Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1367

Hears this laughter time, scene these tens of thousands people all look to the entrance position. Because there presented more than a 3000 people of team. In the third more than 3000 people of teams, is this is non- common, can perhaps have the teams of that many people on first, however almost all washed out on second, the bloodthirsty demon beast group of especially afterward presenting, with bloodthirsty insect group. If such large quantities of teams bump into this thing, that will lose absolutely significantly. Therefore this team definitely in the third formation, in third may be Expert in one group of Expert, wish makes these Expert agree to form a team, that is not a simple matter. Once because forms a team to face two very major problems. First, whose this team obeys director. Second, how the spoils of war of this team assign. These two issues can make a very formidable team disintegrate instantaneously. Saw such big team, all people have all been vigilant, because such big team appeared definitely has the goal here, they do not dare to contend with these many people, even if were Earth Grade greatly complete Expert does not dare. The flash, scene all Earth Grade greatly complete Expert all looked to there. Some these many people, good.” Lei Feng corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Sir Thunder, we first look for a spirit spring rest, this can also prevent the paroxysmal incident.” Jiang Tianshu proposed. Good.” Lei Feng nodded, afterward he used to point at has referred to being away from his recent spirit spring: There person boils to me, I look up three integers to kill people.” Hears Lei Feng's words, the people stares, they most fear is these people looks for a job, but these people really look for a job now. Three integers kill people. This is the how extremely arrogant words. Immediately some people gave way before difficulties, the majority of people have not walked, because their here people are also many, they do not believe the opposite person to dare the internecine strife, regardless of after all the strong team is afraid the loss. Because they currently more than 3000 people look like very much have the imposing manner, but once they turn into more than 1000 people, that imposing manner will be weaken.

Whom the people many do not go to and really die to spell, but frightens. One! Lei Feng started Zha Shu, his character start to talk, the atmosphere coagulated immediately, when because Lei Feng finds out one, represents him to oneself not to leave ground. So long as he looks up three, that for the face, this weaponry also certainly will hit. Looked at Lei Feng to act seriously, the young some people left once more. Two! Lei Feng has found out two, this two character exits time, these people were more tense, they have grasped the weapon in oneself hand, swallows the saliva, probably prepares momentarily greatly to hit an appearance, what is extraordinary, at this time has not walked again. They as if were set firm resolve to with Lei Feng solid get one. Three! After Lei Feng's three characters exit / to speak, his body moved, he behind also 32 bodies have insinuated. Puff! Slaughter. The flash, over a hundred people died during this slaughter. Earth Grade is greatly complete. At this time all talented people discovered that these person of uniform Earth Grade of getting rid were greatly complete, in their this teams unexpectedly so many Earth Grade was greatly complete, this simply was too terrifying. Does this also hit? The flash, they changed into the birds to be loose.

This group of people did not have what cohesive force, saw that the opposite party kills people, moreover strength also such strong time, they feared. Snort, earlier was obedient not to use.” Lei Feng leng snort said that afterward their this enormous and powerful more than 3000 people occupied this spirit spring, surroundings these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert also enhanced vigilance. Because Lei Feng their here weaponry were too scary, more than 30 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. Lei Feng rests after there has met, directly has stood, sees Lei Feng to stand, the surrounding person was peaceful immediately, because they had one unlucky premonition, Lei Feng's method everybody saw. A word does not kill people at earliest convenience. Therefore they must be careful. The atmosphere coagulation of scene, all people all look to Lei Feng. Lei Feng's vision took a fast look around one in the surrounding these people. From now on, presents every ten people to hand over false Spirit Tool to come, starts from my left hand, no matter how I you assign, but in ten people must present false Spirit Tool, the compounded drug of same rank is also good, if not hand over, that do not blame me not being impolite, who dares to run away I to kill anyone.” Saying of Lei Feng coldly, Lei Feng does not want for oneself actually, but behind these Earth Grade complete greatly Expert subordinates wants for him, these people followed him to be so long, he must win over the will of the people, like this in following to fighting inside, these talented people can true used for him. Threat, threat. Hears Lei Feng's words, the surrounding person is in the heart one cold. Lei Feng this is changing to collecting the protection money. All people feel indignant but not daring to speak out, they do not dare to offend Lei Feng, but similarly, they are not willing to hand over false Spirit Tool, after all they enter here, possibly altogether obtains such selects the thing, ten person false Spirit Tool, that must divide one. I look up three integers, near my left hand these 100 people start, does not hand over me to kill people.” Lei Feng wanted Zha Shu once more, heard Lei Feng saying that looked up number all people are in the heart one cold. They feared. Because Lei Feng had proven with the fact a moment ago. He will kill people.

Junction! These 100 people discussed that has handed over ten false Spirit Tool directly, afterward the second 100 people, they have handed over ten false Spirit Tool once more, the time little past, all people almost handed over. At this moment, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert cold snort, turn around must walk afterward. I have said that who dares to run away, I kill anyone.” Lei Feng's vision one horizontal. I want to walk, nobody keeps under me.” That Earth Grade greatly complete Expert said that flushes away to the distant place directly, at this moment, 12 forms have shot directly, the speeds of these 12 forms are fast, is only the flash. Puff! That person died in the hands of these 12 people. Lei 12 kills. Lei 12 kills top Expert, their techniques of jointly attacking are fiercer, even if the Lei Feng impossible person to defeat own Lei 12 to kill, so long as each of them begins to go all out. Courts death.” Lei Feng voice one cold, afterward his vision has not handed over the false Spirit Tool person to take a fast look around once more in these, whose time his vision sees, who feels in own heart one cold: Also who refuses to accept.” Lei Feng's voice is loud. All person complexions that shakes are ugly, nobody dares to speak. In all people think that some people will not dare absolutely, when the present speaks. Bang! Form as if shell equally directly shoots to arrive from the surrounding together, the appearance of this man seems is only about 20 years old, on his face is bringing an excitement. I refuse to accept.”