Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1354
The Xia Tian expression incomparably exaggerates. Your boy do not keep guessing, a bit faster said that saw anything.” Eastern Man was a little anxious, saw that Xia Tian that exaggeration the expression he knows the Xia Tian affirmation has discovered any serious thing. You are destroy this wall to have a look.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to the wall. Bang! Eastern Man rubbish, has destroyed that wall directly, that moment when he destroys the wall, he was also shocked, his whole person all present all has been shocked, this is he enters one time that Heavenly Connection Tarry sees right in front of one has exaggerated. He has not seen such scene of exaggeration. This. This how possible Ah! Northern Army also a little to hoodwink, the present all were really too shocking, too has exaggerated, all these he could not forget for a lifetime. Lying trough!” Eastern Man said these two characters. Their three all present all shocked. First responded what is Eastern Man. Boy, you said that how to divide?” Eastern Man looks to Xia Tian, after all these things are the Xia Tian discoveries. At this time in front of them enough over a hundred spirit stone, although is low grade spirit stone, but these may be spirit stone, casual can make Earth Grade greatly complete Expert snatch the treasure of broken head together. However here unexpectedly has over a hundred. Average minute.” Xia Tian said. Ok, I looked up a moment ago, altogether 100, our two old fogies occupy you to select the small advantage, our 50, your 50.” Eastern Man said directly.

Senior, we divide equally.” Xia Tian is a little also embarrassed, after all he enters outside Heavenly Connection hole second to start by these two old Senior attendances, he was also happy the taste of bullying the weak by relying on powerful connections. Two peerless Expert gave him to work as such a long time bodyguard, if one point of treasure time got angry does not recognize people, this matter Xia Tian could not do absolutely. Listens my, our 50, the thing is you discovered that our two old fogies are take your advantage, accepts after checking quickly, these many spirit stone come out together, affirmed a moment ago attracted many Expert, our meeting must a bit faster leave this, otherwise definitely will be chased down by large quantities of Expert, over a hundred spirit stone, enough these people went crazy the volume.” Eastern Man said. But.” Xia Tian thinks improper. You leave womanishly fussily, hurry up.” Eastern Man said that he and Northern Army received 25 spirit stone, Xia Tian has taken away remaining 50 spirit stone. Great treasure. Their three this obtained the great treasure, after obtaining these many spirit stone, Eastern Man and Northern Army, so long as looked for place well cultivation soon, entering step Heaven Grade that they can succeed. They discovered that outside this time Heavenly Connection the hole opens, treasure were more than many times the past, in the past absolutely did not have what god level inheritance, but this unexpectedly appeared, moreover appears is three. The spirit stone quantity also increased, second they have bumped into two spirit stone. Xia Tian found this giant buried treasure on third directly. Obtains these many spirit stone, their three will perhaps have a dream to smile, usually together spirit stone they must snatch the broken head, but their unexpectedly obtained these many spirit stone now. After three people have attained spirit stone, opens directly runs away, full speed opens runs away. Although their three are great Expert, but they are not invincible. They are impossible to shoulder chasing down of here all Expert.

However now other treasures were unimportant regarding them. First goes to the Heavenly Connection Neidong entrance, then looks for place cultivation well.” Eastern Man proposed. Xia Tian nodded, now they have not cared about any treasure, he believes that here again presents any treasure not possibly in these over a hundred spirit stone their hands more precious. They obtained these many treasures, if goes to covet other treasure again, perhaps will be discovered the clue by others, has succeeded in obtaining to the final treasure, perhaps has not assigned to enjoy. Therefore they plan to give up all the way all treasures, first goes to the Neidong entrance. Why haven't they left directly? Xia Tian also has matter processing, Eastern Man and Northern Army just took the Xia Tian advantage, they know the Xia Tian goal, how also to throw Xia Tian to leave directly. Therefore they plan to go to the entrance of Neidong first. After they leave for about five minutes. Residual Spirit Tool unexpectedly is so strong, is high-grade goods spirit stone.” Earth Grade greatly complete Expert whole face inconceivable saying. Meanwhile several Expert appear in the front of that pit hole. When they feel in the hole the remaining strength, is surprised of whole face, afterward on their faces presented the excited look, although their several did not know, but they each other have actually looked at each other one: Certainly has not run far, pursues.” Therefore these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert start to pursue the front person. Escaping that at this time Xia Tian their three it can be said that breakneck, their goals have one, that is the entrance of Heavenly Connection Neidong.

„The front having mystical powers spring, rests a meeting.” Finally after they ran more than four hours, has bumped into a spirit spring. Therefore their several arrived at the spirit spring to rest. Senior, do you know the entrance?” After running more than four hours, Xia Tian asked finally in his heart biggest question, he has run with Eastern Man, he discovered Eastern Man runs, here runs a meeting, there runs a meeting, ran to change Xia Tian this sense of direction distinct people. Does not know.” Eastern Man very optional saying. On the face of Northern Army also has the natural expression. Sees their appearances, on the Xia Tian forehead is the heavy line, they ran for four hours, finally Eastern Man unexpectedly said does not know that this simply was too bullshit, his unexpectedly said that does not know. Then brought Xia Tian to run such a long time. Does not run, kills does not run.” Xia Tian played the rascal directly, the words that such ran, died of exhaustion could not find the entrance of Neidong. Here should also be safe temporarily, we have rested a meeting, happen to spirit stone these many, this time can also look for the feeling of local tyrant, tempers Inner Strength in within the body with spirit stone directly.” Eastern Man said. Hears the Eastern Man words, Xia Tian is the heavy line of whole face: Isn't the local tyrant such does not absorb?” Naturally, such absorption simply is too the ruined family, normal, every day before absorbing spirit stone, must take the panacea, or the day material treasure, making in the spirit stone spirit strength play the maximum limit role, moreover after absorbing for two hours, must stop, will otherwise absorb to waste part, low grade spirit stone inside spiritual energy will be limited, wasted a point to be a pity a point.” Eastern Man answered. I heard spirit stone a moment ago probably is right?” At this moment, Eastern Man their grounds move suddenly.