Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1382

Said quickly, otherwise, I have killed you.” Lei Feng gives a loud shout, at this time blocks is blue unreliable their person Lei Feng. He went to that direction.” Blue profound said hurriedly. That direction is right?” Lei Feng with pointing at has referred to the left front. Right, is that direction.” Said blue unreliably. Good.” Lei Feng's satisfied nod, transfers the god to go afterward. Saw that Lei Feng has not moved them, they also relaxed, the innermost feelings sigh with emotion infinitely, was at this time, they noticed that their chest had two swords, from behind punctured. You. Did not say. Doesn't kill us?” Blue profound difficult saying. I said that I do not kill you, but I had not said that they do not kill you.” Lei Feng said that the form flushes away to the left front directly. Another. What?” Profound family young master whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, Xia Tian seems also about 20 years old, are most in his Xia Tian is also Earth Grade late stage Expert, but the Xia Tian unexpectedly flash has killed seven Earth Grade late stage Expert. It is not right. Does not kill, stepped on they seven feet in the ground. This is the Foshan non- shade foot in Xia Tian mouth. Can so easily defeat seven Earth Grade late stage people absolutely is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, moreover is not ordinary Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, thinks that the young masters of here time profound family have been shocked, he has thought one are the talent in talent 27 years old on cultivation to Earth Grade greatly complete Realm, but in front of him unexpectedly presented about a 20 year on cultivation to Earth Grade greatly complete Expert at this time. Envy. At this time his innermost feelings incomparable envy, he must kill in front of him the person. „Were your several waste doing, has killed him.” The profound family young masters said that has fired into Xia Tian, in his right hand has put out a Spirit Tool long sword.

It seems like this time can make a small wealth.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, although he does not like killing people to seize the treasure, but since these people have delivered, he naturally cannot be polite. !! The profound family young master’s swordsmanship is good, the consecutively two swords puncture, has blocked the Xia Tian about two groups directly. Carves the insect small technique.” Xia Tian body one short, has evaded the profound family young masters directly strikes, at the same time, other seven people have also extracted their foot, then lamely took the weapon of Spirit Tool rank to fire into Xia Tian. Xia Tian discovered that although here Earth Grade late stage above person has the weapon of Spirit Tool rank, but the weapons in their hand all are Low Rank Spirit Tool, scala media Spirit Tool does not have. Even if the young master status of this profound family is very probably high . Moreover the talent is also very good, but on him is scala media above Spirit Tool does not have similarly. Snort, do not want to run away.” After profound family young master cold snort, in the right hand the long sword direct thorn of Spirit Tool rank to Xia Tian, the speed was quick. Broken wind! He has the self-confidence to his sword. Because this sword wind can puncture, saw that this sword must puncture throat location in Xia Tian. dāng! His sword has anchored, his sword was gripped by two fingers stiffly, how regardless of he moves, the sword does not have the move slightest. How is this possible?” Inconceivable of profound family young master whole face. Anything is impossible, that moment when you get rid to me, you had been judged died.” The body of Xia Tian moved, his finger clamped that to move the sword. Puff! The sword blade edge delimited on the profound family young master’s neck, the profound family young masters to dying not to have understood what's the matter.

Meanwhile. Puff! Puff! Puff! Eight blood color break-ups get up, another eight people also fell down, Xia Tian all received the weapons of nine Spirit Tool ranks, this was also a small abundant harvest, after striking has killed these people, Xia Tian with Spiritual Force on the body searched. Really is this.” Xia Tian discovered that own body has the soul mark, after is that profound family young master died, stays behind. Xia Tian had already guessed correctly here person, especially on this wealthy family young master definitely will have the soul mark, he most is worried was chased down, especially the person in that world, who knows that they can send a Heaven Grade old monster to chase down itself. After writing off the soul has marked, Xia Tian continues to forward, this time he has not gotten rid again, because he understands, words that continues to get rid, that will definitely cause others' suspicion. Big! After walking for day a night, Xia Tian knows that here actually big, he also thinks that before the Heavenly Connection tower looks like the ordinary tower is the same, exceed is narrower to above, but this fourth was really too big. After small rest one next, Xia Tian continues to go forward. After he walked for probably 45 hours, he has discovered the person. Many people, least also several hundred people, moreover he discovered that this nearby becomes is different, here is similar Formation, his left there probably is a jungle is the same, vast, but his right probably is a desert is the same, a water drop does not have, his front also with before the road is the same. Sells Spirit Tool, sold to supply.” Xia Tian discovered that here unexpectedly has the small trading market. Sees this place, he walks to watch directly, he discovered that here anything has, the weapon of Spirit Tool rank, hidden weapon, food, compounded drug wait / etc.. However here price is not cheap, weapon unexpectedly of Spirit Tool rank must together spirit stone, although Xia Tian does not know that what exchange way their world are, but Xia Tian believes that this owes absolutely. The low grade spirit stone value may together compared with low grade Spirit Tool high many. Bandits'inn.

Xia Tian defines here as bandits'inn directly, what is most annoying is this bandits'inn does not cover up, their here sells low grade Spirit Tool together spirit stone, side writes 20 low grade Spirit Tool purchase prices is being together low grade spirit stone. The two sides differ 20 times. However what made his surprised was here really people are also buying, but most of them in the supplies class thing. Recruits soldiers, recruits soldiers.” Nearby some people shout, Xia Tian listens to be curious, therefore walked. How does this is recruit soldiers?” Xia Tian asked. What rank are you?” That person has sized up Xia Tian up and down. Earth Grade late stage.” Xia Tian said that his present strength truly is Earth Grade late stage, he has not lain. „A day ten spirit coins, meet the ominous beast to reward according to merit.” That person said. Good.” Xia Tian wants to comply, although he does not know the spirit coin the value, but he guessed that the spirit coin should be here currency, he is not interested in this thing, he just wants to go to have a look at this ominous beast forest with these people. Was right, enters here person to have the time limit, if I do not ask, can be seen through an affair.” Xia Tian thinks that here hurried asked to that person: Brother, I only remaining two days, what to do when the time comes did I directly pass on?” Ha Ha Ha Ha that person has laughed suddenly.