Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1345
In second. When that robust man said these words. You want, gives you.” Xia Tian threw biscuit in the hand to that robust man. That robust man right hand meets, cake dry joint in hand, but on his face is still the unusual disaffection: Boy, you are any manner, I make you deliver, you actually throw to me, looks to punch.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Really bamboo fence Pingyang was bullied by the dog. However he has not said anything. Since his disposition has looked like a sharp sword, sharp incomparable, but does not have restraining of scabbard, then just Yi Duan, therefore he is practicing to restrain his sharp place, if normally, some people such speak with Xia Tian. That Xia Tian without hesitation will definitely come up to hit. Either with his sharp small language uniform opposite party. But now his unexpectedly can achieve another Realm, that completely does not care, regardless of the opposite party said anything, he does not care, his whole person as if entered in another Realm. Broke through?” At this moment, Xia Tian suddenly discovered one broke through to the Earth Grade intermediate stage, his Realm unexpectedly broke through to the Earth Grade intermediate stage, this simply was too the legend, his unexpectedly in having the wound situation broke through the Earth Grade intermediate stage. Moreover his unexpectedly was Realm promotes. After Realm promotion, he looks at front all seems spatial bright. That person noticed that Xia Tian did not speak, has been enthusiastic, arrived at the Xia Tian side directly: Boy, the body has also had other eating, takes to me.” Xia Tian has not spoken, but has lifted the head slightly: Bullies the person also to have a limit, if I no matter others' attack, frames the goal on you only kills you, even if could not kill you, I can also make to be remnant you, do you want to force me and you really breakneck?” Tranquil!

Xia Tian expression very tranquil. Although his words are very tranquil, the content that but he said let the surrounding person is a brow wrinkle, before Xia Tian orally had also been bullied by other people, Xia Tian was remains silent, has not spoken. But at this time Xia Tian unexpectedly spoke this words to this robust man. Must know that the robust man here little has not bullied the person, because of him behind with No. several brothers, moreover this height is also strong, can give the person to deter the feeling. „Are you are threatening me?” The facial color of robust man stares, he felt that his face must lose completely, his unexpectedly by the boy who person of can bully threatening, if he cannot handle this matter, after that also who will fear him? No, is the warning, you bully me, I can not speak, but do not compel me.” Xia Tian very optional saying. His expression has been very tranquil. However he has actually given others a special feeling. This feeling probably is telling others, his anything can do. „Can I probably force you?” That robust man has straightened up the wainscot, stands in the Xia Tian front directly, but his behind these brothers also walked. The enormous and powerful 20-30 people stand in the Xia Tian front directly. A fight as if at any time likely occurred to be the same. Xia Tian very optional sitting there, has not said anything, but therefore looks to understand that his intention, he has prepared to put together with the robust man. Sufficed!” At this moment, in the team walks an old man, saw the old man walks the robust man has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest, afterward led the person to draw back, this old man was this team inside soul figure. He usually little acts, so long as were he has acted, everybody will give several points of face, because he was Earth Grade Expert, moreover was Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage. In this team strongest person.

After the robust men draw back, has not forgotten to stare Xia Tian one. Saw the matter to solve, Xia Tian has not spoken, has rested after half an hour, they went forward once more, although bloodthirsty demon beast were many, but here was very big, therefore they after cutting to have killed more than 20 his bloodthirsty demon beasts, went forward was very long, Xia Tian followed this team for two days. In the two days time, his strength almost restored. When he is about to leave this team to go forward. Front has Expert to fight, probably had any treasure.” A person shouts. Has a look.” Their team direct stand forths, although the speed is not fast, but is not slow, took more than ten minutes of roads, saw one group of people, moreover some people of Xia Tian understanding. Blood blade gate person and Jiang Tianshu to. „Are you Jiang Tianshu?” Blood blade old ancestor vision cloudy and cold looks at Jiang Tianshu. Right.” Jiang Tianshu nodded. You have killed my son, I must revenge for my son.” Blood blade old ancestor whole person murderous aura of increases instantaneously. Revenges!” Blood blade gate shouting of person simultaneously. Em? Who said that is I kills?” Jiang Tianshu does not know how blood blade old ancestor knows, but he does not want with blood blade old ancestor's such Expert for the enemy, therefore he did not acknowledge. Besides you, what person there is able to refine poisonous insect toxin here?” Saying of blood blade old ancestor coldly. This.” Jiang Tianshu somewhat is slightly startled, because he spoke of by blood blade Lao Zu went at heart, although this startled is only the flash, but had been discovered by the blood blade old ancestor, this blood blade old ancestor rubbish. Na Minglai.” Blood blade old ancestor gives a loud shout, afterward a blade chops directly.

Protects Yu He.” Jiang Tianshu is shouting to the soldier master, afterward his body in a ground tumbling, has shunted the attack of blood blade old ancestor, but his behind these people did not have good luck that. Several speeds are slow, has not shunted, was broken out by the blood blade old ancestor's blade air/Qi directly. Blood blade. Blood blade old ancestor's blade skill is quick, in an instant the second blade has divided, sees this blade time, Jiang Tianshu somewhat is slightly startled, afterward his body dodges fast. Where runs away.” The blood blade old ancestor's body also instantaneously pursued. Meanwhile, the blade in his hand, cut directly above the shoulder of Jiang Tianshu. On this blade contained the endless strength. Bang! The body of Jiang Tianshu was pounded to fly directly, but the blood blade old ancestor is a face strange looks at Jiang Tianshu, he thinks that the own that blade can cut absolutely the arm of Jiang Tianshu, is above the shoulder of this time Jiang Tianshu, only then a less than ten centimeters wound, the arm has not fallen. Hateful.” An anger of Jiang Tianshu face, he thinks was considered as by own strength here on is Expert, but he has not thought of Earth Grade greatly complete person unexpectedly these many, moreover oneself also to. Dies.” Blood blade old ancestor launched the attack once more. Dissolute, my person you also dares to move.” At this moment, drinks to transmit greatly from behind.