Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1376

Excited! Corrupt wolf at this time very excited, he cuts to kill Wei Guang matter nobody to know that he shouted must to know, he coveted the wolf to have cut to kill the Wei Guang ability. But Wei Guang China one of the four big Expert, he cut to kill Wei Guang, he naturally was China four big Expert of heart. Hears the words of corrupt wolf, all people are startled. Although everybody does not believe his words, when he sees the sword in corrupt wolf hand, rosefinch faith token time, everybody understands that Wei Guang definitely died, he is always the person does not leave the sword, the sword does not leave the person. Sees the Wei Guang sword and rosefinch faith token time, everybody has to believe his words, but Xia Tian has not paid attention to him from the start. Xia Tian all thoughts all in Brother Xiaoma there. At this time Lei Feng was startled is been miserable, but Lei Feng's resistance that Brother Xiaoma hit hit the ability is really good, he could not die . Moreover the person in surrounding also in sneak attack of keeping he, in this time Brother Xiaoma eye had Lei Feng, he seemed went all out also to kill Lei Feng to be the same. Disregarded! Corrupt wolf so heroic was shouting, but Xia Tian unexpectedly disregarded him. How this makes the corrupt wolf be able to endure, after his strength stiffens, the person who first wants approve is Xia Tian, he hopes that sees surprisedly from the Xia Tian eye, but Xia Tian completely has not paid attention to him now. Hateful, Xia Tian, I must kill you.” The both hands of corrupt wolf stretch out instantaneously, his both hands have the corrosive strength. He believes that he gets rid to sneak attack, Xia Tian cannot think absolutely when the time comes can defeat the enemy by a surprise attack, has abandoned the arm of Xia Tian directly, he may remember that at that time Xia Tian had abandoned his arm. Now he must revenge. Xia Tian has not paid attention to him, vision all on the body of Brother Xiaoma. Xia Tian, walks!” Brother Xiaoma gives a loud shout, his wound were once more many several. Boy, walks!” Eastern Man has drawn Xia Tian.

No, I do not walk.” Xia Tian angry shouting. Right, you cannot get away.” At this moment, the corrupt wolf raids directly, Xia Tian his speed is fast, moreover his hand must catch the Xia Tian wrist|skill immediately, he believes that so long as own hand holds the Xia Tian wrist|skill, won. Saw that Xia Tian does not have the meaning of defense, his at present immediately one bright. Dies!” Corrupt wolf excited shouting. Surroundings these people looked to the corrupt wolf, they have not thought that speed unexpectedly of corrupt wolf can be so quick, moreover got rid to sneak attack. The hand of corrupt wolf left Xia Tian left hand wrist less than one centimeter shortly. Bang! At this moment, a powerful fist pounded in his head, this fist will covet seeing stars that the wolf pounded directly, his face and ground have made the most intimate contact. A move! Xia Tian has used merely only one move on KO the corrupt wolf. Actually Xia Tian this winning was too relaxed, the general idea of corrupt wolf has existed, he bumped into Xia Tian a moment ago immediately time started to fantasize after have won Xia Tian was crisp. But Xia Tian has burnt the strengths of 40 million compounded drugs also, present his Lucifer can kill, that say nothing of corrupt wolf. Is very wild corrupt wolf, at this time such peaceful lying on the ground, the wound of although on his human body receiving is not serious, however his mental scar is serious, he is unable to accept this fact. His confident comes. Finally by Xia Tian fist KO. This is he has a dream cannot think that when he strikes to kill Wei Guang that moment, his self-confidence thorough full house, he even thinks one became in this world the fiercest person.

But before this time him, trains these self-confident was all destroyed by a Xia Tian fist. Walks!” Brother Xiaoma gives a loud shout. Puff! In Lei Feng's mouth spouts a blood, afterward he was kicked by Brother Xiaoma again. Boy, you did not walk your elder brother in vain to use this time white shark.” Eastern Man was a little anxious. Elder brother, thank you.” Xia Tian knelt on the ground directly, afterward he stood up to lead the people to walk toward the fourth entrance. Bang! Brother Xiaoma fought with the fists on Lei Feng's face, but his body also left at least ten wounds. Hateful, can you hit are?” Lei Feng roars, in his hand puts out together the jade symbol, when his crumb that jade symbol, a formidable imposing manner periphery all person all Beng Fei, including him and Brother Xiaoma. The surrounding these Lei 12 kill, as well as 19 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. Void in presented an image of person. When this image appears, Lei Feng and Lei 12 kill knee down completely. That [say / way] empty shade has dignity, all people look at that image time, feeling that image is looking at itself, they even have one type the impulsion that wants to worship on bended knees. Expert. This is true Expert, even if together the image can also make here Expert so shock. Hello, my name was Wang Bao, you can call my baby.” When that empty shade starts talking, on the forehead of people are the heavy lines, they were also shocked a moment ago by this Expert imposing manner, but this Expert speech, they must collapse at this time.

The happy feeling was too strong. „Does Lei Feng, in that world have the person who you could not deal with?” That sound asked directly. Master, this fellow does not know that has used any Martial Arts, the subordinate and 12 kills gets rid unable to resist him together.” Lei Feng at this time from top to bottom is the blood, although he is the man who the iron hits, but the attack of Brother Xiaoma also was really too formidable. Such can hit, sends him to the crevice prison to be good.” Afterward that [say / way] empty shade vision looked to Brother Xiaoma, the mouth has put out one opening character. Bang! A transmission gate of vortex shape opened directly. Attract! After he has drunk one greatly, the body of Brother Xiaoma was drawn in that transmission gate directly. Elder brother!” This sudden condition made all people be shocked, this empty shade simply was too terrifying, the casual two characters made super Expert Brother Xiaoma vanish in the front of people. Has remembered to me, Lei Feng is I in the spokesman of this world, who dares to move him, who must die, even if Heaven Grade Expert in your eyes in my eyes is also only the ants.” That [say / way] empty shade said, vanished in the air directly. Walks.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, his within the body erupts a green strength, this strength periphery Eastern Man they all will wrap, afterward they entered the Heavenly Connection Neidong directly. Saw that the enormous and powerful people entered the Heavenly Connection Neidong. Lei Feng's corners of the mouth have shown the smiling face of disdaining: Enters Neidong, in 100 is impossible to have one successfully, this time you should die was similar.”