Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1350

Hole first of Xia Tian outside Heavenly Connection obtained the goods of strength of super system tyrant rank Heavenly Connection. Obtained spirit stone on second, although is only low grade spirit stone, but for this spirit stone, that many Earth Grade greatly complete Expert snatches the broken head unable to rob. That third? First two, the strength of first Heavenly Connection made Xia Tian have been able to contend with the Earth Grade greatly complete superior power, after second obtained spirit stone, he restored his strength within two days, and broke through the Earth Grade intermediate stage own strength. Now even if he does not take the monster king mask, he can also contend with Earth Grade greatly complete Expert directly. The Earth Grade intermediate stage can contend with Earth Grade to be greatly complete, this terrifying matter perhaps also only then Xia Tian can achieve. Three people walked for day, arrives at the third entrance. Arrives at the third entrance time, here person does not have. It seems like these bloodthirsty insect armies run from third, they use to export to run in all directions, the person who which direction regardless of comes, can the insect clan armies expel finally.” Xia Tian has inspected in the entrance. Em.” These bloodthirsty insect armies should protect existence of third entrance. Others must escape from a talent to escape from chasing down of bloodthirsty insect, but we have only used for five minutes, therefore occupied the situation.” Eastern Man nodded to say. Grandfather, your wound a point?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Northern Army. I am all right, but consumed at that time was too big, eats compounded drug that you have given, has drunk that many monkey liquor, now was all good.” Northern Army said. ! At this moment, in the Xia Tian sleeve departed an silver needle suddenly. Subpoenas the silver needle. Sees subpoenaed the silver needle time, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle: „It is not good, the Great General and Fire Cloud evil god has difficult.”

Whiz! Body of Xia Tian instantaneous has shot, he arrived at the third entrance, but did not enter the third opportunity now, because the Great General they had difficultly. Can the person who they force into the hopeless situation, certainly is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. Xia Tian does not dare to have slight delaying, is good because of the distance on the silver needle demonstrating is not very far. Eastern Man and Northern Army also directly followed. Whiz! Xia Tian already his speed full. Northern Army wound also not completely good, is only three minutes, he has fallen behind, Eastern Man also has to decelerate to take care of him: „The speed of this boy so is how fast.” His Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step has not missed compared with past Xia Tianlong.” Eastern Man said. Quick, must be able to catch up.” Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparably anxious saying. Another. The Fire Cloud evil god protects in an entrance of pit hole, here distance third entrance is not far, but here has not actually suffered the attack of bloodthirsty insect, this time Fire Cloud evil god condition is not good. His body is the blood. But he now Earth Grade late stage Expert, moreover there is Spirit Tool, even if so, he also received very heavy wound. But his opposite is standing that person, is not others, the Thai gods revere, first Expert of Thailand. The cause of matter because of the attack of bloodthirsty insect.

Initially the bloodthirsty insect started large surface area attack time, the Thai gods Venerable to lead Expert of Thailand to open hurriedly run away, when he ran away to here, suddenly saw the position of Fire Cloud evil god, he discovered that Fire Cloud evil god there unexpectedly has not suffered the attack of bloodthirsty insect, he guessed that here had certainly the secret, therefore after he has been separated from the attack of bloodthirsty insect, returned to here. Arrives here time, the Fire Cloud evil god still sits there, seems is protecting any thing to be the same. What treasure does this inside have?” The Thai gods revere the vision cloudy and cold looks at the Fire Cloud evil god. The Fire Cloud evil god knows that the situation is not good, he can feel very intense crisis from the body of opposite party, therefore he started Xia Tian to give his pass on message silver needle. Saw that the Fire Cloud evil god has not spoken, the Thai gods revere have not been forgiving, gets rid directly. In his hand has put out a sword. First round fighting, his unexpectedly has not taken the Fire Cloud evil god, this made him more surprised: „Who are you?” Must hit hits, which comes that many idle talk!” The Fire Cloud evil god looks that the Thai gods revere with him behind that enormous and powerful over a hundred people of army also a little lack the ability to do what one would like, but he must protect here. Because the Great General entered here. Moreover after the Great General goes, this cave had that sound saying that some people obtained the god level inheritance, the corpse Wang Jiangchen inheritance, he believes that this inheritance was helps certainly the Great General obtain. Before the Great General comes out, he will not make anybody go. Although the cave place has light screen, moreover he has also tried, the light screen has strong defensive power, but he does not dare to bet, if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert can break the light screen? The Great General is very dangerous. If the beforehand Fire Cloud evil god, he will not go to manage absolutely, especially when facing these many powerful enemies. But since he when Xia Tian there clear loyalty is anything, he changed. Some things are worth protecting with the life. „Doesn't you own name dare to say? Really a coward, makes way, otherwise I have divided you.” The blade in Thai god king hand falls fast, he has not gone to kill the Fire Cloud evil god, but is cutting of blade then blade on the Fire Cloud evil god.

Cannot.” The Fire Cloud evil god blocks there. Less than five minutes, the body of Fire Cloud evil god had 70-80 wounds, on his face is also the wounds. You are also the strip man, said your name.” The Thai gods revere to open the mouth to say. father hang does not change the name, sits does not change surname, Fire Cloud evil god.” The Fire Cloud evil god looks wickedly the Thai gods revere. Sir, this name and Jiang Tianshu, in Jiang Tianshu gives in our name to have, I remember.” The Thai gods revere one person to go forward to say suddenly. „Does Jiang Tianshu give? That i.e., he was the Jiang Hai City Xia Tian person!” Facial color that the Thai gods revere suddenly one cold. Right, Jiang Hai City this time altogether six people come, he is, I guessed in that cave that he protects definitely also has one.” That person continues to say. Hears this suspicion time, the Thai gods Venerable the blade in hand immediately become quicker. Puff! He has not killed the Fire Cloud evil god, cutting of his such blade then blade on the body of Fire Cloud evil god, this time Fire Cloud evil god already thorough lost the resistance, the blade that whatever he Thai gods revere chops on his body. Cannot.” The both legs of Fire Cloud evil god tremble, but his both arms launch, keeps off there. Since you court death, I help you, after I have killed you, goes to kill another, that Xia Tian, your could not have been inescapable.” The Thai gods Venerable saying that the direct blade cut. dāng! His blade has not chopped the Fire Cloud evil god, but by two fingers gripping. Dares to move my brother, you must die.” The coldly sound reaches in the ear that the Thai gods Venerable together.