Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1356

Eastern Man and Northern Army are also ready that has momentarily gotten rid. So long as Xia Tian has the danger, they first will get rid to help. Xia Tian saw that the opposite party is so serious, his left hand double refers to outstretch silently, he has prepared for momentarily transferred strength of Heavenly Connection, so long as the opposite party gets rid, he can react immediately. At this time although only then several seconds, but everyone is experiencing one day like a year. The Xia Tian anxiety, a little anticipated slightly similarly that outside Heavenly Connection in the hole, everywhere is Expert, he does not dare to despise any person, here will be Earth Grade greatly is complete this Pyramid food chain most peak the person also dead. Therefore Xia Tian does not dare to have slight careless. Who knows the African Son of Heaven of calisthenics to radio music this first under Heaven understands black can have any secret weapon or the super card in a hand and so on. When Xia Tian waited not patiently. Ultimate must kill Unique Skill.” The African Son of Heaven give a loud shout. Subsequently he made has let Xia Tian a they life-long unforgettable action. Run! The African Son of Heaven ran. Quickly, ran not to have the shade in an instant, Xia Tian they were only Kungfu of a twinkling, the African Son of Heaven did not have, probably baseless vanished was the same. This is not because his speed quick. But because he was too black, which ran up to with a that place blending meaningful glance, compared with chameleon also good B, moreover he while Xia Tian and the others god time ran, Xia Tian had a dream has not thought that the ultimate of opposite party must kill Unique Skill unexpectedly to escape.

Xia Tian has prepared to fight, but opposite party unexpectedly ran. Pursues?” Xia Tian has gawked the moment. Could not overtake, this African Son of Heaven escapes was too sudden, moreover he controls the aura the ability is very fierce, therefore we had not discovered him a moment ago, now our several Inner Strength have lost, if continues to pursue, when not necessarily can bump into the spirit spring, if presents any crisis, we were possibly miserable.” Eastern Man said. Pulls rank in the third biggest taboo. Thinks own strength formidable, even without restores also to walk Inner Strength completely, at the worst looks for the next spirit spring, but they had often not found the next spirit spring time had been killed. Also may be jumps over the step to kill. Eastern Man will not do that silly matter absolutely. Good, that makes him run away first, we a cultivation meeting, then looks for the guidance stone the first news.” Xia Tian nodded, his here spirit stone are many, others live must using together bit by bit, most at least must use several months of even one year, but Xia Tian here present has 51. He must do a bit faster absorbs these spirit stone, transforms spiritual energy Inner Strength in within the body completely, when the Inner Strength completely transformation of his within the body is spiritual energy, he turned into Heaven Grade Expert. This is the Heaven Grade mystery. Before Xia Tian has not understood that anything is Heaven Grade, the time when he contacted after Eastern Man grew he has discovered that so-called Heaven Grade all transformed Earth Grade complete greatly within the body all Inner Strength as the spirit strength. Although Xia Tian has not arrived at Earth Grade to be greatly complete now, so long as he continues to absorb the strength in spirit stone, he wanted into Earth Grade greatly complete Expert also to be only the issue of time. spiritual energy and Inner Strength may be different, want to strengthen oneself den, only then means that that by cultivation, becomes own Inner Strength spiritual energy little cultivation between world. However spirit stone is different.

Spirit strength that in spirit stone contains in Spirit Tool formidable dozens times compared with world, this inside spiritual energy be able to be built up by Xia Tian directly, this wants quick dozens times compared with the normal cultivation speed. This is robs spirit stone why these Earth Grade complete greatly Expert went all out. Obtains spirit stone, the cultivation speed will obtain growth doubled and re-doubled, what is main, if the average person uses spirit stone to carry on cultivation, then after him will enter step Heaven Grade to be convenient. Because uses spirit stone will carry on the cultivation person while increasing Inner Strength, will transform some Inner Strength as the spirit strength. At this time Xia Tian carries on cultivation using spirit stone, not only can rapidly increase own Inner Strength, but can also make Inner Strength part of own within the body transform as the spirit strength, like this after him, broke through to be easy to Heaven Grade. Two hours. They have rested here for two hours, after two hours, they all are energetic, moreover everyone seems some changes, change most obvious is Xia Tian. Although he has not broken through to Earth Grade late stage, but was quick. He has not thought that spirit stone unexpectedly can be so easy-to-use. This simply is the strongest method of cheating. Walks, wanted to look to guide Stone saying that difficult not to be difficult, said easy not to be easy.” Eastern Man said. What meaning?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Guidance stone wants by the words that we look, that may be difficult, but here comes in these many people, among them definitely some people had found the guidance stone the trail, so long as we will guide the stone to snatch from these manpower not to be good, in any case the Heavenly Connection Neidong only then an entrance, these people want are not the fools, can arrive at the entrance with others.” Eastern Man answered. Good, we snatch one.” Xia Tian nodded.

First enters here several million people, second goes is less than 1 million people, other people either withdrew, either died, either is also in first sauntering. Enters the third person actually is less than 100,000 people. Because the second death base number was too big. Similarly also had few people to withdraw, because they have not dared to come up, first two so were dangerous, if they enter third to die very much here. Few people were just entered third to run back second. Because they making unable to bear by the third that consumption. Person who although in third also has Profound Grade at this time, but the quantity are few, because the Inner Strength total quantity of their within the body is small, does not fight fortunately, once will fight may consume dead, without Inner Strength, in third one fate, that will die. Even if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert does not have Inner Strength also same dead in third. They went forward one hour of time, Xia Tian saw the acquaintance. black market Boss. Xia Tian still remembers initially first time saw black market Boss time, the crisis of that death has lingered his heart, at this time saw black market Boss, Xia Tian that type had not felt, but he could look similarly, black market Boss was also Expert. Long time no see.” Northern Army sees black market Boss saying of time coldly, in his sound is having a hostility.