Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1362

North Korean crown prince this time spirit must collapse. Frightened. He sees with one's own eyes with strength similar Maoshan old ancestor one move by Xia Tian living being battered to death, he totally could not accept, a strength stronger person more fears death, was not everyone has Wei Guang that type directly to face the death the courage. Even if Wei Guang is when soon died also will covet the wolf to strike the severe wound. If were not his wound were too serious, he will not present any deviation absolutely. But the fight between Expert is so. One step lives, one step dies. The little disparity can affect life and death. Wei Guang is the tiger, Fierce Tiger, even if were under his severe wound faces the death, he will not flinch, but North Korean crown prince was a wolf, if the community attacked a weak one, he will be very strong, but he when bumped into the genuine King, he will present the fear. Even does not have including the desire of fight. Hongwu, has divided him.” Xia Tian already not any interest to North Korean crown prince. The most minimum Maoshan old ancestors also dare to take up the weapon to come with Xia Tian to do against, the courage that but he actually continually does against does not have, this person is for a lifetime impossible to go a step further again, because his had the weak trend at heart. Moment weakness, for a lifetime weak. In true and weak is not you in usually fights to look, what is you in the adverse circumstance, the person who only then can also defeat the enemy by a surprise attack in the adverse circumstance neither arrogant nor servile is true Expert. „A person cries, loves really invincibly.” Hongwu direct blade divided, while he divided this blade, a hand of Xia Tian patted above his shoulder, the strength of Heavenly Connection instantaneously since within the body of Hongwu. Flash.

Hongwu felt that own strength as if increased 2-3 times to be the same. No!” North Korean crown prince put out the weapon to resist Hongwu this. Bang! The strength obtained the Hongwu blade of amplification to cut off the weapon in North Korean crown prince hand directly, the North Korean crown prince within the body vitality tuck dive that the formidable strength shook, the five main internal organs (entrails) hurt, he had a dream has not thought that the strength of Hongwu so will be big. The second blade of Hongwu came. He wanted to shunt, but his unexpectedly discovered that own entire body by Hongwu a moment ago that blade shaking the hemp, he moved does not move. This is new ability of Xia Tian discovery. amplification. The strength of Heavenly Connection can let strength amplification. This was he a moment ago to fighting the Maoshan old ancestors time discovered that although he has burnt 10 million compounded drugs, but the small cauldron was impossible to display such formidable strength to come, reason that the small cauldron can smash this entire ground, because of the reason of strength of Heavenly Connection. Three times! The strength of Heavenly Connection the Xia Tian strength amplification three times. After his strength obtained the amplification, he wants to try to be able others' strength also amplification, finally this tried also really the success. Was a pity the strength of Heavenly Connection I can control were too few, otherwise has given Eastern Man and words of Northern Army amplification, this was opens simply hangs.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he has not thought that the strength of Heavenly Connection can give others really the amplification. Although just Hongwu was only the amplification two times.

However Hongwu strength was strong, especially present he, that compared with the ordinary Earth Grade greatly complete Expert strength big many times, after Xia Tian the amplification, Hongwu can a blade shake the body of Crown Prince Ma Chaoxian. Bang! The body of North Korean crown prince was divided to fly directly, at this time his on the body is the wound, the blood drank the blade air/Qi of crazy blade to make him cut and bruised a moment ago, if no Inner Strength to protect the body, these wanted his assigning. Xia Tian looked at an opposite Yin-Yang to protect buddhist law, helpless shaking the head, although the Maoshan old ancestors had spoken that words a moment ago, but Xia Tian thought to feel sorry, after all the Yin-Yang protector with his relations are good. We walk.” Xia Tian thought that continues to stay here is also awkward. He?” Hongwu has referred to North Korean crown prince. Some people will handle his.” At this time little brother of North Korean crown prince remaining already few, moreover these strength formidable people also died, these people completely were not the matches who the Yin-Yang protector. Reason that Xia Tian does not kill North Korean crown prince, to leave the Yin-Yang to protect buddhist law him. This is also protector to have a confession to the Yin-Yang. Maoshan and North Korean generation is the enmity, today makes them be solved. Xia Tian they continue stand forth, that spirit stone had been given Hongwu by him, rewards Hongwu, Hongwu has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was so natural, that naturally was grateful. On Xia Tian has 50 together spirit stone, how he will care to be many this. Walked for probably three hours, they had found a spirit spring. This Xia Tian has not worried, a moment ago to fighting the Maoshan old ancestors time, his consumption is very big, the side effect is also very big, he closes right up against the monkey liquor support all the way, now he can have the opportunity to rest finally. Actually he can the Insta-kill Maoshan old ancestors also be lucky a moment ago.

If the Maoshan old ancestors know the great strength of Xia Tian, his absolutely not hard anti- Xia Tian, so long as does not resist hardly, he has the escaping opportunity, will most at least not die, in Maoshan old ancestor heart. Reason that the Xia Tian previous time can block his, certainly has used any extraordinary treasure, he had not paid attention to Xia Tian, therefore he does not believe that Xia Tian can he be what kind. Also because of this, he by Xia Tian direct Insta-kill. Another presented 12 people, the strengths of these 12 people are terrorist. In third, many Earth Grade greatly complete Expert have formed an alliance, biggest forms an alliance has a 20 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert alliance, the person of this alliance thinks that they have been able to walk sideways here. What a pity they made a mistake. When these 12 people appear, they understand what one wrong became. Rout. Just fought is less than five minutes, their these 20 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert teams already complete rout. Although their these 20 people all are strength super formidable Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but they do not have any to dare to go all out, they are not willing to go all out for other people, therefore hits always to fear the hand to fear the foot. I give you to choose, either puts down my enemy with me, either dies.” Lei Feng vision ice-cold looks at front these 20 people, he is threatening these 20 people. Must know that these 20 people may all be Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, perhaps also only then Lei Feng dares to threaten them. Really was too terrifying, these 12 people were Lei in legend 12 kill, under 12 most skilled people of Sir Thunder.” Jiang Tianshu had been shocked by the strengths of these 12 people completely. You choose.” Lucifer lazily saying.