Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1380

Heavenly Connection Neidong, is fourth of Heavenly Connection tower. When Xia Tian goes forward he discovered that these two people are Earth Grade late stage Expert. Remaining four Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in Earth Grade late stage Expert? No, is absolutely impossible, in other words they with Xia Tian are not a person of world. Hands over spirit stone, I forgive you not dead.” Depends on you also to match with me such speaks.” Two people hit unusual is fiery, Xia Tian sees a play in the one side. unexpectedly T that lying trough, they said. What M is the China language, it seems like other world was also speaking the China language, this T. M also learns any English, Korean, comes to learn the China language, if which day passed through, but can also be able to understand the opposite party to say anything.” Two people who Xia Tian hears fight said China language deep is sighing with emotion. Now he understands actually finally China had multi- cow B. Other person of world said is not English, is not German, but is the China language. A sense of pride from Xia Tian arises spontaneously at heart. Whiz! Xia Tian flushed instantaneously, afterward his both hands make directly fast, two people are all knocked down.

What?” That two people a little are hoodwinked, but they who sudden Xia Tian also made responded quickly: Your strength compared with us, spirit stone turns over to you.” spirit stone I do not want, said your status.” spirit stone of Xia Tian to their hand is not interested, Xia Tian have more than 50 spirit stone, temporarily enough he has used, he is more curious, actually these two people are, with is a matter that he suspects. „Don't you want spirit stone?” That person looks at Xia Tian surprisedly, where regardless of spirit stone is the most precious object, but Xia Tian unexpectedly said that he does not want spirit stone, this was too cannot to believe simply. Answered my issue.” Xia Tian facial color solemn saying. I am the person in day of Yong city, I called blue profound.” One of them said. I am the person in log city, my name was Liu Yu.” Another person said. Em.” Xia Tian led you slightly nod, he knows that he has guessed right, these two people were really not the person of that world, they might very much with Lei Feng is a person of world. How many people your this time altogether comes in?” Xia Tian asked. We are come.” Said blue unreliably. „Do oneself come in?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Right, we do not have what big influence to work as the backer, is some powder cultivates, therefore is comes certainly, moreover we cannot lead others to come in together, enters here to need to pay together spirit stone, this is the sky-high price, if not the person of going crazy, few people will come in, we come in also to try one's luck.” Liu Yu said.

Hears here, Xia Tian understood finally. In that world also has the entrance of Heavenly Connection tower, but they enter here directly to enter fourth, but they should not reward, the person who only then from third coming up will attain five false Spirit Tool rewards. Moreover the Heavenly Connection tower fourth entrance should have many, each was being governed by the major influences, regards the place that here is they seeks money, a person must together low grade spirit stone. Was right, low grade spirit stone can come in together three times, naturally, if we die here, behind that two opportunity did not have.” Said blue unreliably. Comes in each time, only then three days, three days arrive, by the automatic transmission, we will not be been easy, three days of possibly anything cannot bump into, if bumps into an ominous beast, we might also die here.” Liu Yu noticed that Xia Tian has not killed their meanings, complained several. What is ominous beast?” Xia Tian asked. „Don't you know the ominous beast? It seems like you definitely are first time comes , the ominous beast is here most dangerous biology, their strength formidable, I once heard that had Heaven Grade Rank 1 Expert dead in the mouth of ominous beast.” Said blue unreliably. Heaven Grade Rank 1! Xia Tian has remembered this glossary silently. „It is not all ominous beasts so is fierce, the ominous beast also divides many ranks, from Rank 1 to nine levels, Rank 1 ominous beast quite in our strengths, so long as three strengths are not too bad Earth Grade late stage Expert can cut to kill a Rank 1 ominous beast, Rank 2 ominous beast quite therefore Earth Grade complete greatly Expert, common 2-3 individuals together have attacked a Rank 2 ominous beast also to win, the ominous beast whole body is the treasure, forges the Spirit Tool most precious object, so long as can cut to kill an ominous beast, that on gaining in a big way, is one. The Rank 1 ominous beast, processed, can most little trade three low grade spirit stone.” Liu Yu said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, he had not asked that because he is afraid the exposed status, he has not killed these two people, he has basically found out here general situation.

The Heavenly Connection tower first three inside crises are different, have the bloodthirsty demon beast, has the bloodthirsty insect group, but third turned is ominously beastly, can contend with the Earth Grade late stage ominous beast, moreover was the lowest grade ominous beast. „After it seems like arrived at Heaven Grade, will have many divisions . Moreover the disparity between each Rank 1 is also very big, Heaven Grade Rank 1, no wonder at that time that empty shade will say that ordinary Heaven Grade Expert is also the ants is in his eyes same.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought: Heaven Grade Expert was also probably considered as in their world on is side Expert, could look from their expressions, but their world were also probably poor mixes, if Earth Grade late stage Expert on Earth, that absolutely were a side overlord, must eat to eat, must drink to drink, moreover important goods under is willing to follow, but in their world, Earth Grade late stage person as if not what status.” In the Xia Tian mind is analyzing the situation of that world fast, Xia Tian brain Einstein is developed. The information that although he hears is fragmentary, but his quick all organized these information together. Whiz! The form fast shuttle of Xia Tian in fourth of Heavenly Connection tower, he discovered the person who that world on the person compared with Earth, in most minimum Earth Grade late stage Expert have almost the weapon of Spirit Tool rank wealthily. Xia Tian just started to see could not have borne want to snatch these Spirit Tool belts to go back, afterward he had considered carefully, has not begun, he always feels to restless recently, as if had any crisis to appear immediately was the same. Em?” When Xia Tian runs fast, his body outbreak the change, his Vampire changed body unexpectedly has used automatically, he very long has not used Vampire has changed the body, because could not need this to change the body by his present strength, naturally, even if he will change the body will not currently have any side effect, because his body has stiffened several times compared with before. What most is but main, he has not gone changes the body, his body unexpectedly turned into the Vampire pattern automatically.