Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1353
Enters the third that moment, Xia Tian felt that here air is different. Plundering! Here air has effect of plundering. Boy, careful, here will eliminate Inner Strength of person, we first look for a spirit spring.” The Eastern Man reminder said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, the strength that he uses now is not primarily Inner Strength, but is the strength of Heavenly Connection, but he also has Inner Strength, is now he not any consumption, his Inner Strength all by the strength of Heavenly Connection wrapping. The strength of Heavenly Connection is here most formidable strength, the system dominates the strength of tower of Heavenly Connection. Here, any strength is unable to contend with the strength of Heavenly Connection, has the protection of strength of Heavenly Connection, Xia Tian Inner Strength naturally cannot have anything to lose, this made him have the absolute right to speak on third. Others have the consumption, Eastern Man and Northern Army peerless Expert also has like this, but Xia Tian does not have. However Xia Tian had not said. After all existence of strength of Heavenly Connection extremely in monstruous talent. If here presents any peculiar circumstance by the words that others know, that fears entire day below Expert to cope his. Whiz whiz whiz! Third of three form fast shuttles hole outside Heavenly Connection. Front.” After Eastern Man has drunk one, greatly overran directly, at this time their front has many bloodthirsty demon beast, these bloodthirsty demon beasts are very big, although the bloodthirsty demon beast quantity in second are many, but their are not big, the strength is not strong, even if ordinary Profound Grade greatly complete Expert can also deal with ease. However bloodthirsty demon beast in third is very big, moreover their strengths are very big, even if ordinary Earth Grade Expert is impossible to defeat them easily. Xia Tian their three, are not ordinary Earth Grade Expert.

Their three get rid. The flash struck to kill a bloodthirsty demon beast on one person, afterward in the Xia Tian right hand golden light flashes dodged, his speed became quick, his body transferred in the surroundings of these bloodthirsty demon beasts. Death! Xia Tian right hand. golden light flashes dodges! Puff! Puff! A bloodthirsty demon beast of leader was cut open from the middle by Gold Thread, Eastern Man and Northern Army have been familiar with the Xia Tian forms of combat, regardless of now Xia Tian makes any action they to think is normal. Because Xia Tian is a person of creation miracle. After striking has killed these bloodthirsty demon beasts, Xia Tian they arrived at the first spirit spring. Xia Tian arrived here later to discover that this type of spirit spring is mysterious, inside spiritual energy is abundant, moreover truly can supplement Inner Strength fast, if can cultivation, that speed definitely be here quicker than outside on several times. Yeah, if can move to be good this thing.” Xia Tian sighed, saying that regretted. Eastern Man and Northern Army they hear his words, immediately the heavy line of whole face, Xia Tian may also really be able to think that his unexpectedly also wants to move the spirit spring, this is daydreams simply. But the spirit spring third is in sole possession , is also the most precious object. The spirit spring is the foundation is spirit stone, but spiritual energy in spirit spring cannot the direct absorption like spirit stone, perhaps otherwise Eastern Man and the others already sat to start to absorb directly. This treasure may be many, although this also unusual bad risk, but also wants the luck well, can get so far as something, moreover in this definitely will have spirit stone.” Eastern Man answered.

Good!” Xia Tian this time also had a mind, he starts with the strength of Heavenly Connection slowly searches in the surroundings, he discovered that the strength of Heavenly Connection is a protection, he understands more thinks mysterious on exceed. Strength of casual one strength Heavenly Connection takes is the superior power, draws an analogy, when Xia Tian was unable to contend with Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, he transferred the strength of Heavenly Connection, finally he Earth Grade greatly complete Expert arm interruption. He uses the strength of Heavenly Connection to make the bloodthirsty demon beast kneel down wait / etc. to him. These are the wondrous uses of strength of Heavenly Connection. He believes that the strength of Heavenly Connection also has more uses to wait for his development, the strength of Heavenly Connection was in the Heavenly Connection tower the ultimate strength, worthily worriedly what to do Xia Tian just started not to have that four Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll should. Now he understood finally, oneself gained. Moreover was gains in a big way. After ten minutes, their strengths all recovered. Walks, on front has a look, if can the breakfast, be able to avoid one robbing.” Eastern Man also fears troublesome, he does not want 11 to contest to rob spirit stone with other Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, after all here Expert was really too many, they competed, but might also have other Expert to appear. Although Xia Tian now can contend with ordinary Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but his weakness is very in fact obvious, the strength of Heavenly Connection cannot be commonly used, monster Wang Mianju loses the life, the quantity of compounded drug is limited. Moreover he is almost impossible to be victorious Eastern Man and people of Northern Army their this rank, say nothing of Lei Feng that type existed. Now his person had two to obtain the god level inheritance, is he was also finding the way to have a look at itself must make any super inheritance, naturally, this any god level inherited him unable to have a liking. Because in his if at heart others have, that is not best, he must want that classification person not to have. For example existence of strength of system tyrant rank Heavenly Connection. This time he enters outside Heavenly Connection in hole to have several goals to complete, that is cuts to kill Jiang Tianshu that group of people, Wei Guang, other these offend his person he also to carry on a retaliation.

It looks like the Thai gods Venerable this. He wins the Thai gods Venerable is actually very lucky. If just started the Thai gods Venerable to not attach great importance to face-saving, so long as he calms down, he will understand the Xia Tian speed the mystery, then he, so long as avoids the Xia Tian speed then to carry on the fight. Although finally Xia Tian uses any method to win. However most at least they within a half hour cannot decide the victory and defeat. Em, the speed should not be too fast, closes right up against the wall to walk, gambling luck.” Xia Tian nodded, can he must search on wall, look find other any buried treasures. Good.” Eastern Man and Northern Army had experienced the Xia Tian treasure hunt ability a moment ago. If that god level inheritance were not the Xia Tian discovery, they no one have noted, only worked as there is the ordinary wall. The speed that three people go forward is not fast, because Xia Tian is searching for the thing. Xia Tian stopped the footsteps, the whole person there. How?” Eastern Man asked. Discovery treasure?” Northern Army is also a brow wrinkle. On the face of Xia Tian presented the shocking look, saw the change of his expression, Eastern Man and Northern Army had doubts, at this moment, Xia Tian opened the mouth: Perhaps this will raise terrifying giant storm third.”