Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1370

Their getting rid speeds are fast, moreover gets rid certainly to kill. Kills a quick sword direct thorn to Xia Tian, the speed is fast, Xia Tian just the shunt, killed two swords to arrive, killed two swords to block the Xia Tian retreat step directly, their coordination were flawless. Snort!” Xia Tian light snort, afterward his body has evaded the converging attack of these two people by a very strange posture. Quite fierce, how does he achieve?” Movement can unexpectedly of person be so fierce? He that posture normal person is unable to achieve a moment ago.” Was too fierce, no wonder he a moment ago can that relaxed has defeated Earth Grade greatly complete Expert.” Surroundings these Expert by Xia Tian these shocking, them have thought a moment ago Xia Tian definitely will die under jointly attacking of these two, because the coordination between these two people simply were good. But Xia Tian unexpectedly hid, the sword of his body from two people hid. Swords between these two people, the angle is strangling to death of two o'clock and four o'clock. This boy really has real skill.” Lei Feng's nod of silently, even if were he also a little appreciates Xia Tian, was only a pity that he and Xia Tian had a grudge, therefore he cannot make Xia Tian live. A moment ago what this boy used is the Eastern Man ability.” Saying of nearby Lucifer coldly. Eastern Man!” Lei Feng knows Eastern Man, he has also seen Eastern Man. ! When Xia Tian evades an attack, these two people launched their second attack. Hateful!” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step starts fast dodging afterward, he has not thought that coordinate unexpectedly between these two people so will be tacit, their attacks have one to spell with Wei Guang. Their forms of defensive action very formidable, although their strengths do not have Wei Guang strength, however their attacks can actually block the Xia Tian position completely. Xia Tian more draws back, exceed formidable that they can attack. ! Day cold sword in Xia Tian right hand wields directly, when he wields that moment of day cold sword, dozens cold light project directly, he wants to use this to draw on to ease his pressure.

Bang! The cold glow was only the flash is killed one and kills two to give mixed up. One second. Although only then one second, but this time of enough Xia Tian counter-attack, is only the flash, the day cold sword in his right hand will draw near inconceivable, very quick. ! Sword direct thorn in Xia Tian right hand to has killed one. dāng! Killed one and kills two swords simultaneously and day cold sword hits in one. Bang! Killed one and kills two bodies simultaneously repelling three steps by the enormous force that on the day cold sword contained. Counter-attacked. Xia Tian counter-attacked finally. Em?” Lei Feng and Lucifer their brows simultaneously a wrinkle, because Xia Tian the move really looked familiar a moment ago. Wei Guang swordsmanship.” Lei Feng opens the mouth to say. Truly is the Wei Guang swordsmanship, what this boy does, before has used the spatial bright fist of Eastern Man, currently unexpectedly uses the Wei Guang swordsmanship, he and aren't Wei Guang mortal enemies?” Asking of Lucifer doubts. Kills three, on you.” Lei Feng waves. Lei 12 killed one person to kill, in this individual hand took was also the sword, his sword was very just short, had almost 30 centimeters, actually looked like likely is not a sword. .

In flash that the homicide comes up, the sword in his right hand punctures directly to Xia Tian. dāng! Day cold sword one horizontal, blocked the sword of opposite party directly. But at this moment on the face of people appeared inconceivable, because kills three swords becomes is suddenly same as the snake, before his sword flew directly, the sword belt that flies the string has been twining the body of Xia Tian directly. What?” This sudden situation makes Xia Tian one startled directly, he has not thought that unexpectedly will turn into this, the opposite party sword seems a snake is the same, ties up him directly there. Puff! Puff! Two long swords punctured directly above his two shoulders. Kills one and kills two. All occur was too quick, waits for Xia Tian to respond the time, his shoulder one startled had two wounds, killed one and kills two swords to frame the body of Xia Tian at this time completely there. Really is weak pitiful.” Very Lei Feng disdains looked at Xia Tian one. This time Xia Tian had been killed two kill three them completely controlling, in Lei Feng and the others in the eyes, this time Xia Tian is one treats butchers the lamb. The body was killed three swords to tie up completely, the shoulder was also killed one and kills two to give piercing, cannot lift. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Xia Tian, do not kill me? Comes to kill me, you now so are how distressed.” Jiang Tianshu crazy laughing said that sees the Xia Tian present appearance, he simply was too excited. Since Xia Tian has been suppressing him, each time when his confident coming out will be given to be inferior by Xia Tian, in mountain Yun sect, he thinks that own strength was very good, but Xia Tian actually depended on strength of the almost to abandon entire Shan Yunzong. The hole entrance outside Heavenly Connection, he thinks that his hiding everywhere can definitely solve Xia Tian and Jiang Hai City, but with ease was explained by Xia Tian finally. He can in such a short time cultivation to Earth Grade late stage, this be the miracle. But Xia Tian actually cut to kill Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. This constrained him finally to erupt now, because now Xia Tian is half deceased person.

Snort! Xia Tian tries, he discovered that the string does not know makes with any material, unexpectedly is so tight. Did not need to plow the air, string was made of the day soft silk, even if were Spirit Tool does not shut off.” Lei Feng noticed that Xia Tian struggles there, saying that disdains. Yeah!” At this moment, Xia Tian sighed. What's wrong? Knows one were dying, therefore started to sigh?” Saying that Lei Feng disdains. No, you have misunderstood, what I want to say was in vain blindly this weapon.” Xia Tian expression light saying, does not have any startled color on his face, does not have any fear. In others opinion, this must die the bureau, but he does not have any fear. You also think can one live? So long as I issue an order now, you must die without doubt.” Lei Feng feels unusual not being feeling well, because he has not seen the fear from the face of Xia Tian. I do not believe.” Xia Tian said lightly. Has killed him.” Lei Feng to killing has gesticulated a hand signal, afterward killed has met a sword thorn to Xia Tian. At this moment, Jiang Tianshu must relax finally, because he biggest enemy must disappear in this world immediately, is at this moment. Ha! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward his body surrounding air current had the huge change. Boils to me.”