Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1381

Draw back! Xia Tian retreats the Vampire pattern forcefully, because the Vampire pattern opens, he has the feeling of bloodthirsty. No wonder others said that so long as entered the Heavenly Connection Neidong can live can obtain Spirit Tool, because they run into the person of that world in Neidong, in that world Earth Grade late stage Expert had Spirit Tool, but can enter the person to Heavenly Connection Neidong, was almost Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, they here have definitely robbed Spirit Tool in that world person hand, but living the meaning on was many people are insatiably greedy , to continue was thorough in, either by Expert of that world is cut to kill, either was cut to kill by the ominous beast.” Xia Tian saying silently. He does not dare to be negligent. That world has existence of Heaven Grade Expert, who knows that here does have Heaven Grade Expert. Therefore he looked for a corner, planned to equip to put on neat once more has sent. First he treasure of Lucifer there snatching will take, he has placed above that small cover of Saint armor his chest directly, afterward this small cover on tight post above the chest of Xia Tian. Afterward he wore that pair of war boots outside his shoes, fought the boots is not boots, but took away several parts on shoes. As for the Saint sword, Xia Tian has not planned to take, with thing, although is also very easy-to-use, but was too big, with will be definitely remarkable. Later he will be mad the mercury to place the body, to prepare emergency requirement, [gold/metal] Dao was grasped by him in the right hand, like this begins also to be convenient, this time Xia Tian is it can be said that fully-armed. After putting on the equipment, Xia Tian started forward running. As he continues to enter, here person were getting more and more, once for a while can bump into several, but he discovered that along with his unceasing thorough, the hidden essence and blood in within the body is also ready to make trouble. Boy, you halt to me.” Xia Tian is planning to go forward time, suddenly was stopped by calling out, his also a little god, about looked. Looks at anything to look, called was you.” That person very impolite saying. „Did you call my boy a moment ago?” The Xia Tian temperament may be poor, happen to he is also pressing a lot of fires, but some unexpectedly people dare to provoke him now. Did not call you, that calls anyone, our young masters wanted to cope with a Rank 2 ominous beast, lacked several little brothers.” That person manner strong saying.

Your meaning is your young masters thinks, when my little brother? It is not good, my little brothers are selective, who is not wants to work as can work as.” Xia Tian very serious saying. „Was your boy tired of living? But our young masters the person of day Yong city profound family.” That person mentioned profound family time, on the face presented the complacent look. Profound family!” On the face of Xia Tian presented very surprised look. How is it? Feared.” Saying that person disdains. Has not heard.” Xia Tian returned to normal. Hateful, you dare to play me.” That person then understands that Xia Tian is playing him. You are sick, the father is a normal man, I play you to do, you are.” Xia Tian with a very disgusting vision looks that man said. You court death!” That man gets rid instantaneously, wants to teach Xia Tian. ! A clear palm of the hand sound, that man in same place, his hand gently touches own face, his unexpectedly was hit, and face-smacking. Your unexpectedly dares to hit me.” ! Also is a clear palm of the hand sound, Xia Tian has not spoken, but he used the fact to explain, he truly was hitting this man. I want you dead.” !

This time palm of the hand was transferring five that he hit directly same place, after five, his hand was pointing at another direction: Your unexpectedly dares to hit me, I will not let off your.” Bang! A Xia Tian foot trampled above his back, his body and ground have made the most intimate contact. Hears here sound, not far away, 78 people ran over. Young Master.” Lies in that male full mouth blood of ground has lifted the head. „Does small monkey, who hit?” That young master seems 27 or 28-year-old, but he had the Earth Grade greatly complete strength, if this talent in Xia Tian their this world, that simply were the super talent. He!” The small monkey with pointing at has referred to Xia Tian. „Do you know that who I am, unexpectedly dares to hit my little brother.” That young master looks at Xia Tian to ask wickedly. Who?” Xia Tian innocent asking. I am the day of Yong city profound family juniors.” Young Master proud saying of profound family, especially he spoke of profound and abstruse principles juniors these four characters time, on the face has written all over the self-satisfied look. Profound family juniors!” On the face of Xia Tian presented the expression of unusual exaggeration, was just the same as that expression. Snort, feared, but our profound family the top family in day Yong city, you kneels to knock three knocks to me now, I forgave you not dead.” The profound family young masters light snort said. Has not heard.” Xia Tian tranquil saying. His expression simply is 180 degrees shallowturn, but had a moment ago him with that small monkey is also this kind of dialog, lay in the small monkey of ground simply is thorough was speechless. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to play me.” The young masters of profound family said with small monkey exactly the same words.

I have discovered that you are sick, moreover is not absolutely normal, I obviously am a man, a very normal man, but your unexpectedly said that I play you, please respect my sex, I am not interested in the man.” Xia Tian serious saying. Gives on me.” Hears the Xia Tian words, profound family young masters already thorough was angry, he waves to side that seven subordinates, seven people have all fired into Xia Tian, their seven are Earth Grade late stage Expert. Seven Earth Grade late stage Expert also gets rid, very magnificent. This situation is difficult to see on Earth. Foshan non- shade foot.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout. Ah! A series of cries transmit, in seven mouths of people sent out has shaken the pitiful yell. Meanwhile another. Blue profound, our two were has also been survived, this, later our two did form a team how is it?” Liu Yu anticipates looked that asked to azure unreliably. „The time and place that good, we made coming, then together treasured hunt, if our two had the opportunity to cut to kill a Rank 1 ominous beast, that was better.” Nodded blue unreliably. „The front that two people halt to me.” Drinks to transmit greatly, afterward a grandiose form stood in their front, that form has put out a portrait: Has seen this person?” He.” Blue profound stares slightly. It seems like has seen, which told me him to go?”