Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1377

Xia Tian their this time enters the person to Heavenly Connection Neidong to be many. Xia Tian, Yin Nie, Eastern Man, Northern Army, Hongwu, Zhuge Wanglang, his these subordinates. This is about hundred people of teams. Enters the Heavenly Connection Neidong to need to accept test, only if has Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, is Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in the world only then eight people, even if Xia Tian collection uneven eight, he is impossible to lead these many people to go. Therefore outside person thinks that Xia Tian they died. Goes to spirit spring there recreation, that fellow lifting, after this fellow, has big using.” Lei Feng now the whole body is the wound, he will use to point at to lie there corrupt wolf, the person who Lei 12 killed will covet the wolf also to lift near the spirit spring. Surroundings these people completely by this weaponry shocking. They cannot see one for a lifetime time the fight of this rank, splendid, simply was too splendid. Similarly also made them experience anything is the true strength. At this time they understand that anything is called the person bystander to have, one should always strive for better. They also know that here is just a low grade world, existence of high-grade world, but Lei Feng is that world spokesman here, the beforehand that [say / way] empty shade had said. Heaven Grade Expert in his eyes is also only the ants. This war, Brother Xiaoma has been missing, then this world most Expert is Lei Feng and his Lei 12 kills, this combination is invincible. China four big Expert died two. However presented two super new people, one is person list second Xia Tian, he is the Xia Tianlong son, faith token white tiger also in his hands, moreover his strength very formidable, therefore everybody thinks that he has the qualifications to take over the Xia Tianlong position. Another is the corrupt wolf.

Although corrupt wolf by Xia Tian move of KO, but he can cut to kill Southern Kill Wei Guang, this has indicated his strength, therefore he has taken over the Southern Kill Wei Guang position at this time. In this time Heavenly Connection Neidong. Xia Tian their enormous and powerful over a hundred people, all came. If makes outside person know that this matter, perhaps they will be all surprised and die. The Xia Tian unexpectedly success all has taken really into over a hundred people the Heavenly Connection Neidong, when they enter to that moment of Heavenly Connection Neidong, the front of everyone float five false Spirit Tool, this is the reward. Enters the reward of Heavenly Connection Neidong. Crevice prison.” In the Xia Tian mind reverberated these four characters, he remembered clearly, that mysterious image Wang Bao said that shut in the crevice prison Brother Xiaoma, Brother Xiaoma has not spelled to try, in other words he may not die. Xia Tian, do not let one's thoughts wander.” The Northern Army comfort said. Ah! At this moment, the blood vessel of Xia Tian starts to rupture, his eye turned into the red instantaneously, the entire body fell down directly. Boy, you? Do not frighten us.” Eastern Man anxious shouting. Pain! Xia Tian felt that own body must explode. He has burnt 40 million compounded drugs, that is 40 million compounded drugs, these many compounded drugs have not been able to describe with the terrifying, but is the destruction, his body bears the impact of that strength, just started unable to feel anything, but the strength dissipated now, he looks like the rubber ball that was discouraged is the same. Moreover he leads these many people to come in one time, the strength of Heavenly Connection already reached the limit.

Both add together to make Xia Tian feel suddenly impulsion that one type has wanted dead. Many people when has not experienced the true pain, thinks that one by one 12 blades are not anything, but when truly they were chopped 12 blades knows that the second such as the year was anything feels. Present Xia Tian is second such as the year. Has killed me!” Xia Tian first time asked that this pain has let his spirit break. Little Ma gives your compounded drug.” Yin Nie asked suddenly. Xia Tian extended the right hand, his was too a moment ago nervous, has gripped this compounded drug in the hand, now has suddenly thought that Brother Xiaoma has said that under making him take this compounded drug, but he discovered at this time that unexpectedly of oneself pain could not take the compounded drug. Puff! Yin Nie has seized the compounded drug, afterward has squeezed in Xia Tian directly , helping the Xia Tian unblocking compounded drug using Inner Strength. When Inner Strength enters the Xia Tian within the body later about five seconds, Xia Tian fainted. Really useful.” Eastern Man and the others at present one bright. Shouted!” Yin Nie long expiration. Was good, the matter finished, we did not plan to continue to penetrate, we walked now, Xia Tian has prepared the retirement place in Jiang Hai City for us, moreover several islands turned over to us to manage, this whole life was also the value.” Zhuge Wanglang shows a faint smile. Em.” Eastern Man nodded, he also a little admired front the 20-year-old young fellow, if were not he, that Xia Tian really dying many times. Bye.” Zhuge Wanglang said that directly transmission that led people to enter exiting, transmission that the fourth entrance place had exiting, this leaves for the person who to facilitate these obtained the treasure. They leave, here only remaining, Xia Tian, Eastern Man, Northern Army and Yin Nie four people.

Here anything is not dangerous, I want to go.” Yin Nie said. Good, our two will take care of him, after he awoke, we will also leave.” Eastern Man said that this time Heavenly Connection tower opens, they obtained the treasure that has surpassed them to imagine. Person of 25 spirit stone. Eastern Man thinks of them, so long as can obtain about five, that is most greatly expected, but he has not thought that because of the help of Xia Tian, he and Northern Army have resulted in 25 spirit stone respectively. The Yin Nie words were not many, said that his form disappeared in same place, he entered fourth of Heavenly Connection tower. Xia Tian has rested for four hours, when he wakes up, his wound was good. I must go to the crevice prison.” The first few words that after this is Xia Tian wakes up, speaks. Do not play dumb, crevice prison is not you wants to go to go, it is said in that detains is super Expert, has the life to go, dies.” Eastern Man has also heard the matters of some crevice prisons. No matter in that is the mountain of sword or the sea of fire, I must rescue Brother Xiaoma.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. Ok, his disposition this, in the past was just the same as his father, you said that is motionless he.” Northern Army helpless shaking the head. Was good, the boy, our two exited first, I know that you will definitely not exit, you carefully.” Eastern Man knows one cannot urge Xia Tian. Em, many thanks the attendance of Senior and grandfather, was impossible to enter here without your me.” Xia Tian has not said anything, he gazed after Eastern Man and Northern Army left, at this time here only remaining he. Meanwhile, outside entrance of Heavenly Connection Neidong. Leads the person of mask to show a faint smile: Really was more and more interesting, but monster Wang Mianju should receive.”