Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1374

Lucifer depends Spirit Tool in oneself hand, most likes is act high and mighty, three moves of these words are also he most like, because this can demonstrate his fierce. He likes the feeling of this being a cut above other people. Although he strongest skill is the sword in hand, absolute defense and war boots, but these three types of goods absolutely are the super goods, has these three types of goods almost to be invincible in that him, wants to break his absolute defense not to be simple. Lucifer fierce many people know, although Eastern Man and the others understand that the great strength of Lucifer is because on him that several goods, but they have to acknowledge the Lucifer fierce place. Good, you said three moves, three moves.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly, he has burnt afterward instantaneously the 40 million compounded drugs of oneself within the body. 40 million. This digit simply was too terrifying. At this time Xia Tian except for restoring with all compounded drugs have all burnt, is only the flash, his within the body flows a very fearful strength. This Xia Tian changed into own strength 40 million compounded drugs. This strength, Xia Tian can continue for ten minutes, however after ten minutes, he will suffer 40 million compounded drugs backlash, at the appointed time is lives is dies he unclear. Because he has never burnt these many, these many compounded drugs have exploded his muscle brace, his entire body also changed high, the entire body had the change. Strengthening. This time Xia Tian obtained the strengthening from top to bottom. Now the vision of people all places on Lucifer, the body of Lucifer whole person braves the silver ray, this ray his whole person regarding in the middle, probably is the angel is the same, therefore also nobody notes the change of Xia Tian. The first move. Lucifer corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward the great sword in his hand pounded directly to Xia Tian, the speed of this sword was fast, but arrived at the Xia Tian side in an instant.

He is self-confident to his move, even if Wei Guang of first under Heaven quick sword cannot catch this sword. He believes that his sword can pound to fly Xia Tian absolutely, when the time comes does not die also meets the severe wound, thinks of here, he specially excited, in front of him the person is the Xia Tianlong son, in the past he wanted able to move unhindered China time, was Xia Tianlong has won him, at that time he was relying on his absolute defense and Saint sword hits to spread around the world not to have the rival, has only defeated that time, loses to Xia Tianlong. Today he must kill Xia Tian, scrubs in the past his shame. The Saint sword in Lucifer hand to was quickly inconceivable, surroundings these people frightening to deceive by Lucifer this sword, they had not seen Lucifer to get rid before, only knows that Lucifer stood side Lei Feng, that Lucifer definitely was also Expert. However they have not thought that Lucifer unexpectedly is so fierce, he is away from Xia Tian least 50 meters, but his unexpectedly less than one second arrives at the Xia Tian side, this speed, has surpassed their cognition. Probably is the sudden space migration is ordinary. Bang! All people think that Lucifer this sword can absolutely the smashing that Xia Tian pats, is at this moment, they saw two fingers, the fingers of two left hand. Is that two finger unexpectedly stiffly great sword gripping. Finger of Consonance. Sees this time, all people have all been shocked, Xia Tian unexpectedly only used two fingers directly to grip a sword of Lucifer that destruction. What?” On the face of Lucifer has written all over inconceivable, past Xia Tianlong does not dare to clamp his sword, but at this moment his sword unexpectedly by Xia Tian gripping. „This sword is good.” Xia Tian has put out these characters lightly. What did you say?” A Lucifer god time, he has not heard Xia Tian to say anything. I said that your this is good sword, I wanted.” The Xia Tian left hand double refers to pinches, afterward makes an effort, on Lucifer eats the pain, the sword in his hand has been afterward separated from his hand.

! The sword vanished in the hand of Xia Tian. Chu Wudai! Everybody understood, the Lucifer sword took in Chu Wudai by Xia Tian. This, Lei Feng was also shocked, Lucifer is fierce they to be knows that but a Xia Tian unexpectedly move seized the sword in Lucifer, this simply was too the legend. The second move. This time is Xia Tian says, a moment ago self-confidence full Lucifer thorough hoodwinking, these three types of weapons are he biggest cards in a hand, but Xia Tian unexpectedly his Saint sword robbing, this also too legend point. In the flash of his god, his safety mask opened, in other words he was attacked. Puff! Sees only golden light flashes to dodge, the safety mask also merely opened the flash directly to break. What?” He has a dream has not thought that his safety mask unexpectedly became such collapses at the first blow. Only struck is opened by Xia Tian. Anything cannot defend [gold/metal] Dao.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward his right hand in a Lucifer chest racket, Lucifer body fast retreat. In the hand of Xia Tian presented a palm of the hand big silver small cover. No!” On the face of Lucifer presented the panic-stricken look, at this moment he feared, he biggest three types of secret weapon unexpectedly like this had been robbed the difference by Xia Tian.

The third move. Saying of Xia Tian coldly, his these words just fell, his body vanished in same place. Ka! Lucifer felt that own bone all broke, afterward on his leg two cold glow had been pulled by Xia Tian stiffly. No!” Lucifer has sent out desperate whooshing. Originally is only Earth Grade late stage.” After Xia Tian has dismantled the Lucifer three types of most precious objects, he discovered that originally Lucifer is only Earth Grade late stage Expert. In other words he also closed right up against these three types of treasure to win world Expert in the past, he now is Earth Grade late stage Expert, in other words he possibly Earth Grade late stage does not calculate at that time, even possibly possibly links Earth Grade many not to calculate. At this time Xia Tian is clear, these three types of treasures actually fierce, but from now on, these three types of treasures will be his. Silly younger brother, these three types of treasures are called the Saint to teach the three treasures, the Saint sword and vestment average person can put on, but the Saint boots must be Earth Grade late stage Expert can put on.” Ma Yongzhen smiling saying. Elder brother, you already knew.” Xia Tian then understands, reason that Brother Xiaoma lets him and Lucifer fights, to snatch these three types of treasures. Remembers my words, one will have taken this compounded drug, can preserve your life, I think that you should have the means to lead them to enter Neidong.” Brother Xiaoma said that looked to Lei Feng and the others: Remaining gives me.” The flash, the hair of Brother Xiaoma completely turned into the white.