Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1375

The flash when the Brother Xiaoma hair bleaches, the Eastern Man whole person stares: Is that.” When Xia Tian saw when that flash that the Brother Xiaoma hair bleaches, his restless feeling was more intense, moreover Brother Xiaoma words obviously at confession things to do after death. Xia Tian does not understand that actually Brother Xiaoma experienced anything these days, but Brother Xiaoma as if knows that he burnt the compounded drug to be the same at this time, gives back to this strange compounded drug to maintain life, and Brother Xiaoma also thinks that he can lead into the Heavenly Connection Neidong these people. Actually did Brother Xiaoma know what? How he knows. What is main, will Brother Xiaoma be in this state what kind of? Senior, my brother?” Xia Tian asked hurriedly, as soon as at this time he spoke, the body erupted a terrifying imposing manner, he has burnt 40 million compounded drugs, these 40 million compounded drugs are not good to dissipate. I have heard a legend, when the period oppugn invader Jiang Hai City has super Expert to be called Ma Yongzhen, he killed Island Country sharpest ultra to be able by strength of the the army, this army had over a thousand people, top Expert, initially Island Country wanted ultra to be able the army to launch a large area of assassination by this in China, result these people are all killed by a Ma Yongzhen person of institute.” Eastern Man answered. „A person to fighting over a thousand Expert? How is this possible?” Xia Tian whole face inconceivable asking. It is said initially Ma Yongzhen used one type to be called body technique final blooming, the white shark, the user's hair in the use can bleach, because they in overdrawing their vitality, it is said in the past Ma Yongzhen also died at that war, actually has used the side effect after this move, naturally, some people said that Ma Yongzhen has not died.” Eastern Man answered. Ma Yongzhen, Senior, my brother called Ma Yongzhen, their family called Ma Yongzhen for generations.” Xia Tian said suddenly that his mood fluctuation is big, the sound as if forms air current to be the same. Eastern Man that this air current will not have prepared has repelled two steps. Actually does your boy do anything, now graces as if in release formidable Inner Strength.” Eastern Man puzzled asking. Senior, you did not need to manage me first.” Xia Tian anxious saying. That should right, your elder brother use should be the white shark.” Eastern Man nodded. No, the elder brother, you stops.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly: I can also hit, my strength has not used up.” My silly younger brother, if you use up your present within the body strength, you will die, moreover you are not the matches of these people, following gives me, changes you with my first for a lifetime happily.” Brother Xiaoma said that rushed directly, his speed incredibly fast, is only the flash, directly kicked on Lei Feng's chest. Begin!

Lei 12 kills begins instantaneously. Help.” That 19 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert are also all flushes away to Brother Xiaoma. Do not pass, you could not block your elder brother, if you come up now, but wasted his sacrifice.” Eastern Man holds on Xia Tian hurriedly. No, he is my brother.” Xia Tian angry shouting, his within the body erupted a terrifying strength, this strength Eastern Man to Beng Fei, saw directly such situation Yin Nie and Northern Army came hurriedly the help. They Xia Tian firmly holds. Elder brother!” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Bang! The leg of Brother Xiaoma did not have the shade, his body fast shuttle in these people, leaves the foot each time, the person will be kicked by him surely, formidable, Brother Xiaoma has proven his formidable with the fact. My silly younger brother, time, I only have been without enough time able to use this means that I forever will not make others bully you, what a pity I can only accompany you to this, later must look after itself well.” Brother Xiaoma said these words in the innermost feelings. In this time battlefield, Brother Xiaoma as if used the doing several things at the same time technique to be the same, had his shadow everywhere, his leg merit has reached the pinnacle. Hateful, this is any Kungfu, so will be why strong, his unexpectedly also had the domain embryonic form.” A Lei Feng face angry looks at Brother Xiaoma, he has thought one are in this world the strongest person, but he has not thought that unexpectedly presented any Brother Xiaoma. Strength unexpectedly as strong as this Realm. 12 kill, gives me to block him, other people attack.” Lei Feng said that has crashed in encirclement ring directly, his speed is quick, in an instant arrived at the Brother Xiaoma front. Bang! Fights with the fists. What what a pity he projects on is only a remnant shade.

Bang! He felt that his lower abdomen pain, he was kicked by Brother Xiaoma, afterward the Brother Xiaoma double hit started, less than ten seconds, he had been kicked more than 100 feet by Brother Xiaoma, has to say Lei Feng truly enough formidable. If other Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is kicked by Lei Feng these many, that is either dead or wounded, but Lei Feng unexpectedly has spat a blood, does not have what to obstruct greatly. 12 killed the circle that Brother Xiaoma can move reduced, the body of Brother Xiaoma also started to present the scar. Elder brother.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, is he by Eastern Man they three locking in firmly, cannot move. Bang! Lei Feng hit does not have the strength to hit back. Puff! The body of Brother Xiaoma left a sword cut once more. Hateful.” Lei Feng seized this each one opportunity to fight with the fists directly on the body of Brother Xiaoma. Ka! Sound of bone break. Elder brother!” Xia Tian angry shouting. This time looked how you also run.” Lei Feng thinks one this time can slow down the Brother Xiaoma speed finally. What a pity, he made a mistake. Brother Xiaoma has held the determination that must die, how he possibly and calls a halt for this pain.

Bang! Lei Feng's body was trampled to fly by Brother Xiaoma again, afterward Brother Xiaoma is also kicking of foot then foot on Lei Feng's body, the speed of his each foot is quick, the strength of each foot is also very big. Ka! Lei Feng's bone also started to break. But Lei Feng is also a dauntless man, he does not pay attention to oneself pain completely, but is pestering Brother Xiaoma, he understands that only by doing so, he can slow down the Brother Xiaoma speed, others can attack Brother Xiaoma. Here also is really lively.” At this moment, the surrounding presented one person. But here radically nobody pays attention to him, everybody's vision has placed in that place battle of Brother Xiaoma. Xia Tian!” That person discovered one were disregarded, feels is not feeling well, at this moment, he saw Xia Tian, sees Xia Tian that moment, his anger has come up immediately, afterward his direct drinks greatly. Hears this to drink greatly, the surrounding person looked finally to him. Xia Tian, you die today.” That person of very extremely arrogant saying. You leave to me, I have no free time to respond you.” Xia Tian stared opposite party one, this person is not others, is the corrupt wolf. Ha Ha Ha Ha, you also are really extremely arrogant, unexpectedly dares such to speak to me, do you know that the strength of what rank I now am? Wei Guang died in my hand, I was new China four big Expert.” The corrupt wolf said that has held up the sword in oneself hand directly, this sword Wei Guang sword.