Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1344

Here person were too many. Does not know that was who spirit stone throwing. spirit stone starts Xia Tian also hoodwinked, he was using the hidden rest/breath technique under at this time the condition, spirit stone unexpectedly ran up to his hand. shit, was I the vertigo?” Xia Tian sizes up spirit stone in oneself hand carefully. Right, is spirit stone. Although spirit stone falls in the hand of Xia Tian, however inside person does not know that which spirit stone flew went, but outside person thought spirit stone also in inside, therefore they were flushing to inside. „Did I covet the wolf to take possession?” Xia Tian a little surprised saying. Actually Xia Tian is also cracking a joke, although the luck of corrupt wolf is good, but he discovered that the luck of corrupt wolf is forever worse than him, the luck of corrupt wolf is the piece of work, but his luck either does not come, since has come in a big way. [gold/metal] Dao, day cold sword, the strength of Heavenly Connection, spirit stone. Which is not the most precious object in most precious object. The strength of Heavenly Connection should be in the tower of Heavenly Connection the best B strength, strongest strength. Before some people obtained the god level inheritance, if Xia Tian has not guessed that wrong, 80% are acquisitions of corrupt wolf, but he, regardless of obtained anything to inherit, he impossible to contend with the strength of Heavenly Connection. Here the strength of Heavenly Connection is the strength of king rank. As for these anything god level inheritance, but is existence of nobilities rank. After spirit stone succeeds in obtaining, Xia Tian does not have the slight hesitation, opens directly runs away, cracks a joke, spirit stone has succeeded in obtaining, the words that he does not run away, will possibly be discovered that by his present strength, may unable to protect spirit stone. Run away! The scene has hit to mess up, Xia Tian brought spirit stone to escape.

spirit stone. Earth Grade greatly complete Expert in the thing of robbing, now falls in the hand of Xia Tian. Xia Tian not hesitant, he found a remote place, then started to study spirit stone, when his hand covered on spirit stone, he discovered in spirit stone spirit strength slowly approached own body to flow-. Transformation. He discovered the spirit strength flows in his within the body time, his Inner Strength starts to have the transformation, his Inner Strength seems wants to be replaced to be the same by the spirit strength completely. bo! Spirit strength slowly entered in the small bead of Xia Tian within the body, afterward he felt his body was saturated, is unable to continue to absorb spiritual energy. It seems like is my injured reason, the spirit strength that now within the body can hold are not many . Moreover the body as if also needs to digest this spirit strength, therefore one time can only build up is so little.” Xia Tian secretly thought. Now the wound in his within the body part, majority is the merit of spirit strength. Now he most at least should not be killed to a Profound Grade person directly. Tidied up all, Xia Tian planned to seek for the third entrance. Some people obtain Ancient corpse Wang Jiangchen to inherit, first, the bloodthirsty demon beast quantity in second increases ten times.” At this moment, that sound has spread over the entire Heavenly Connection tower once more first and second all corners. shit, is ten times.” Xia Tian this time has been shocked completely. Draws an analogy, the first time ten times possibly are 10,000 change 100,000, then the second time ten times were 100,000 1 million, this was were many 900,000 disparities, at this time in entire second everywhere was the bloodthirsty demon beasts. Xia Tian has not stayed, he must find the person many places.

Otherwise these bloodthirsty demon beasts do not acknowledge as relatives. If in the situation of his total victory time, he naturally cannot care about these bloodthirsty demons to be beastly, moreover he can transfer the strength of Heavenly Connection to frighten these bloodthirsty demon beasts casually, is the present is different. Now his internal injury did not have. If he continues to transfer the strength of Heavenly Connection, can only injure on adds the wound, making him injure is more serious. „The strength of Heavenly Connection is truly overbearing, but my present body could not have withstood backlash of strength of Heavenly Connection, perhaps arrives at my Earth Grade greatly complete time, I can withstand the strength of this formidable backlash.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Xia Tian walked for a half hour. Finally saw the person, he also remove the hidden rest/breath technique. Here person was chaotic, the beforehand major influence people also dispersed, because here bloodthirsty demon beast were too many, the matter that now humanity kills one another little appeared, so long as can see the person, they probably saw the hope is the same. Sees Xia Tian time, nobody said anything. Xia Tian logical mixing to team. Because Xia Tian is one, moreover seems young, therefore nobody pays attention to him from the start, making him join just for the bloodthirsty demon beast comes the time many personally takes care. In team that in this type afterward composed, only then the strength is strong and person many small teams of can earn others' respect. Person who Xia Tian this come will only be regarded the cannon fodder by everybody. The Xia Tian left hand is taking the monkey liquor, is drinking, although among this has also bumped into several bloodthirsty demon beasts, but now the strength first these bloodthirsty demon beasts of these bloodthirsty demon beasts are not fierce. Profound Grade greatly complete person possibly cope with a bloodthirsty demon beast. Moreover the weakness of bloodthirsty demon beast is the defensive power is weak.

So long as everybody coordinates, basically will not present the casualties. But opportunity that Xia Tian even continually gets rid of does not have, here static is drinking own liquor, this is also glad idly. Snort, the boy, will come the bloodthirsty demon beast next time again, front you go, do not let everybody free at your service.” Physique very stout man discontented cold snort , the surrounding person had not spoken. Because they do not know Xia Tian. Therefore they also to letting Xia Tian work as the fire, stands in the forefront, this presents the bloodthirsty demon beast that does not cope with well is also Xia Tian predeceases. „.” Xia Tian has not spoken, here is this, the law of the jungle, he is weak, therefore everybody bullies him. „Front anything, goes to stand now.” That robust man said again. Xia Tian can only arrive at the forefront of team to go, he has still not said anything. The people walked about for quite a while, everybody starts ate the thing, Xia Tian has also put out some biscuits, before this was him, prepared, when sees he put out the biscuit and so on thing, surroundings these people are at present one bright. In outside, the biscuit cannot be regarded any good thing, but here, these people have eaten the bark, stock several days, saw that the biscuit naturally as if saw the thing in society most delicacy. Boy, the biscuit brings to me.” Before the beforehand that robust man had, two experiences, thinks that Xia Tian is good to bully, therefore he shouts to Xia Tian directly. Meanwhile, the first entrance, a thin and tall man appears there, in that moment vision that he comes in has written all over firmly: My silly younger brother, you must wait for me.”