Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1363

Boy, later do not show off ability, although looks like your might is very big, but after you use, you were weak felt sorry , the side effect was too big, even if you went to hit with him normally, a half hour can also be solved to fight.” Eastern Man reproved, this Eastern Man looked like the Xia Tian elder is all the way same. Knew.” The Xia Tian response said. But he did not regret that something clearly know the consequence will not be good, will certainly do, looks like Xia Tian is the same, reason that he takes a move of Insta-kill Maoshan old ancestor, for must open that knot in oneself heart. In the past he to fighting struck with the Maoshan old ancestors, this time must to fighting strikes, this was the perfect result. It looks like in the reality. A woman own boyfriend flinging, at this time this man most should do is wields the sleeves, will never turn head, but the majority of men will look for this woman, becomes by own self-respect more inexpensive. Actually they understand that oneself this can only make that woman more repugnant oneself, but they cannot bear such do. Lei Feng there, without any difficulty has incorporated this 20 people of team. At this time Lei Feng their here is the strongest team that deserves. Lei Feng adds on Lucifer, two world are strongest. In addition fought 12 kills in Lei of going all out, with these 20 people of Earth Grade greatly complete teams. Enough 34 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. Moreover there is Lei Feng and Lucifer these two super Expert brings up the rear. Another. The corrupt wolf has seized the opportunity, held the left hand of African Son of Heaven instantaneously. Incites! The African Son of Heaven discovered that their hand was corroded to hit hurriedly to the corrupt wolf, but corrupt wolf unexpectedly does not dodge does not hide, saw that own hand must discard, the African Son of Heaven put out a blade to cut directly in the place of their wrist|skill.

He must such do, otherwise his entire arm cannot preserve. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from the mouth of African Son of Heaven: Is you forces my.” The corrupt wolf excited looks to the African Son of Heaven, the effect that his ability is used to sneak attack is very good. Looked that my ultimate must kill Unique Skill.” The African Son of Heaven give a loud shout, suddenly on his body has sent out a very formidable imposing manner. The corrupt wolf does not dare to be negligent, protected own whole body hurriedly, and that has prepared for dealing. Hears the African Son of Heaven to shout that ultimate must kill Unique Skill, he is also a little anxious, after all currently on him also has the wound, moreover is not the small wound, he already in the means that the consideration dealt with, the corrupt wolf has thought that if this move of could not receive, that ran away. Keeps the mountain not to worry not to have the firewood fever! When he recovered to revenge again. Ha! The African Son of Heaven give a loud shout: Ultimate must kill Unique Skill.” Then, the corrupt wolf there, he had a dream cannot think that the ultimate of this African Son of Heaven must kill Unique Skill to run, escapes, he had prepared all a moment ago, the means in the mind also having presented various dealing. But opposite party unexpectedly directly ran away. „, Plays anything.” Corrupt wolf helpless saying, but the opposite party ran away also well, he happen to can recuperate well. Although he has defeated Wei Guang. But his wound does not feel better, he must recuperate well.

This time Xia Tian and the others are sitting there rests. ! The small origami crane has fallen in Zhuge Wanglang hand. Em?” All people all looked to the origami crane in Zhuge Wanglang hand, this thing was also too mysterious. Zhuge Wanglang opens the origami crane, after he sees the content on origami crane a brow wrinkle: Then troubled.” How?” Xia Tian asked. This weaponry cannot hit, opportunity that we have not won.” Zhuge Wanglang wrinkled the brow to say. I cannot flinch, once I flinch, the Jiang Hai City person will die.” Xia Tian vision firm saying. Yeah.” After Zhuge Wanglang sighed, said: Now their there has Lei Feng to add on Lucifer these two peerless Expert, Lei 12 kills, these 12 person each are Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, moreover they get rid to go all out, 20 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert and their subordinates who in addition Lei Feng just subdued, in addition more than 3000 people, how does this hit?” Zhuge Wanglang is a military strategist. He must do grasps the war, is Xia Tian supplies ideas, at this time he knew both sides' relative strength, this is not Battle of Red Cliffs, when not that day and place benefit. This is must carry on the war that a genuine blood puts together. How regardless of he thinks, cannot find out living hope. Their here only then five people, Yin Nie six people, his Martial Arts, quite therefore five people, five people will not have hit more than 3000 people in addition . Moreover the opposite party also has two world top Expert sur- 32 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. How regardless to calculate that is dead ends. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, he has not said anything, but has closed the eye, the people have not spoken, because of this weaponry, Xia Tian is the leader, he is that person who makes the decision, looked like ancient times Liu Bei, although Guan Yu Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang these people were great Expert and adviser, finally Liu Bei but who made the decision.

At this time does he hit in the decision. Nobody disturbs him. Xia Tian closes one's eyes, he has rested for day a night. Does not hit.” The first few words that after this is Xia Tian wakes up, speaks, hears his these words, the people have not spoken, because they understand, that person who makes the decision often is that person who endures the biggest suffering. What he must consider is the overall situation. In this and other days, then we leaves outside Heavenly Connection the hole.” Xia Tian said. Em.” Zhuge Wanglang relaxed finally, he also really worried that Xia Tian will choose dead to spell, if Xia Tian chose really died to spell, he also certainly with, because he, since has recognized Xia Tian, that to dying must assist Xia Tian. Like ancient times Zhuge Liang, although Liu Bei does not listen to him to urge, was abdicated to burn down Lian Battalion by Lu, but Zhuge Liang not because this matter will leave Liu Bei, he must do will do the matter that he has not completed for Liu Bei. For these days their several in going all out absorption spirit stone. Xia Tian for quicker absorption spirit stone, he also transferred the strength of Heavenly Connection, absorbed forcefully the strength in spirit stone with the strength of Heavenly Connection. Three days, three days, Xia Tian promoted Earth Grade late stage own strength. At this time he was true Earth Grade late stage Expert. Three days later, Xia Tian used the super fan to add on the silver needle fan to faint fragrant these four people, and around them on cloth small Formation: Thank you accompanied me, this fights me not to flinch, because this war has reposed all my, I cannot lose, I behind some that many brothers need me to protect, even if I die, I must kill Jiang Tianshu and Lei Feng.”