Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1348

The tranquility of Xia Tian is anybody is unable to understand. After all the opposite is standing is known as in this world the strongest person. But Xia Tian is still so tranquil. The person who as if he faces is only an ordinary match, his tranquility is anybody is too difficult to learn, anyone, the front has such a formidable match, either very anxious, either is very excited. Boy, you thinks really you can be my match?” On Lei Feng face has written all over disdaining, do not say that Xia Tian is only the person list second, even if he is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, Lei Feng does not pay attention. How does not try to know.” Xia Tian has shown the smiling face of pondering, his growth is quick, he is jumping the ranks all the way the challenge. Regardless of the match of any rank, he dares to attempt. Naturally, he will not have challenged Earth Grade to be greatly complete to according to Yellow Grade strength silly, that is not brave, but is the tiger. This world most? I want to try first.” Northern Army from Xia Tian walked. Northern Army unexpectedly stood. Is China one of the four big Expert, the Northern Army strength is obvious to all. He stands to have three reasons, first, Lei Feng is the Xia Tian enemy \; Second, Lei Feng is Expert, making him have the desire of fight \; Third, he and blood blade old ancestor are half friend, saw that the blood blade old ancestor made into this, he should stand and opposite party competes with. Grandfather.” Xia Tian this time called Northern Army for grandfather, because Bing Xin is his girlfriend. Young fellow, I likes this name.” On the face of Northern Army had smiling face. Senior military officer, are you good, is not good I to come first.” Eastern Man inquired. I may be younger than you.” Northern Army said that has arrived at the Xia Tian side directly: Boy, you left our family Bing Chuan talent to probably be much better, I started to envy Xia Tianlong, but you were also we ice the sons-in-law of family now, ha ha ha ha.” Em.” Reason that Xia Tian numerous nods, he understands Northern Army on first, to let him looks at the clear Lei Feng's true ability, is good to find the way to cope. One of China four big Expert, Northern Army, good.” Lei Feng shows a faint smile, satisfied nod, he gets rid afterward directly, is only the flash, he has killed the Northern Army front. Bang!

The body of Northern Army presented ice armor instantaneously, but ice all of a sudden was also disintegrated by Lei Feng. Strength is very big.” Northern Army light saying, afterward his body fast retreat. He said intentionally to the Xia Tian hear. Lei Feng followed once more, a Northern Army body transition, his under foot presented the ice rapidly afterward, his speed has promoted a scale once more, above the right fist was iced armor to cover instantaneously. Bang! Northern Army fought with the fists above Lei Feng's chest, contacted that moment of Lei Feng body in his fist, Lei Feng both hands dangled. Bang! The ice on Northern Army fist is completely stave, at the same time, Northern Army body retreat, in his retreat instance, Lei Feng fights with the fists once more, if not he first reacts, this will fight with the fists to fly by Lei Feng absolutely. Defensive power is very strong, his human body in several scales compared with normal Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, his Inner Strength is also very firm.” Northern Army said situation that he analyzed perfectly. Good, worthily is one of the China four big Expert.” Lei Feng very interested looked at Northern Army. Cold ice armor. The Northern Army plan and Lei Feng come a contact of meeting the tough head-on with toughness, above his entire body has all put on the thick cold ice armor, unusual Might. Sees this time, surroundings all people all is a face worship looks at Northern Army. Senior military officer unexpectedly used this to incur, it seems like that this Lei Feng has given him very tremendous pressure.” Eastern Man deeps frown, he and Northern Army were really too ripe, his all abilities to Northern Army also knew from A to Z. If Northern Army uses the cold ice armor, that showed that he must start to carry on final PK with the opposite party. Bang! Northern Army started to send out has attacked directly, this time he did not dodge completely does not hide, overcoming of fist then fist, because his body had the cold ice armor, therefore he simply gave up the defense. Good, satisfies a craving.” Opposite Lei Feng is also one greatly drinks, he also gave up the defense, with Northern Army they, your fist, my fist has fought.

Violence. Their unexpectedly has used the method of most violence. The children fight the method of selecting. A your fist, my fist, no one hides, looked who can insist finally. Presented all people all shaking by such scene of violence, their fists can hit a giant stone absolutely crush, but their this hitting stiffly above the body of opposite party. Bang! Bang! „The words that Senior, such hits, will not have an accident.” The inquiry that Xia Tian worries about said. Be not thinking comes up stop, I will not let, because this is the dignity issue, since he chose must fight with Lei Feng, he will project on the bottom.” Eastern Man said that regarding Expert of their this rank, if the frame projects on half to be pulled back, that will get angry absolutely. Because they have this idea, therefore Eastern Man will not make Xia Tian come up the stop. Bang! Bang! On the Northern Army cold ice armor broke, Lei Feng's corners of the mouth also presented blood, but Lei Feng not only does not have any flinching, instead was becomes is more excited. All people understand. Northern Army lost. Normal, sees the Northern Army cold ice armor, as the match, should enhance strong points and avoid weaknesses, hitting that but Lei Feng actually meets the tough head-on with toughness with the strong point and match of match, moreover is having the superiority. Bang! The body of Northern Army was pounded to fly, on him the cold ice armor is all stave. This time Northern Army face whiten.

Obviously to war to his Inner Strength consumption very big. This time Lei Feng one startled hit conveniently, his fist pounded directly to Northern Army, this fist Northern Army could not avoid completely, Eastern Man hurried flushed away to Northern Army. Bang! Lei Feng's body flew directly. Getting rid is not and old man, but is Xia Tian. He had used technique of Second Layer deep meanings eight Qi a moment ago once again, the attraction. Em?” Lei Feng then responded that has stood up the body: Crisp, this weaponry hits was too crisp, was only a pity that you insufficiently hit.” Whistling! Northern Army big mouth is panting for breath, he understands that he truly lost, is of he China four big Expert lost. Outside Heavenly Connection the hole is a mysterious place. In outside Earth Grade late stage Expert possibly is a side overlord, but after entering here, even if will be Earth Grade greatly complete Expert will also lose, Northern Army this super figure also lost. Bang! At this moment, the ground has sent out the slight vibration. Was the beast group comes?” Some person of surprised saying. Runs, is the insect, the insect of blotting out the sky.” At this moment some distant place people shout, hears this shout the time, everybody understands what was anything, was known as that including bloodthirsty insect army who Earth Grade greatly complete Expert can kill easily.