Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1366

When Xia Tian shouted such big long string words, all person all eyes on the scene open the eyes in a big way. They want to take a look at this ultimate, super, invincible, best B actually must kill Unique Skill to be anything. In the flash of their god. Xia Tian got rid. No, should say that was foot. The flash, Xia Tian the foot, this time altogether left many feet, nobody knows, but everybody conservative estimate Xia Tian at least kicked over a hundred feet . Moreover the position of each foot was the same. All is the crotch department of Island Country admiral. The same place was kicked over a hundred feet, the consequence can be imagined, some people had described man crotch department kicked pain, that is called in the world the most painful pain. Kicks over a hundred feet to that place continuously, that this person is not injured dead absolutely, but is the living pain dies, even if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert also has the pain, say nothing was that spot is kicked over a hundred feet. Death! Death that the living pain dies. Sees Xia Tian this murder method, all people have all held breath cold air. Regarding Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, a mistake, is step by step wrong, if just started on the having a low opinion of the enemy general idea, then must die finally without doubt, although the Expert strength of Earth Grade greatly complete rank early has reached the pinnacle, but they have the pain. Was chopped two blades also to hurt, does not eat meal will be also hungry. The heart was penetrated will also die. Therefore , Earth Grade greatly complete Expert just compared with on some average person people.

Yeah, insufficiently hits.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, actually he also wants to try the present strength is what, was the present was good, has bumped into one ***, fight time unexpectedly fantasized there. A person who Xia Tian most can grasp the war, he will let how possibly up this opportunity, kicks directly, dies Island Country navy grand marshal living kicking, one generation of legendary figure final causes of death were really too the rare and beautiful flowers. Before putting down Marshal Island Country the corpse, Xia Tian has not forgotten to plunder his thing cleanly, afterward he walks toward the front directly. Nobody dares to stop him. Cracks a joke, such method, who dares to block his and brings death to have what to distinguish? In front of Xia Tian, refuses stubbornly fearfully, what is most fearful is his ultimate, super, invincible, best B must kill Unique Skill. Thinks this Unique Skill time, all person all both legs cannot help but inward, protected their crotch department with the hand, this regarding them possibly was nightmare for a lifetime. Regarding these Expert. The Heavenly Connection Neidong is a goal. Reason that outside, everybody robs Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll there is because carries Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll to enter the Heavenly Connection Neidong. In the Heavenly Connection Neidong is the treasure. This is also why everybody wants to enter the reason of Neidong. It is said in inside, so long as does not die, can relaxed putting out Spirit Tool, even might also obtain high level Spirit Tool, but regarding Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, will enter there to obtain spirit stone very much. Therefore they such will anticipate to enter there. The Heavenly Connection Neidong is actually fourth of Heavenly Connection tower, but this fourth entrance is different from several other entrances, although these entrances are difficult, but can go, but fourth is different.

Even if you are Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, cannot go in or cannot go. To enter fourth to enter in that test, after that tests, may not live coming out, only then can enter fourth through that test. Naturally, so long as you are carrying Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, same can enter, does not need to enter the test. Before had many Earth Grade greatly complete Expert to break through, intruded during the test, but was living finally the person was few, even if was living the person also pledged that will not enter during the test. Thus it can be seen, actually this tests is terrifying how. At this time the entrance of Heavenly Connection Neidong gathered many people, looks at present light screen entrance, nobody dares to go forward one step. Although here does not have the bloodthirsty demon beast to stop, does not have other people to fight, but is nobody dares to walk. Nobody goes, also nobody leaves. Nobody knows that perhaps they in anything, they are waiting for gains without pains, wait for entrance in Neidong to open, perhaps they really wait the person who advancement has Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, then killed the opposite party to rob Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll. Now here gathered at least several thousand people, moreover top is Expert in Expert, here altogether three spirit springs, at this time spirit spring there already encircled was watertight. These people are restoring there, some people intentionally to occupy the place, to guard to have any sudden situation. Ha Ha, Brother, you also came, how is it?” Not much, comes in such for a long time to obtain false Spirit Tool.” I compared with your strong point, I obtained false Spirit Tool, but also obtained an efficacious medicine.” The surrounding person has the understanding started to exchange greetings mutually, some did not know also started the knot to become friends, after all can arrive at this, absolutely was not the average person, that guarantee was top Expert.

Super Expert in super Expert. They become friends with a friend, later really will be many a Expert friend. Can make a friend, after that has any condition to be also good to ask the person accidentally to help, therefore, no matter knew that started to exchange greetings, naturally everybody also wanted to become friends with these Earth Grade greatly complete old monsters. But these Earth Grade greatly complete old monsters are eccentric sitting there. You notified him, he most was signaling by nodding slightly. Although slight bow, but these people also felt one as if really knew Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is ordinary, on the face had very excited smiling face. This is the reality. Even if strength strong person is scolds you one, you will think that he is directing you, because he is superior, the person but who the strength is weaker than you if dares to scold you, you definitely could not endure. Gradually, even some people started to exchange the treasure here. You with sword, I have a false Spirit Tool sword, does your have the blade? I must change the blade, does your have the efficacious medicine? The efficacious medicine is also good.” Started to carry out a transaction. Ordinariest transaction. Here person are many, almost will not present the matter that kills a person and takes his possessions, because everybody is trading, if you dare to destroy the transactions of these many people, you are everybody's enemy. Ha Ha Ha Ha, finally arrived.” At this moment a series of big laughter transmit, afterward several thousand forms come from the distance, sees the enormous and powerful this big team, all people look at to there the vision.