Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1372

Xia Tian had gotten hold of the left fist a moment ago, but sees the sudden these three people, he loosened his hand. How you came.” Xia Tian looks to front these three people. Yin Nie, Eastern Man and Northern Army. We.” At this moment, some outside people shout, afterward Xia Tian saw Hongwu flushed at the back of Zhuge Wanglang. What is called the loyalty? Does not get rid, does not give up. Your boy, unexpectedly dares under the anesthetics to us, to be so impolite.” Eastern Man very discontented saying. I do not want to make my granddaughter remain a widow.” Northern Army very impolite saying: „, This matter could not have the next time, I am your grandfather, your unexpectedly confuses me with the anesthetics.” If were not Mr. Yin Nie comes, perhaps we also really must rest are very long.” Zhuge Wanglang jumped down from the body of Hongwu: Hongwu, was your boy stamina is good.” You.” Xia Tian helpless smiling, his fan faints these people not to hope that intentionally they bring death with themselves together, but they came finally. Now is not womanishly fussy time, finds the way to deal with front these people.” The Yin Nie sound is very light, he is not willing to speak the idle talk. Xia Tian knows, no matter oneself present said that any these people will not leave, moreover they want to walk to fear Lei Feng not to agree that Lei Feng had recognized they are one group. Came several troublesome people.” Lei Feng a little excited saying.

Truly very troublesome person.” Saying of Lucifer coldly, the previous Wei Guang matter he still remembers, if not these people, his first time can cut to kill Wei Guang. The second time Lei Feng must cut to kill Wei Guang immediately, what a pity finally under pledged to fight to the death by his these security, finally was rescued by Yin Nie. But Wei Guang only the person who breaks him to defend, he must make Wei Guang die. first under Heaven sword Saint Yin Nie, Eastern Man China four big Expert, Northern Army China four big Expert, are resounding Expert, what a pity any ghost valley disciple, any China four big Expert are only the jokes, cannot meet including my 100 moves.” Saying that Lei Feng disdains. Although front these people are figure of this world Pyramid most peak, resounding figure in this world, is in that world, they are only the people in middle and lower level. Lei Feng is having the absolute Expert strength in this world. He can the talent and Expert in optional crush world. You said a moment ago ghost valley disciple is only a joke is right?” The Yin Nie usual words are few, he does not like communicating with others on own initiative, but this time he spoke to Lei Feng on own initiative. Because Lei Feng insulted ghost Gu Pai. „Do I have to speak incorrectly? The ghost valley disciple is one generation was inferior really one generation, the ghost valley that I hear where regardless of being able to move unhindered the world, but the ghost valley disciple here was really too disappointing.” In Lei Feng's words mentioned here. Xia Tian their several can hear the meaning in his words, Lei Feng came from another world, is another Advanced world. Right?” Yin Nie has not spoken, but is the famous sword in right hand points to front Lei Feng, he has prepared this war.

Your China four big Expert are not, why to want with me to the war?” Lei Feng thinks one are here commander-in-chief, who the commander-in-chief is not wants to challenge can challenge. Here has this these many Expert, has no need for him getting rid. Junior Brother he likes showing off power, if I think that I momentarily can win him, but I made the non- blade to kill him personally.” Yin Nie expression light saying, his words, although are not many, but he had indicated a meaning, that is he China of Yin Nie four big Expert are fiercer. Eastern Man, heard that you are the China strongest person, several of us want to try your skill.” One line of ten people walked from behind, this is individual is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, these Expert that before their, Lei Feng incorporates. These days Lei Feng also calculates attendance to them, therefore they also understand that this is only one is on good terms Lei Feng's opportunity. Ten, you also really think highly of me.” Eastern Man shows a faint smile, but this is also the best solution, because they have five people, therefore he hits several, that other people can little bear several. Regarding him, although hits ten to be a little difficult, so long as he, perhaps has the opportunity carefully, because he does not believe that this is individual dares to breakneck, but he dares. Northern Army, our nine also want to try your ice armor strongly.” Another nine people have stood, their altogether 20 people, except for former that by Xia Tian hit beside that person who dies quickly, only the remaining 19 people, ten people coped with Eastern Man, that remaining these nine people naturally must solve Northern Army. This was also assignment that everybody was well aware. Everybody understands, although Xia Tian they now here altogether six people, however true Expert besides Xia Tian, that is Yin Nie, Eastern Man and Northern Army, Yin Nie obvious must get one with Lei Feng now, their these 20 people helped Lei Feng solve Eastern Man and Northern Army are good. Xia Tian, the opposite that 3000 waste gave us two to be good.” Zhuge Wanglang looked that said to Xia Tian. „Do you want to hit 3000 individuals?” Xia Tian looks at Zhuge Wanglang surprisedly, although Hongwu was very fierce, but Zhuge Wanglang not Martial Arts, even if Hongwu did not protect Zhuge Wanglang, he was impossible to defeat these three thousand Expert, in these three thousand Expert Profound Grade greatly complete had 1000 people, the remaining 2000 people may be Earth Grade above Expert, these many Expert were on Xia Tian is impossible to win.

This quite therefore Bruce Lee must to fighting company a soldier is the same, although Bruce Lee is very fierce, but company several hundred people, how this hits, the stamina consumption was also enough. „Haven't you believed me?” Zhuge Wanglang looked that asked to Xia Tian. Thanks!” Xia Tian nodded: That remaining these 12 waste also had Lucifer in this legend to turn over to me.” Xia Tian has brought to light, he takes a person to fighting Lei 12 kills with Lucifer. Snort, courts death, my Lei 12 kills collaborates together in this world is the perfection, in addition Lucifer your round cannot block.” Saying that Lei Feng disdains. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I most like is the challenge is impossible.” Xia Tian excited laughing said: Waste come.” All people looked to understand, Xia Tian they were want to fight to win or die, each of them's pressure was not small, especially Xia Tian, Lucifer or Lei 12 killed. Each is here topest figure. Here influence strongest is Lei 12 kills, Lei Feng and Lucifer, a Xia Tian person must challenge Lei 12 to kill with Lucifer now. Spelled!” Xia Tian clenched teeth. Puts together anything to spell, my silly younger brother.” At this moment the sound reached in the ears of all people together.