Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1384

Xia Tian has not moved. This stag beast is truly fierce, but here these people are Earth Grade late stage above Expert, they get rid together, this stag beast a little could not shoulder. ! The stag beast sends out a great roar, afterward on it the corner/horn hit directly on a person of body, that Earth Grade late stage Expert was hit to fly directly. Puff! A blood spouts from that person of mouth. ! The stag beast sends out a great roar once more, afterward his body has fired into that injured person once again, its wisdom is high, it seems knows one must die was without doubt same, wants before to kill one person at the point of death. Dies.” Xiong the elder brother gives a loud shout, afterward the attacks of their several people maliciously pounding to fly that stag beast. Puff! Puff! Gets sick while you, wants you to assign, in the people hand various types of weapons greeted completely on the body of that ominous beast, more than 20 weapons, were less than ten seconds, that ominous beast solving. Yeah, what a pity.” Biao elder brother helpless shaking the head of. Ok, has a look that injured brother how, although the skin of this ominous beast has abandoned, but other places can also collect.” Xiong the elder brother consoles saying that such one chopped after people a moment ago randomly, the skin of this Rank 1 ominous beast has discarded completely. Biao the elder brother saluted simply that injured person, then gave everyone to send two spirit coins, including Xia Tian, a moment ago only then Xia Tian has not gotten rid, all people saw, but he gave Xia Tian to send two spirit coins. Immediately some people of unusual not being feeling well, the especially injured that person, he thinks he has been injured, should be looked, but Biao elder brother unexpectedly salutes, Xia Tian has not gotten rid, but Biao the elder brother has also issued him two spirit coins. Although that injured person is not feeling well, but he has not said anything, after all here Xiong elder brother they decides.

It seems like this team does not gain.” Xia Tian had calculated a moment ago, he bumped into that two people to say according to before that a Rank 1 ominous beast processes should better to sell three spirit stone prices, this must say was processing unusual was good, but also was only possible. Perhaps however now this ominous beast chopped pulp, links 50% prices unable to sell, he must apportion these 24 people of person of two spirit coins, is 48, remaining, their six people also score points. Moreover the consumables that a journey must bring have, therefore they cut the ominous beast that kills, has not gained anything. After bumping into this ominous beast, Xia Tian they have not bumped into any to be ominously beastly again, but they actually can hear not far away to have the cry of ominous beast, Xia Tian discovered that they are not seek for the ominous beast probably, but hides the ominous beast to go forward. The dark night arrived gradually. In the Heavenly Connection tower the most mysterious place does not have Sun, but actually divides daytime and dark night. Darkness, everybody do not wander about aimlessly, remember, in this small Formation can avoid the snakeworm.” The bear Columbia University sound shouts. Xia Tian with this team a day, he had discovered that this team is not catches the ominous beast absolutely, moreover this time enters in the ominous beast forest person to be many, although Xiong the elder brother they avoid other teams intentionally, but has bumped into many people, these people they are the same with Xiong the elder brother, not for ominous beast. But for inside some type of thing. Late at night, after all people have fallen asleep. Bang! A bang transmits, all people have all stood, in the hand has gotten hold of the weapon, although some people are the sleepy eyes are dim, but they have prepared all fight. The Xia Tian vision looks to the distant place. Bang! Also is a bang, the inside of woods sends out a bright, is bright, the entire woods as if were illuminated the daytime to be the same, but only two seconds, after two seconds, will return to the darkness.

! ! Great roars transmit. Puff! The body of Xia Tian clashes. Hateful, unexpectedly automatically changed the body.” Xia Tian suppressed this hidden essence and blood once more, was good because of this time is the dark night, otherwise the people will certainly discover his change. From now on will stand night watch in turn, three people of one group, one group of double-hour.” Xiong the elder brother orders to say. The people assigned their group quickly, Xia Tian are assigned in the team of first standing night watch, they started to inspect, other people continued to rest. Hey, you, chat, stands night watch in any case cannot sleep.” An appearance thin man they waved to Xia Tian. Xia Tian and another men passed, for their three did not disturb these person of rests on directly the number. Which you from come?” That thin man asked. Day Yong city.” Xia Tian spoke thoughtlessly to say. Earthen city wall.” Another person said. „, I am Hong Shuicheng come, you heard that our times do need to do?” The thin man asked. They have not spoken.

I heard that our time comes to not to catch the ominous beast, if catches the ominous beast, does not walk from here, our time goals are the central areas, it is said there has the buried treasure born.” The thin man noticed that Xia Tian they have not spoken, therefore said directly. „Is buried treasure born?” Xia Tian and another person a little are surprised. Right, is the buried treasure is born, you still remember that a moment ago that ray of light, this is the celestial phenomenon, it is said recently every night this ray of light will appear, all everybody suspected that has the buried treasure born, either is the god soldier or the super weapon, will therefore make such big move to come.” The thin man noticed that Xia Tian their surprised expressions enjoy, he likes on others' face presenting this expression, this will appear the matter that he will know will be many. „, I also think that some people fight in inside.” Another person nodded. How possibly to fight, this is the person fight of any rank can make such big move to come, recently the people of various respected families entered the ominous beast forest in abundance, to rob treasure of this birth, our teams are also the words that wants to try one's luck, the luck good words, perhaps really can pick some good treasure.” That thin man said. Bang! At this moment, that ray of light shone once more, was still two seconds afterward vanishes. Puff! The body of Xia Tian moves. The hidden essence and blood in within the body helped him change the body once more, he controlled his vitality restoration hurriedly, but he was away from that thin man to be too near, although a moment ago was less than five seconds. But the thin man saw. At this time the thin man surprised looks at Xia Tian: You.” Do not rest, tonight will look like will have the important matter to occur.” At this moment Xiong the elder brother has shouted one below.