Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1358

Lei Feng, has the strength of genuine goods at reasonable prices, super Expert from another world. Lucifer, the absolute defense in addition monster strength Saint sword, his wrapped in a shroud of obscurity movement, the strength also absolutely is topest super Expert. They take one casually are not China four big Expert can contend. Now they united. This simply is the union between Superman. Perhaps the avenger alliance does not have the cooperation of this rank. This may really be rotten to the core bad news.” Xia Tian says with emotion, he must really by this news to the thunder but actually, these two most troublesome people, if Xia Tian they defeat one by one, that also has the opportunity, but they unite, that was impossible to defeat one by one. Said the reaching an agreement news.” Eastern Man also very helpless, they and Xia Tian are grasshopper on a rope, now these two people unite suddenly, that definitely will not let off their. Regarding them, now only then means can live, that runs away. Does not go to the entrance of Heavenly Connection Neidong. But if they do not go, that represented them to recognize has instigated, will the opposite party possibly let really off them? Naturally not, even if they hides, after these two exit, wantonly will search for their trails, especially Xia Tian, he also has Jiang Hai City, he cannot escape. Therefore Xia Tian cannot flinch. This fights inevitably. This is final total decisive battle, the winner is a king. Good news is, after they combine , the first person who bumps into is Wei Guang, the Quicksand two vice- leaders, five dark Wei Quanmie.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Hears this news time, three people were shocked again. The Quicksand two vice- leaders and five protected unexpectedly to be extinguished darkly, this also too exaggerated a point. However they think that is hand that combines, they did not think to exaggerate, can only sigh that the Wei Guang luck was not really good, his unexpectedly has bumped into this strongest combination, the strongest combinations of these two people have gone beyond the bearing capacity of average person.

Even if is of Wei Guang China four big Expert cannot shoulder the attacks of these two people. Wei Guang? As far as I know, he is not the person who that type can escape.” Eastern Man asked. Almost died, was rescued by Yin Nie.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Yeah!” Xia Tian sighed, this regarding him was not the good news, naturally is not the bad news, he has wanted personally and Wei Guang gets one, what this can also upright and frank was the father revenges. Your master is Wei Guang Senior Brother, he rescues Wei Guang is normal, you leave think.” Eastern Man consoles to say. He he, Senior, you have misunderstood, I think is not this.” Xia Tian knows that Eastern Man misunderstood him. „, It seems like I really have misunderstood, but mentioned your master person, actually he was also a legend, but he did not like the fame and fortune, his life only then a friend, was your father, the ghost Gu Pai person all was this disposition, was indifferent to anybody, their few friends, if has become friends with the friend, that was the life-and-death friendship, Yin Nie is the first under Heaven sword Saint of recognition, but he had not actually gone to compete for the China four big Expert positions in the past.” Eastern Man said. Why?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Because a ghost valley school of custom is the Senior Brother younger brother they can only live one, he does not want dead to spell with Wei Guang, therefore he gave up.” Eastern Man answered. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. „The Yin Nie life has not defeated, even if facing your father, he has not defeated, but was gripped the sword by your father's Finger of Consonance.” Northern Army said. Yin Nie! He is also a legend. Until now, knows his true strength without any person. He usually gets rid as if to retain. Thinks how to have coped with this most to combine?” Zhuge Wanglang looked that asked to Xia Tian. No.” Xia Tian very optional saying.

„Do you want to run away?” Zhuge Wanglang asked. No, hits.” Xia Tian said directly that this fought unable to avoid. Any King is not will have the peerless scheme, but he can actually lead and unify a large quantities of person, this is the intelligence of King, but supplies ideas forever is the military strategist. Reason that Zhuge Wanglang is willing to help Xia Tian. Is because on Xia Tian has the potential of this King. Which regardless of Xia Tian arrives, encounters any danger, some people will come out to help. This is the vitality. The genuine King able to move unhindered does not get down, but is saved from death, finally makes tyrant all, was just like ancient times Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, Xiang Yu has made tyrant all people, but has been the emperor finally was actually Liu Bang. Young fellow, has the impulse, you could rest assured that our two old men will certainly help you.” Eastern Man strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. I do not think that my granddaughter remains a widow.” Northern Army light saying. Many thanks.” Xia Tian has not said anything, but he motherland has thanked these two people, they are China two in four big Expert, in this world strongest a group of people, but their unexpectedly is willing to help busy of Xia Tian now. Has them , the Xia Tian opportunity was also big several points. The place of third entrance. They are carrying on the blood to spell. One of them vanished Chen azure, another person is the demon respect building. These two people are representative figure in youth talent. However before they are actually having this, at this time is the big blood spells.

Demon! They now are the demons, surroundings have many people to watch the fun, but they from two at least 500-600 meters of fight, because they were afraid by these two fascinated already person accidental injury. Great sword in Chen azure hand starts greatly gathers greatly, the lethality rises from all directions, sword air/Qi able to move unhindered. These sword air/Qi surrounding crushed stone Beng Fei. Everywhere is the formidable scarlet sword air/Qi. On the demon respect building whole person is the air/Qi of demon ghost, the black demon air/Qi as if must swallow surrounding all, among them the fight is splendid. Bang! At this moment, in third has person's shadow fast coming in together. Chen azure?” That person's shadow sees Chen azure that moment corners of the mouth slightly one slantingly, two people who afterward he has fired into directly fight, when everybody saw when his action thinks that he definitely not awfully, unexpectedly dares to crash in the middle of that two person. At this time among these two people everywhere is Inner Strength manifestation, to and brings death not to have what difference. But then they actually saw very inconceivable one. After seeing only that person's shadow rushed to two person middle, both hands instantaneously held the wrist|skill of that two person, afterward both hands make an effort to fling, Chen azure and demon respect building their body directly was flung to fly by him. What?” All people were all shocked by this institute.