Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1373

This sound is not loud, but all people hear clearly. Elder brother!” The time whole person who Xia Tian hears this sound was shocked, afterward he shouts loudly. Whiz! The form fell on Xia Tian front together. Elder brother, is really you.” When Xia Tian sees the form of opposite party excited shouting, the person who comes is not others, is Brother Xiaoma. Since previous Brother Xiaoma leaves without saying good-bye, Xia Tian on had been worried Brother Xiaoma can have any problem, now saw that the Brother Xiaoma health is good, he was excited. Naturally was I, how I possibly made my younger brother person take risk.” Brother Xiaoma smiling looks at Xia Tian. Were also many to bring death.” Saying that Lei Feng disdains. Younger brother, which do you most want dead?” Brother Xiaoma looked that asked to Xia Tian. Elder brother, does not use you, I can be good.” Xia Tian strikes one's chest saying that Brother Xiaoma has been protecting him since childhood, regardless of he were bullied by any person, Brother Xiaoma will help him return. But now he has grown up, he cannot implicate Brother Xiaoma again. Ma Yongzhen, depends on you also to dare to clamor here, in the past I in Jiang Hai City, you were a dog.” Jiang Tianshu saw Brother Xiaoma time shouts loudly, he is looking down upon Brother Xiaoma. In the past he was the Jiang Hai City king, but Brother Xiaoma was actually only an ordinary person. You did not speak I also really to neglect you, you definitely were the person who my younger brother must kill, that started from you.” Brother Xiaoma very optional saying. Hears the Brother Xiaoma words, the surrounding person thinks that he was too extremely arrogant, unexpectedly must kill Jiang Tianshu, Jiang Tianshu stands in Lei Feng behind, wants to work as Lei Feng's surface murder, this radically is impossible. Ha Ha Ha Ha, depends on you, Ma Yongzhen, you were really think highly of yourself, depended on your this waste, dares such to speak to me, you know that what was called Earth Grade Expert? Here has several thousand Earth Grade Expert, does your waste, hit?” Jiang Tianshu as if heard in this world the funniest joke to be the same.

Brother Xiaoma has not spoken, but shows a faint smile. Brother Xiaoma, waits.” At this moment Zhuge Wanglang started talking suddenly. Zhuge Wanglang, takes care of my younger brother thank you.” Brother Xiaoma looked at Zhuge Wanglang one eyes. Come, kills me, to boast how B, now doesn't dare?” Jiang Tianshu shouts loudly, he thinks that Brother Xiaoma is boasting. I killed him to tell you first again.” Brother Xiaoma light saying. Wait / Etc., Brother Xiaoma, he is my.” Zhuge Wanglang said hurriedly. Your?” A Brother Xiaoma face strange looks at Zhuge Wanglang. I also planned to begin.” Zhuge Wanglang gently is waving to air, when his hand falls, all people saw inconceivable one, the Chest of Jiang Tianshu presented a sharp knife blade, the sharp knife blade pierced from behind front. Similarly, Yu He, Black Gown. They three chest place sharp knife blade, pierce from behind, they all are the whole face inconceivable looks at own chest, Jiang Tianshu knows what he behind is standing is, but he has a dream does not have to think own unexpectedly is killed by the person who oneself will most trust. Soldier master! What he behind is standing is the soldier master. The action of soldier master made all people all hoodwink, moreover simultaneously got rid with him also two, they were the Jiang Tianshu personal servants, but killed Jiang Tianshu was also they. Yeah, I said that coped with these 3000 waste to give us to be OK.” Zhuge Wanglang waves once more, stood a moment ago, in Jiang Tianshu behind over a hundred people all arrived at him. These person of unexpectedly are Zhuge Wanglang people.

This time Lei Feng hoodwinked. Your this also too exaggerated.” Xia Tian does not do really clearly, actually Zhuge Wanglang how achieves, actually he how does to be able not to cause the suspicion of Jiang Tianshu. Hateful!” On Lei Feng's face presented the angry expression, Jiang Tianshu is his dog, beats a dog must look at the master, but Jiang Tianshu unexpectedly like this died in him, this regarding him simply was the shame. Bang! Lei Feng's body as if shell equally directly has shot at Zhuge Wanglang, he must kill Zhuge Wanglang to revenge for Jiang Tianshu. Body technique deep meaning! Bang! When Lei Feng's fist pounds immediately when Zhuge Wanglang, he felt suddenly a chest pain, his body was trampled to fly afterward directly. Shock. All people were all shocked. They saw. Getting rid Brother Xiaoma, flash, the hair of Brother Xiaoma turned into the white a moment ago, afterward he kicked a foot, kicked out Lei Feng directly, then his hair turned into the black. The change of hair is next. What is main was his foot unexpectedly Lei Feng kicking out. Who is Lei Feng?

Here all people are very clear, in this world most formidable person, but Brother Xiaoma unexpectedly only used a foot to kick out Lei Feng. What?” Lei Feng surprised looks at Brother Xiaoma, he has not thought that this sudden person unexpectedly can be so fierce, this is not because he kicked out he to say Brother Xiaoma to be fierce by Brother Xiaoma, because of his chest in pain. His human body is strong, Northern Army, when puts on ice armor not to put together him, but a Brother Xiaoma unexpectedly foot made him feel the pain. At this time nobody can look that understands actually this war will turn into what. This sudden Expert makes all people shock. Had prepared to fight a person to call a halt a moment ago. Elder brother, making me come.” Although Xia Tian does not understand why Brother Xiaoma becomes such strong, when he saw that flash that the Brother Xiaoma hair bleaches, some of he suddenly unlucky premonitions, although the hair of Brother Xiaoma was only white the flash. But Xia Tian saw. Good.” Brother Xiaoma to let Xia Tian exercises, after all this situation is now rarely seen. Lei Feng, old rule, single Tiao, but I have solved this fellow first, then looks for you.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to Lucifer, regarding Xia Tian, Jiang Tianshu died, that remaining enemies only then Lucifer and Lei Feng, Lei Feng, although is also his enemy, but Lei Feng is not the person of that resorting to all means that is Lucifer is different, sneak attacks at the Yin Nie matter to look from him knows that what person he was. If made him run away, he may get rid to Jiang Hai City very much, therefore the Xia Tian plan, has now killed him. Good.” Lei Feng nodded, he does not like the person bullying the person to be few, because he is a straightforward person: Lucifer, gave you.” Three moves, in three moves I can kill him.” Lucifer very self-confident saying.