Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1359

A move. This sudden person unexpectedly has only used a move they defeats Chen azure and demon respect building. This simply was too fierce. The legend in legend. Corrupt wolf.” In Chen azure mouth has put out two characters. This person is not others, is the corrupt wolf, body fast disappearance of corrupt wolf in same place, afterward fought with the fists on Chen azure belly, was only, fascinated Chen azure the quick pain has fainted, he felt that his five main internal organs (entrails) quickly was coveted the wolf these to give the dozen to be remnant. You dare to meddle my fight.” The demon respect building gives a loud shout flushes away to the corrupt wolf directly. The corrupt wolf right hand grasps, his hand grasped at the strange angle above the arm of demon respect building, afterward his right hand big windmill directly body pounding maliciously demon respect building above ground. Bang! The body of demon respect building was almost pounded crushes. This, his rib has at least been cut off 45. You do not match in my hands.” The corrupt wolf said that the body dodged, vanishes in same place. At this time all people all were on the spot shocked, Chen azure and war of demon respect building can be said as the classics in classics, but in all people are shocking their strengths, sudden corrupt wolf unexpectedly so relaxed has defeated them. Moreover left behind a few words you not to match in my hands.’ Coveted the strength that the wolf and demon respect building showed to be a moment ago Earth Grade late stage Realm, but corrupt wolf unexpectedly said that they did not match in their hand, only then Earth Grade greatly complete did Expert match in the hand of corrupt wolf? Although Chen azure and demon respect building has been injured, but may nobody dare to go forward to pick up a bargain. Corrupt wolf, I will certainly make you die like a dog.” A Chen azure blood spouts, afterward his body has fired into the spirit spring position directly.

Our two struggles, were defeated one move finally, yeah.” After the demon respect building sighed, has fired into the spirit spring. The appearance of corrupt wolf, indicates, oncoming of new times. The world belongs to youngster eventually. Since Yin Nie rescues Wei Guang, Wei Guang had not said that any Xie Word, after Yin Nie Wei Guang placed a spirit spring the position, left, he has not spoken any a few words to Wei Guang. Before this time Wei Guang does not have again was aggressive. The present his whole body is disorderly, body everywhere was the wound, the eye also blind one. He defeated. Moreover miserable that very defeats. Always thinks that able to move unhindered world Southern Kill Wei Guang has defeated, he most own brothers died in battle completely, the Quicksand two vice- leaders and five dark health/guard all die in his at present, he does not have the ability to protect these people. This moment Southern Kill Wei Guang heart died. The world second sword sets up in his front, however his vision is empty. This fought affected a Wei Guang lifetime war, Wei Guang looked like a sharp sword, was extremely sharp, he like his sword, did not have the genuine scabbard, he made a great show of one's talents. However crossed just Yi Duan. This Wei Guang broke. Actually so long as he present leaves outside Heavenly Connection the hole, that has more than enough for two months, he is Southern Kill Wei Guang, moreover he still has the opportunity becomes Heaven Grade Expert, at the worst again outside waiting next time Heavenly Connection hole opening. But a heart died the person, did not have the means to treat.

Even if were Hua Tuo world cannot save him again. My this life, lost.” Wei Guang mentioned the sword in oneself hand to carve these characters on the wall, later he sat spirit spring here, he not that eye that went to the control to fall blindly, has not gone to pay attention to oneself wound. Such static sitting there. He has been pursuing perfectly, he wants upright and frank victorious Xia Tianlong, but he does not have that opportunity, he wants to kill his Senior Brother Yin Nie, but his Senior Brother time and time again has actually saved him, he wants to defeat Lucifer, but he actually compensated oneself all brothers. Southern Kill Wei Guang.” Together sound from Wei Guang transmits. Wei Guang has not moved, as if has not heard that sound to be the same. Ha Ha Ha Ha, is really you wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come all not to spend Kungfu, has not thought that I just went out have bumped into China one of the four big Expert, so long as I cut to kill you, I can fight to become famous, substitute for your position.” Speech is not others, is the corrupt wolf. „Do you want to kill me?” The mouth of Wei Guang has put out these four characters lightly, afterward he mentioned his sword. Em?” After Wei Guang turns the head, corrupt wolf saw the Wei Guang condition, before he saw Wei Guang time is King who rules the world, but Wei Guang unexpectedly turned into this grinding type now, from top to bottom is the wounds, moreover eye also blind. Come!” Wei Guang mentioned the sword in right hand, pointed to the corrupt wolf, he has surrendered his entire life never, regardless of any person wanted his life, he will spell. At this time although Wei Guang Inner Strength restored quick half, but his wound was serious, 2-3 months have not been are impossible to convalesce. Sees Wei Guang to get rid, corrupt wolf not polite. His right hand grasps directly to the Wei Guang wrist|skill, his angle is cunning. Bang! When he holds that moment of Wei Guang wrist|skill, he fell the body of Wei Guang directly, strikes to go well, the self-confidence instantaneous full house of corrupt wolf, he obtained the god level inheritance, did not have truely has bumped into the match.

Now his move of Wei Guang China four big Expert have thrown, this makes him feel immediately one turned into this world the strongest person. dāng! The Wei Guang sword point at a ground point, the Fast Counter, in the self-intoxicated corrupt wolf has not been thinking afterward Wei Guang sword unexpectedly can be so quick, he dodges hurriedly. Puff! On his arm had a wound. Is the left arm! His unexpectedly had the left arm, breaks the arm rebirth, before his left arm, by Xia Tian cutting off, was now his left arm unexpectedly is once more long. What?” The corrupt wolf original manuscript thinks one have shunted Wei Guang, but his unexpectedly was injured. Wei Guang is Wei Guang. Although he wound is very heavy at this time, but he is still peerless Expert, he has peerless Expert the wind of Expert, has the peerless Expert proper King style, regardless of facing any powerful enemy, he can make the quickest counter-attack. Hateful.” The corrupt wolf looks wound unusual anger on own arm. Puff! But at this moment, a Wei Guang unexpectedly sword punctures once more, on his right arm also left a wound. You court death.” The corrupt wolf sees the wound on own both arms, on the face presented the angry look afterward, his both hands make an effort to grasp, a black aura appears above his both hands. The hand of devil.