Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1378

What is Jianghu? Some Jianghu people drop down some people to rise. Outside this time Heavenly Connection hole opening has accomplished many Expert, died many Expert, outside Heavenly Connection the hole is a big treasure house, simultaneously he is also place of danger, even if were Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has gone, may not live coming out. But outside Heavenly Connection the hole same is countless person the dream land. They think, so long as enters the Heavenly Connection Neidong, they can obtain false Spirit Tool, even the luck good possibly to obtain Spirit Tool, Spirit Tool, that is the world Martial Arts Expert long-awaited weapon. Outside this time Heavenly Connection the hole opened had finished, when Xia Tian entered that moment of Heavenly Connection Neidong, outside Heavenly Connection the hole first and second entrance all has closed. First and second all people were all transmitted. Although this time dies person here to have, in the person but who exits similarly more or less obtained a treasure, even also many people obtained false Spirit Tool. This time treasure compared with many that the past presents, in the past in 1000 individuals had a person to obtain false Spirit Tool to be good, was this time, in every 300 individuals had a person to obtain false Spirit Tool or the treasure of false Spirit Tool rank on average. Because of this, therefore outside Heavenly Connection the hole was more attractive to everybody. Which entrance from goes, which entrance from will be passed on. The enormous and powerful close 100,000 people go, coming out is less than 40,000 people, other do not have or on third, either died in, outside this time Heavenly Connection hole, although the treasure were more than before, but same was also more dangerous than the past. Therefore this casualty these many people. However enters here all people to discuss a topic, that is Expert, outside this Heavenly Connection the hole opens, altogether several people have become famous, Lei Feng, Xia Tian, corrupt wolf, monster king, demon respect building and Chen azure. ……

The demon respect building and Chen azure have also defeated innumerable Expert. These people became the fables. Outside cave. Senior, you also came out, Boss?” The Fire Cloud evil god asked that after he and Great General came out, wants to go to third to look for Xia Tian, but they have not waited to enter third to be transmitted. Relax, he is very safe.” Eastern Man said. Old elderly fisherman, this time went back our two to close up, these four big Expert positions should also give youngster.” Northern Army looked that said to Eastern Man. I am also having this intent.” Eastern Man said that took his faith token Azure Dragon, Northern Army also took own faith token Black Tortoise: You are the people who obtains the god level inheritance, this different thing gave you to take care, as for can preserve looks at your skills.” What?” The Fire Cloud evil god has not responded at once that the happiness came to be a little sudden. You are the Xia Tian brothers, and obtained the god level inheritance, has the qualifications with this different faith token, but this different thing is thorny, can preserve?” Northern Army very severe looked that asked to them. Can!” Fire Cloud evil god eyes one bright, he has not gone to modestly decline anything. Thanks.” In the mouth of Great General clumsy saying. …… But Lucifer world second Expert, is next to Lei Feng's existence. Naturally, this second Expert moisture content was too big, after Xia Tian seized his three types of Saint, he turned into a Earth Grade late stage person, moreover this time he already plundered underpants had not remained, did not have Inner Strength him already the thorough death in Heavenly Connection tower third.

When Eastern Man and Northern Army they give the Fire Cloud evil god their third day faith token, an explosive news has spread over the world. China new four big Expert has drawn a charge, is hundred dawns lives the announcement. Those who rank fourth is north stiff. Name: Great General. Inheritance it person who outside Heavenly Connection in the hole obtains corpse Wang Jiangchen( god level inheritance) Ability: Must die the body. Hazard index: Ten stars. Reason that Great General rank final, because of his not anything famous campaign, but similarly, nobody dares to neglect him, after he obtains faith token Black Tortoise, several Earth Grade greatly complete Expert went to challenge, what a pity finally these people are defeated. Background: One of Jiang Hai City patron gods. Those who rank third is east frog. Name: Fire Cloud evil god. Outside Heavenly Connection in the hole obtains the inheritance it people in frog sacred place( god level inheritance) Ability: Toad Style. Hazard index: Ten stars.

Before Fire Cloud evil god, is ominous outside, but he is strange, therefore nobody knows that his strength is any rank, until after he attains the Eastern Man faith token, several Earth Grade greatly complete Expert go to challenge, he 11 easily defeat completely, reason that his rank in front of the Great General , because he is more famous than the Great General. …… Those who rank second is south Saint. Name: Corrupt wolf. Person who outside Heavenly Connection in the hole first obtains the god level inheritance. Ability: Corrosion. Hazard index: 15 stars. Before corrupt wolf, is the person list third, wins great reputation, unusual formidable, at that time he was the synonym of talent, he was one has the big destiny person, his luck was existence that in this world most went against heaven's will, outside Heavenly Connection in the hole, rushed out many reputations, his war became famous, strikes to kill Quicksand Chief Wei Guang, and hid the Wei Guang weapon and faith token forcefully, this was upright and frank defeats existence of super Expert, after hearing he has attained the Southern Kill faith token, nobody dares to challenge, because nobody thinks one were stronger than Wei Guang, life only nemesis, Xia Tian \; To fighting Xia Tian has never won. Background: World first Expert Lei Feng's person. Here time, below has labelled in the present world two most formidable influences, first was the Hidden Sect Lei \; Second is Jiang Hai City Xia Family, these two big influences dare to annoy in the world nobody. In three in China four big Expert has two is Jiang Hai City, one is Lei. Last what ranks first is west the talent. Name: Xia Tian.