Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1383

Saw that the opposite party smiles, Xia Tian also thinks one exposed. Boy, looked that you are first time come to try one's luck, in Heavenly Connection god tower any place that has knot cannot transmit, in your hand takes should be most preliminary enters the amulet attached to a door, be only three days of time, has remembered, since you enter to the ominous beast forest at that moment on non- computing time.” That person of self-satisfied saying. I truly am first coming.” Xia Tian nodded. Good, later called my Biao elder brother to be good, mixed with Biao the elder brother and ensure your one month got down to accumulate spirit stone.” Biao elder brother very self-confident saying. Xia Tian has not said anything, he wants with going to have a look. Makes way quickly.” At this moment Biao the elder brother has drawn Xia Tian hurriedly, but this draws unexpectedly not to hold on Xia Tian. ! The Xia Tian safety mask was opened automatically, his was attacked. Is the whip, a red whip. Boy, makes way quickly.” Biao the elder brother reminded again. A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, the body goes to retreat, his vision looked to the person of getting rid, was a female, a female of scarlet, attacked Xia Tian a moment ago in her hand whip, at this time female behind enormous and powerful more than 100 people, in more than 100 people strength worst was Earth Grade late stage, even also more than ten individuals were Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. This time forgives your life, later do not appear before me.” Saying of scarlet female coldly. Xia Tian has not spoken. Xia Tian this person does not open the mouth to attack anyone generally on own initiative, if he attacks anyone orally, that may not kill anyone finally, but if who dares to get rid to him, and he has not attacked the opposite party words with the language. That this person must be careful.

The Xia Tian manner is, you offend my line, I can endure your several times, but if you offend my family member friend, I kill certainly you. Naturally, did not say you can endless offends me. You offend my first time, I endured \; You offend my second time, I also endured \; Your TM offends my third time, that very meaning, either you die, either you die. After that team of people entered ominous beast forest inside, Biao the elder brother ran: Your boy not awfully, that was the person of respected family, offended their you to have 100 heads insufficiently to lose.” „Is respected family very fierce?” Xia Tian asked. Your monster, comes out from Dashanli probably, the respected family was certainly fierce, their casual a few words can make us die without the burial ground.” Biao the elder brother mentioned that the time voice of respected family a little shivered, obviously he has the inborn fear to the respected family. „.” Xia Tian nodded. Can look from the response of young tiger Elder Brother, that world is not peaceful, world that is Expert is Venerable, the respected family has the absolute dominant position there, even does not have the law, the person of respected family said that whom kills to kill anyone. Naturally, possibly absolutely does not have the rule and order, otherwise already messed up, moreover found from former that two person there Xia Tian that they lived in the city, since lived in the city, that definitely had City Lord to keep the order, but these respected families have the special right. Summarizes is a few words, if Xia Tian goes to that world now, must die without doubt. It seems like I most at least must have the Heaven Grade strength to go to that world again, otherwise I went also dead.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, naturally he now biggest enemy or Lei Feng, if not defeat Lei Feng, that did not need to raise that place. Less than a half hour, Biao the elder brother called more than 20 individuals.

Was good, the time was also up, I get you to see the employer.” Biao the elder brother waved to them, they walked toward the ominous beast forest directly, walked for probably more than ten minutes, they saw a Formation tent. Outside the tent sat five people, the conditions of these five people are not good, the body a little injures more or less, moreover they have not taken the therapy compounded drug. I came back.” Biao the elder brother was saying to inside person. 24, ok, ugly customer, divides the money of first day, later every night pays them the commission, rewards according to merit.” Inside whole face full beard guy throws a bag. After Biao the elder brother turns on the bag, has sent ten spirit coins to everyone, the dollar of size of spirit coin on with Earth is a little similar, but their material qualities probably are the jade, moreover in the spirit coin also has existence of spiritual energy. Although the spirit coin is also the currency, but, the function of spirit coin is also similarly same as spirit stone, can be used to assist cultivation. In Xia Tian holds appreciatively to begin the spirit coin to be absolutely interesting. Fellow brothers, I called the big bear, you can call my Xiong elder brother, Xiong elder brother my this mixed outside, depended was the loyalty, so long as everybody is willing to go all out, I ensure spirit stone definitely was not the issue, killed the ominous beast to have the reward, set up the merit to have the reward, has saved other brothers also had the reward.” Xiong the elder brother strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Looks at Xiong elder brother's lofty aspirations and high ideals, surroundings these people were also lit the fighting spirit. Was right, Xiong the elder brother, this boy is good.” Biao the elder brother with pointing at has referred to Xia Tian, reason that he said that is because Xia Tian blocked a that family juniors whip matter not to have at that time. Although Biao the elder brother does not know that Xia Tian has used any method, but Xia Tian truly had blocked that family female at that time strikes, moreover sends without the wound. „?” Xiong the elder brother turned the head to look to Xia Tian, he knows that Biao the elder brother will not praise a person casually. Ugly customer, adds ten spirit coins to him.” Xiong the elder brother said directly. Good, Xiong elder brother.” Biao the elder brother has given the Xia Tian ten spirit coins again.

Xia Tian has not rejected, received directly. Was good, brothers, us.” Xiong the elder brother shouts one, afterward several other people received tent Formation. Meanwhile is ominous the beast forest outside. Hateful, how Xia Tian this boy runs is so quick , to continue to pursue.” Lei Feng said that directly flushed to the front, he has not gone to pay attention to the left ominous beast forest, Lei 12 kills merely following in his. Surroundings these people also on own initiative resigned a channel. In the ominous beast forest, Xia Tian they have bumped into the first ominous beast, this is Xia Tian first time sees the ominous beast, the appearance of ominous beast is a little strange. Is long a little looks like the deer, however its leg is more majestic than the lion, the eye is the blood red, the fur is the black. All people paid attention, is the stag beast, has killed him, the person of beginning can divide two spirit coins.” Xiong the elder brother gives a loud shout, afterward all people all flush away to the ominous beast, their speeds are fast. Under the generous recompense must have Isao, these people give the trick respectively. ! The stag beast sends out a great roar, afterward it has fired into the opposite these people directly.