Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1379

The man of hole creation miracle outside Heavenly Connection. Ability: Finger of Consonance , etc.( was skilled in hundred Martial Arts). Hazard index: 100 stars. Before Xia Tian, is the person list second, person list investigation insufficient detailed, now hundred dawns will live the detailed news to write specifically here, Xia Tian from cultivation to the present is less than seven months, in other words he has used less than seven months became in China four big Expert the strongest person. What is called the talent? If he said that he is the world next day the talent, nobody dares to say one are first. The Xia Tian life is a legend. He can fighting strikes not to be defeated with the Earth Grade greatly complete Expert Maoshan old ancestors in Profound Grade fully, and after injury, escapes from the North Korean crown prince hand, Profound Grade greatly complete time kills Earth Grade late stage following Expert such as to chop the melon to cut the vegetable. Even if Earth Grade late stage Expert is not his match, after entering outside Heavenly Connection the hole, he breaks through Earth Grade successfully, after breaking through to Earth Grade, he easily defeats various Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. With first under Heaven Expert Lei Feng regiment battle time. His three moves strike to kill world second Expert Lucifer. The strength is immeasurably deep. His famous sound spreads entire day, simultaneously he is also the leader of Jiang Hai City this biggest influence, world first big black market also proposed that pledged allegiance to Jiang Hai City.

Hundred dawns live to introduce Xia Tian time the words that use are most, similarly, he also makes the world be Xia Tian this name feels shocking, after seeing hundred dawn fresh introductions. Nobody dares to go to challenge new China four big Expert again, naturally, world Martial Arts Expert started to extend the friendly olive branch to Xia Family, although some people also want to become friends with Lei, but they could not find Hidden Sect, could not find Lei, because now main force of Lei all in the Heavenly Connection Neidong. Lei Feng used a special method to kill 12 of Lei has all taken into the Heavenly Connection Neidong. Looks, discovers Xia Tian to me, if not kill him in this, after exiting, his strength once more doubled and re-doubled will definitely grow, when the time comes wants to kill him to be difficult.” Lei Feng has issued his first order. After Lei Feng they disappear, the entrance of Neidong presented one to wear the person of mask: This boy runs is very quick, so long as you wear the monster king mask I to find you.” Hey, the drunkard, is this play attractive today?” A man of golden hair asked. What attractive? I want the Xia Tian monkey liquor, he he, kills Xia Tian, snatches the monkey liquor.” A drunken man said with a smile silly, his waist was putting two swords. Lucifer unexpectedly died in that boy hand, the boy was not simple.” The golden hair man said. Satan, Lucifer is just a Earth Grade late stage waste, if no three sages he is trash, what he died also had curiously, but I wore the fellow of mask to be curious to that actually a moment ago, was counted on him, presented seven Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, that eighth?” Drinking that drunken man keeps, speaks is also drunken. You are stupid, eighth on the body of outside that deceased person, but I looked a moment ago discovered that was stolen away.” The golden hair man said. I said steals his Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll that person, that shadow speed is quick, probably the ghosts and demons are the same, but looks from the personal appearance obviously is a woman.” The drunkards are still maintaining his drunken appearance. You also want to kill all people, a bit faster walks, must catch up in front of Lei Feng found Xia Tian, otherwise your monkey liquor did not have, but said that the courage of Xia Tian is really big, the monkey liquor of that person he also dares to steal.” The golden hair man said.

He does not steal me unable to drink, he he he he.” The drunkards said with a smile silly: He steals, I snatch again, that has not related with me.” Takes you not to have the means, we a bit faster look.” The golden hair man said. You are really stupid, wore that person of mask unable to find Xia Tian a moment ago.” The drunkards continue to drink. Drunkard, has not looked, you have drunk these many, the brain is not stupid, good, we track that to wear the person of mask to go.” The golden hair man said that flushes away directly forward. He he!” Drunkards silly smiles, then news in same place. After they leave, in position nearby that stone that they stood a moment ago went out of a person: Actually a moment ago these two people were, unexpectedly linked me to discover, no matter they were, cannot make them kill Xia Tian, I was also owing him a favour.” The shadow said that also disappeared in same place. This time Xia Tian does not know that has that many people in looking for him, after he arrives at fourth, he felt that anything is crisp, in third, unusual pressure, not only cannot absorb spiritual energy in air, instead will dissipate, is that intense depression, however in fourth, not only did not have that feeling, but also here spiritual energy is abundant. If here cultivation compared in on outside quick 45 times. However Xia Tian does not dare cultivation, who to know that here the Heavenly Connection Neidong has closed, he lost the too much time to miss the treasure to go bad accidentally here. Although now my treasure are many, but I cannot contend with Lei Feng, Brother Xiaoma became that fierce could not kill Lei Feng, it seems like Lei Feng was the bastard that an iron hit, I wanted to rescue Brother Xiaoma unable to avoid and Lei Feng get one again, in this world only then he and deicide knows that the position of crevice prison, initially he must catch the deicide to go back, obviously Lei Feng should be have the person to enter the crevice prison, so long as in other words I defeated him, making him lead me to go is good.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. He does not have to thinking arrogantly one can defeat Lei Feng.

Although his present strength is very strong, but compares with Lei Feng, he also has a very big disparity, said again, Lei Feng is not a person, his side also has Lei 12 to kill, these 12 bastards collaborated to return the bastard compared with Lei Feng. Previous time fights, 12 people of round defeated Xia Tian. Although Xia Tian had not used at that time fully, but Xia Tian recalled, at that time was he has used fully also uselessly, because the coordination of these 12 people simply were flawless, the swords in their hand were different, the function all was different. Has the blockade, kills, has the control, has the attraction, has the force, has outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted. These 12 people are not good to cope. When dāng! At this moment, Xia Tian hears the sound that some people have fought. „Do some people fight?, Here is not the Heavenly Connection Neidong, I have four Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, but also remaining four, in other words besides me and master, should only then four people can come, but I should come in first, can the person who that here battled who be? Did here have the person?” When Xia Tian thinks of here on face presented the surprised look immediately.