Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1360

The corrupt wolf has fired into Wei Guang instantaneously, his speed is fast. The sword in Wei Guang hand is quicker. Although he is seriously injured now, but he is still the first under Heaven quick sword, just approached his corrupt wolf to be compelled to draw back by his quick sword directly, the corrupt wolf is trying several attacks, has not succeeded. The Wei Guang sword was too quick. Just started him also to think one can relaxed taking Wei Guang. But at this time Wei Guang made him experience anything is true Expert. Camel of skinny is big! At this time although Wei Guang is seriously injured, Inner Strength remains are not many, but he is still China one of the four big Expert, Southern Kill Wei Guang, the sword in his hand is still quickly like the lightning. Puff! Puff! Along with their fight promotion, the body of corrupt wolf is dodging that keeps, but Wei Guang instead had some superiority, on this time corrupt wolf already 13 swords, although is the small wound, but this seriously affected the self-confidence of corrupt wolf. Hateful, I will certainly kill you.” The corrupt wolf has prepared his killing to incur, so long as he seizes the opportunity he to create to Wei Guang strikes to kill. ! The Wei Guang physical condition was getting more and more bad. Coughs in him the flash of suo, the corrupt wolf has seized the opportunity, his right hand held the wrist|skill of Wei Guang left hand instantaneously, holds this moment of Wei Guang left hand wrist|skill in his right hand. Incites! Wei Guang left hand wrist|skill unexpectedly starts rottenly. ! A Wei Guang sword thorn to corrupt wolf.

Corrupt wolf hurried retreat. His wrist|skill also stopped corrupting, but that had made his wrist|skill have the injury of big mask a moment ago, at this time his skin of left hand wrist|skill place has disappeared completely. „After Yangtze River , before the wave pushes wave, you were old, on you a person of time will substitute for by our these youngster eventually, but I covet the wolf am a God's favored one, I will become the lead goat of this group of super new people.” Corrupt wolf very proud saying. „To kill me, puts out a skill to come.” Although Wei Guang has lost to Lucifer and Lei Feng this super combination, but this does not represent him to allow to be oppressed. He is Expert. On him has the Expert proper proud manner. Another. This time Xia Tian their group five people run into two acquaintances. South Korean crown prince and Maoshan old ancestor. Normal, outside, these two people absolutely is best B, topest Expert, is here, they discovered that has many people fiercer than them, therefore their this combine unexpectedly not to separate to the present much. Before these two people had almost killed Xia Tian. At this time the personal enemy meets, naturally can have some interesting matter. Originally the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince had discovered low grade spirit stone, this should be worth the happy matter, but when they take spirit stone, Xia Tian they came. This is not the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince in legend!” The Xia Tian sound has broken that two movement of person together. Xia Tian!” Sees Xia Tian that moment, the Maoshan old ancestors a little are in a daze, reason that reason that he stares blankly not because of Xia Tian, but person who because Xia Tian behind two he cannot stir up. Eastern Man and Northern Army. This time Eastern Man with Northern Army probably is the two big bodyguard same protections in Xia Tian behind.

Maoshan old ancestor thorough hoodwinking. He really very much suspected now Eastern Man and Northern Army are willing to give others to work as the bodyguard, before was the monster king, the present is Xia Tian. unexpectedly has spirit stone, I wanted.” Xia Tian very optional saying, although at the Xia Tian present rich degree, low grade spirit stone he has not cared together, but he knows that this spirit stone is important to the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince. These two people are not the Xia Tian friends, moreover they have also thought wants the Xia Tian life, therefore Xia Tian to will not give own enemy spirit stone naturally. You.” Maoshan old ancestor face was mad immediately turns purple, Xia Tian unexpectedly started to bully the weak by relying on powerful connections, if were not because Xia Tian behind was standing Eastern Man and Northern Army, he now will kill to extinguish Xia Tian directly. He came to be so long, has discovered this spirit stone with great difficulty, moreover nobody robbed with him, but Xia Tian unexpectedly opened mouth wants. Xia Tian, do not go too far.” North Korean crown prince wicked saying. „Did I bully you how is it?” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks that North Korean crown prince said. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, Eastern Man thinks very interesting. Snort, Xia Tian, should not be too wild, if not because you behind have that two people, you are any thing.” Saying of Maoshan old ancestor coldly. You are blind, I behind obviously am four people.” Xia Tian scolded directly. Xia Tian behind indeed is four people, Zhuge Wanglang and Hongwu, were in the Maoshan old ancestors in their eyes, Zhuge Wanglang and Hongwu were just the small role, although Hongwu has emitted very formidable strength, but this looked that was throws a bluff on, how true Expert possibly did not understand reserved. Therefore in their eyes, Xia Tian behind has Northern Army and Eastern Man two people are threatening. Snort, if not that two people, I can kill you now.” North Korean Crown Prince cold snort said. Lying trough, your not Zha Shu? 1234, look up with me together, 1234.” Xia Tian scolded one directly. In my eye does not have waste.” Saying of Maoshan old ancestor coldly. Hongwu, he scolded you are the waste.” Xia Tian looked that said to Hongwu.

„A person cries, loves really invincibly.” Hongwu direct blade divided, the blood in his hand drank the crazy blade to cut blade giant incomparable blade air/Qi instantaneously, saw this blade air/Qi time, the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown princes were startled. This blade air/Qi is bigger than the blood blade old ancestor's blade air/Qi. Bang! They dodge hurriedly, the ground was pounded a gulf. Another. This time Wei Guang and corrupt wolf two people all stand there, the Wei Guang left arm one startled vanished, but his sword also passes through from corrupt wolf the place of chest, the right hand of corrupt wolf passes through from Wei Guang the place of heart. You lost.” On the face of corrupt wolf had the excited smiling face. Almost, only misses three centimeters. If the Wei Guang sword on three centimeters, he must die without doubt, but he has succeeded, the heart of Wei Guang was penetrated by him, Southern Kill Wei Guang China four big Expert like this died in the hand of corrupt wolf. Puff! The corrupt wolf has drawn out that sword of oneself chest place, just started him also to think that this fight very simple conclusion, what a pity he will have made a mistake, this fought almost wanted his life. If Wei Guang in the heyday, he must die without doubt. The vision of corrupt wolf fell on the Wei Guang faith token on sword and above his hand, the rosefinch, was the Wei Guang faith token. After the corrupt wolf takes up the Wei Guang sword and faith token rosefinch, his vision one horizontal: What person? Leave to me.”