Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1365

Saw that opposite party attire Xia Tian knows who the opposite party was. Island Country navy grand marshal. Xia Tian has almost ruined all strengths of Island Country navy, the aircraft carrier of construction, five senior general also so many navy elites, can say secretly that Xia Tian is the Island Country biggest enemy. Outside this time Heavenly Connection the hole, Islander also participated. Moreover Island Country also several parts of people, has the Island Country navy grand marshal, the goal treasure that he comes is next, main must kill Xia Tian. He must be Island Country saves face. Does not kill Xia Tian, Islander cannot gain ground for a lifetime, they will forever be afraid. Actually currently outside the Xia Tian appearance had the picture, is the Yu He round, therefore the Island Country navy Great Yuan command ability met one to recognize the Xia Tian identity. Islander? Happen to tries my present strength with you.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, since his strength turns into Earth Grade late stage, he has not battled with Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, this time he must try the present strength well, he must have a look, does not use the compounded drug in him, the monster king mask, in the situation of strength of Heavenly Connection, can he defeat front this Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. Regarding present Xia Tian, the speed or the strength, he be greatly more complete than normal Earth Grade, the Inner Strength sum total, he are also more than Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. What is only different, he now was unable to use slightly. However Earth Grade greatly complete slight does not have any use to him. Xia Tian, I must make you regret that today to all that Island Country makes!” The Island Country navy grand marshal shouts. Regretted how these two characters do write?” Xia Tian doubts has a liking for the Island Country navy grand marshal. Fired off you to know.” The Island Country navy generalissimos said that rushed directly. Xia Tian this name is not strange regarding all people, because he is the person list second, the talent in talent, but they also merely think that Xia Tian is only a talent, what matter talent? Is the future probably turns into super Expert. But also merely is only restricted in the future. The opposite this person is but different, he wears the military uniform of Island Country navy grand marshal, the Island Country navy generalissimos, but Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, all people think that at this time Xia Tian ended.

The talent must be strangled in the cradle. Whiz! Island Country navy grand marshal flash has fired into Xia Tian, afterward fights with the fists, his speed is strange, the accuracy is good, but when he must project on Xia Tian immediately, Xia Tian unexpectedly vanished. Yeah, the shoelace opened.” Xia Tian unexpectedly there is the shoelace, all people think that his luck simply was good, was shoelace unexpectedly can also avoid a tribulation, he such a simple movement by chance has evaded Earth Grade greatly complete Expert one move. Hateful!” The Island Country admirals felt that this insulted simply, his full fist unexpectedly by Xia Tian so relaxed has solved, his direct foot trampled to Xia Tian. Well, today the luck was really good, unexpectedly picked false Spirit Tool.” The body of Xia Tian such leave on the ground, has picked up false Spirit Tool of light casting directly, saw that Xia Tian unexpectedly can see false Spirit Tool here, they soon were shocked. Moreover Xia Tian this rolled unexpectedly to shunt a foot of Earth Grade greatly complete Expert once more. Went against heaven's will. The Xia Tian luck went against heaven's will simply. Afterward Xia Tian standing up slowly. At this time the admirals also hoodwinked. Xia Tian cautious and solemn received false Spirit Tool, then very earnest looks to the Island Country admiral: Was good, we can start.” Can start? The surrounding person all was the heavy line of whole face, Xia Tian unexpectedly said that can start, but the Island Country admiral had attacked a moment ago continuously two, but by the Xia Tian that god general luck of shunting. Just started some of their also people to guess that Xia Tian is intentionally, now they understood, the Xia Tian luck was good the extreme, he did not know the circumstances of the matter to be the same probably completely. Hateful.” The Island Country navy generalissimos have soon been wild with rage, he has fired into Xia Tian once more. At this time before Xia Tian left hand double direction pointed out that has a Expert style. Finger of Consonance!

Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward above his left hand was full of the endless explosive force, the admiral corners of the mouth has shown the smiling face of disdaining, in his opinion, Xia Tian these definitely could not shunt his slightness, but Xia Tian that was full of the explosive force double referred to decorates. His self-confident fist makes directly. Slight! He used slightly, at this time he immersed in completely killing the joy of Xia Tian, regarding him, so long as can kill Xia Tian, he was Island Country has performed the biggest merit. Bang! At this moment Island Country navy generalissimos were shocked, his fist also stopped. He was hit, hits him is not Xia Tian double refers, rather. Super must kill the technique invincibly. Dying without a heir foot. The flash, he felt in this world the most painful matter, at this time he felt that he is symmetric with one group of woman sisters, he felt himself, if wears the clothes that the red was wounded in battle more attractive, he felt that he makes orchid fingers more exquisite. Regardless of the how formidable match, here is the meat does. ! The mouth of Island Country navy grand marshal turned into the O shape, in his knees Gansu, is slightly curving. The right hand orchid fingers stretched out, have made an incisive sound: You. unexpectedly.. Daring..” ! His words have not said that he exuded one to call out in grief once more. Super must kill the technique invincibly. The dying without a heir foot started once more.

Yeah, insufficiently hits.” Xia Tian sighed, he has not thought, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, when has not projected on the opposite party, unexpectedly started to fantasize. Also because of his fantasy, therefore he does not want to note that foot of Xia Tian sneak attack past. He has a dream cannot think that Xia Tian will send out such sneak attack. He thinks that Xia Tian biggest killing incurs is that two fingers, he is also also self-confident, that two fingers of Xia Tian definitely cannot project on him, he also has the self-confident his fist definitely to hit Xia Tian. But he has neglected a point. Sneak attack. The Xia Tian strongest skill is not Finger of Consonance, is not Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, but is the dying without a heir foot, this foot is Earth Grade complete greatly Expert cannot bear, because there of person is the same is the meat does. Dying without a heir foot. A Xia Tian foot kicks once more. ! The Island Country navy generalissimos thorough kneeling on the ground, his expression was painful. The Xia Tian strength is more terrorist than Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, his each foot as if makes the Island Country navy grand marshal mount the feeling of sky. Puff! The left hand of Xia Tian has worked on the collar of Island Country navy grand marshal. Ultimate, super, invincible, best B must kill Unique Skill.