Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1346

Falls with this sound. A palm clapped directly above the blood blade old ancestor's blood blade. Bang! This sudden, the blood blade old ancestors have not adapted, the blood blade in his hand almost falls on the ground. What person?” Blood blade old ancestor brow one horizontal. He does not have to think blade unexpectedly that own this must kill was given to block. His front presented a man. The male body is straight, the imposing manner is extraordinary, stands has a super Expert style there. I?” Opposite party vision one cold. Snort, does here have others?” Blood blade old ancestor cold snort said. My name was Lei Feng, Lei Feng's thunder, Lei Feng's front, you can call me the silly thunder.” This gets rid to save Jiang Tianshu Lei Feng suddenly. Sir!” Jiang Tianshu and Yu He respectfully have all arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest. Lei Feng? Has not heard, makes way, otherwise I link you to kill together.” Blood blade old ancestor expression ice-cold saying. „To kill me?” Lei Feng's voice falls, afterward the whole person moved directly, his speed is fast, is only the flash, he arrived at the blood blade old ancestor's front, fights with the fists. Bang! The air has as if disrupted generally. Blood blade old ancestor only felt that a formidable strength strokes on his body, afterward his entire body has flown upside down directly, this strength was really too big, his body was uncontrolled, in his body whereabouts instance. Lei Feng appears in his front again, both hands grasps in the same place, afterward pounds down directly. Bang! The entire ground was all pounded a pit. Sees such scene, all people have all been shocked, the blood blade old ancestor is well-known big figure, the opportunity that but his unexpectedly hits back continually did not have to make into this. Gets up.” Lei Feng right hand lifts, has carried the blood blade old ancestor directly.

Hateful!” Blood blade old ancestor never has this shame, he has thought one should only miss such faint trace with Northern Army the strength, but he actually like was the chicken son directly is carried at this moment. Shame! This regarding him is the greatest shame. Old ancestor!” The person of blood blade gate noticed that such situation goes forward hurriedly, they must save the blood blade old ancestor. Bang! At this moment, Lei Feng left hand wields, fights with the fists, the nearest several people of bodies were split up. Do not come.” Blood blade old ancestor gives a loud shout. Old ancestor.” The person of blood blade gate has all anchored the footsteps. Had to plant you to kill me.” Blood blade old ancestor's vision stubbornly is staring at Lei Feng, he does not fear death, especially after his son died, he did not care dead, he only idea revenges now. If cannot report the enmity, he lived is not having any significance. Since you want dead, I help you.” Lei Feng's corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Bang! At this moment, Lei Feng felt that his body was pulled vigorously by one, afterward his body collision maliciously above stone wall, this type felt he was really too familiar, because of him more than once by this ability attack. When Lei Feng stands, his complexion is ugly. The person of blood blade gate is also hurriedly goes forward to help up the blood blade old ancestor. Xia Tian, you leave to me.” Lei Feng gives a loud shout, he too understood that this ability, at that time was Xia Tian uses this ability to launch the attack to him continuously. Tread! Because the scene is peaceful, in Xia Tian the ears of sound of footsteps clear reaching surrounding these people. Shout that hears Lei Feng, Jiang Tianshu and the others are also the brow selects. Xia Tian. Xia Tian unexpectedly here.

All people all looked at the vision to Xia Tian. This time Xia Tian is a focus of public attention. In the eyes of these people, he walked step by step. When sees Xia Tian that moment. Jiang Tianshu got hold of own fist, Wen Ya had also clenched the teeth. Lei Feng, long time no see.” Xia Tian expression light saying, before this moment, these people who and Xia Tian walks together all hoodwinked. Before Lei Feng this name, nobody has heard, but everybody had experienced his strength a moment ago, the blood blade old ancestors are not his match, boy unexpectedly that but that was bullied by them can with the Lei Feng equal dialog. Moreover some Xia Tian this name many people have also heard. Person list second. figure in legend. He creates many legends. Why must save me.” Blood blade old ancestor does not remember one and between Xia Tian have any friendship. Visits you is also strip man.” Xia Tian compares to appreciate the blood blade old ancestor actually, was only a pity that his son too does not make every effort to succeed, he is also belongs to destroy that person in his son hand. Blood blade old ancestor does not know at this time really should say anything, his unexpectedly was commended by a 18-year-old boy. Snort, you must die today.” Saying of Lei Feng coldly. Bang! Lei Feng's words just said that his body once more has made a contact of zero distance with the wall. Sees such scene, the people understand that was also Xia Tian created a moment ago, his unexpectedly can be so fierce, afterward wielded, Lei Feng's such Expert will be fallen to fly. Previous time fought is you are injured probably.” Xia Tian calm saying. Heard the Xia Tian words, all people have all opened the mouth. Xia Tian unexpectedly and Lei Feng have fought, moreover Lei Feng unexpectedly has also been injured.

Snort, this time I will not make you escape.” Saying of Lei Feng coldly. The imposing manner between both sides increases instantaneously. Before and a Xia Tian team inside robust man, the both legs became tender, the whole body all was the cold sweat. Quite lively.” At this moment, two forms never distant place catches up, hears this sound time, Xia Tian relaxed. Eastern Man and Northern Army. Comes is not others, is Eastern Man and Northern Army. Em?” Lei Feng sees Eastern Man and a Northern Army time brow wrinkle. Brat, you made probably extraordinarily trouble.” Eastern Man reproved. Senior, he is Lei Feng.” Xia Tian said. Lei Feng? Is that says this world most Expert person.” Eastern Man will say intentionally these two characters said is very loud, hears the Eastern Man words coldly, Lei Feng vision one. Right, said.” Xia Tian said. Eastern Man and Northern Army came. Moreover they with Xia Tian are acquaintances. Sees this time, before bullied Xia Tian robust man feeling own pants to be wet, a heat flow has flowed from the pants to the ground, frightened, his unexpectedly has bullied a such terrifying person. Other bully the Xia Tian person have been the whole body shiver. They are clear at this time, originally can make a person whole body shiver frightened. Xia Tian, do you still remember me?” At this moment, Lei Feng behind in the Jiang Tianshu team walks a female, saw that time Xia Tian of this female sighed.