Yin Nie they and Lucifer launch a war, before that here definitely will erupt, all showdowns finally. Rub! The flash, Yin Nie, Eastern Man and Northern Army also get rid, but their matches have a person, that is Lucifer. bo!

The Lucifer body surrounding safety mask appears again. One minute, after his safety mask vanishes, in one minute will restore.” Xia Tian silently this matter in heart. Fights between their four people are terrorist, the surroundings break to pieces Shiheng to fly. They hit, nobody snatched spirit stone with us, everybody snatched, whose skill, who had the qualifications to take spirit stone.” Does not know that was who shouted such, afterward periphery all Earth Grade greatly complete Expert all flushed away to spirit stone, the 4,000-5,000 people of also tangled warfare of scene in one, who was in the way kills anyone. Although their here almost few people know the spirit stone use, but they are want to snatch, because they noticed that Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is snatching spirit stone, the function of that spirit stone certainly is big. Therefore person who knows the spirit stone wondrous use all started to raid. Chaotic. Scene thorough confusion. Wei Guang is also under the fast clothing restores the compounded drug, he wants a bit faster to restore, the wound that but he receives was really too heavy. You are also gawking doing, leading him to leave this.” Eastern Man has scolded Quicksand these people. Quicksand these people heard the Eastern Man words also to respond, carried off Wei Guang hurriedly, although Wei Guang unusual did not prefer, but Quicksand these people have not paid attention to his order completely. Because they too understood Wei Guang. Will not run away by the Wei Guang disposition absolutely, but this situation, does not run away now is not good, the Wei Guang enemy were too many, moreover he had defeated a moment ago also that many people, who knows that which Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has to bear a grudge. If which person sneak attacks them, they may unable to block.

Actually this was they have also considered thoroughly, at this time these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert all turned toward spirit stone to flush away. The technique of first deep meanings eight Qi. Xia Tian has used hidden rest/breath technique instantaneously. Although his present strength has missed to not side, but the deep meanings of techniques of eight Qi use not to consume Inner Strength, therefore he has used the hidden rest/breath techniques of technique of deep meanings eight Qi instantaneously. First leaves here, otherwise I must meet with a disaster, perhaps that Earth Grade Expert Inner Strength manifestation hits, may unable to shoulder by my present strength.” Although Xia Tian also wants to bring Eastern Man and Northern Army goes to act high and mighty everywhere, but the plan cannot catch up changes quickly, now Eastern Man and Northern Army fight with Lucifer there. If he continuation stands here, the person who around that these clash perhaps, who gives him a blade. After all here was completely chaotic. Already thorough killed to mess up. This time Xia Tian quietly walks toward outside, cautious and solemn that he walks, moreover selects person few places to walk intentionally, he thinks that this people will not note him absolutely, he now is also very helpless. If he heyday, he can definitely come up to fight a war now greatly, but his Profound Grade Expert not necessarily is victorious now. Puff! At this moment, had the thing to hit in Xia Tian the place of chest. „, Is who is so immoral, unexpectedly threw down the thing, the pain dies I, but can also make me run away happily.” Xia Tian has rubbed own chest, was at this moment his whole person in same place: spirit stone.”