Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1364

Xia Tian has indicated the determination. This fights a decisive battle he certainly to go. Although this decisive battle anybody has not received the notice, not in war declaration, but they each other know that the opposite party will certainly go. This decisive battle completely will also change the world the destiny. Both sides of fight are not the obscure individual, but is in this world the topest strength. Losing, Is representing the destruction. Who lost, who destroys. Xia Tian does not think one can win, but he absolutely do not destroy, way that does not find to destroy only then, that has killed Jiang Tianshu and Lei Feng, so long as these two people die, that nobody will cope with Jiang Hai City. Jiang Tianshu, Lei Feng, you must die.” Xia Tian clenched the teeth to flush away to front directly, his speed is quick, here also has very far distance from the entrance of Neidong, he needs a bit faster to arrive there, then restores the strength, prepares to carry on the ultimate fight. Whiz! Xia Tian launched full speed, present his Realm Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step arrived at Earth Grade late stage, he was Profound Grade greatly complete time dares with Earth Grade greatly complete Expert hard anti-. That now his Earth Grade late stage? Xia Tian just broke through to Earth Grade late stage, actually he has not tried the present strength what. Whistling! Dashed five hours of Xia Tian to arrive at a spirit spring, then started to restore, after 20 minutes, he went forward once more. Ran for day a night, Xia Tian was away from the entrance of Heavenly Connection Neidong is also more and more near. Was quick, had day to should be enough again.” Xia Tian by at spirit spring nearby short break period a meeting, continued afterward, this time he just ran for two hours, he saw many people. Is the cave mansion.

In third unexpectedly presented the cave mansion. This too exaggerated simply. Xia Tian enters second start, has not seen the cave mansion, even if has Spirit Tool also to put on outwardly, naturally, three god level inheritance are the cave mansions, but third unexpectedly also presented the cave mansion now. Is this also a god level inheritance? But god level inheritance should not have these many discoveries is right, moreover these people pass and out, probably is the same at the visit. In the past had a look.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, his direct sprint flushes away to that cave mansion afterward directly, his speed is fast, after he overruns, he understands finally these people were looking at anything. Statue. Also is the statue. That statue. A big incomparable form stands there, his opposite that male appearance is good-looking, body with three pets. These two statues there to holding. The people are very curious this statue are anything, because they discovered that uses any weapon, cannot cut open this statue, probably this statue can never damage is the same. Regardless of they use any method, cannot damage these two statue iotas. Is this statue.” The Xia Tian vision hurried searches on the statue. Surroundings these people have regarded these two statues is the visit, they also want to look on the statue, look to have any treasure conceal here, finally they were disappointed. Is hard besides this statue enough, here not any treasure. Xia Tian also in searching, him intentionally is also guiding with the strength of Heavenly Connection, finally anything does not have, finally he can only give up, but when he must walk immediately, in the cave has broadcast a deep sound. Surnamed Liu has?” The sound as if passes from the statue is the same.

All people were all shocked, they looked to the statue. Surnamed Liu has?” This everybody confirmed that sound passes certainly from the statue, the statue in inquiry person surnamed Liu, hears here time immediately some people thinks certainly is the statue with related surnamed Liu, he must give surnamed Liu the treasure. Immediately more than ten individuals shout loudly: „my name is Liu.” Also has? Last opportunity.” In the statue broadcasts the sound once more. Also more than ten shout personally: I am also surnamed Liu.” As for them whether really surnamed Liu, nobody knows. Bang! At the same time, more than 20 people of bodies all explode. This sudden situation frightened all people to jump, these people hurried ran to outside, was too terrifying, an indication that these people died did not have, completely was Insta-kill, moreover more than 20 people separately in different positions. But their unexpectedly all died. It seems like just like first, the master in this Heavenly Connection tower hates very much surnamed Liu, is his opposite that statue surnamed Liu?” The Xia Tian vision has placed above that statue. He discovered master who this statue seems really very young charming. Moreover on him three pets as if are also in the world the strongest biology, making the person look at one by deep shock, Xia Tian had not discovered that at this time in cave only then he. Other people all ran away in fear. When Xia Tian god. Bang! His front explodes suddenly, these may scare him, because a moment ago his unexpectedly in the situation, in completely not knowing was attacked, if not within the body the strength of Heavenly Connection defends automatically, he must die without doubt. At this moment a green strength of being able to see shot at him directly.

Xia Tian wants to resist, but that green strength unexpectedly directly entered his within the body, afterward gathered in his place of dantian. The strength of Heavenly Connection. Xia Tian then understands that this is the strength of Heavenly Connection. His unexpectedly obtained the strength of Heavenly Connection once more. The strength of Heavenly Connection cannot obtain by cultivation, before Xia Tian, has attempted, regardless of he uses any method, the strength of Heavenly Connection will not increase, naturally, after he has used the strength of Heavenly Connection, strength of automatic restoration Heavenly Connection slowly. Actually he has also been wanting to use any means to promote the strength of Heavenly Connection before, finally he now had found the means. That is the statue. This statue embodiment including the strength of Heavenly Connection, so long as his within the body the strength and here Heavenly Connection strength of Heavenly Connection fight one time, the strength of that here Heavenly Connection will acknowledge him, then belongs to him. Thinks of here, Xia Tian suddenly excited. He finally found to promote the method of strength of Heavenly Connection. Obtains the strength of Heavenly Connection once more, Xia Tian confidence were also many several points, this was he biggest card in a hand, he must defeat the enemy by a surprise attack with this card in a hand, sneak attacks Lei Feng. When Xia Tian goes out of the cave mansion, outside person is a face strange visits him, because these people heard the explosive sound a moment ago, everybody also discovered that he did not have, all people also think a moment ago he died. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly living walked. Xia Tian, you are Xia Tian, eight, I want you dead.” At this moment, wears the man of Island Country navy military uniform to give a loud shout, directly flushed.