Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1385

! The roar of ominous beast continuously. The first vibration, Xiong elder brother can also to stand night watch in turn, but the second vibration absolutely is not normal, therefore Xiong the elder brother asked all people to get up. Quickly gets down, Xiong elder brother called us.” Another person said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. That thin man wants to ask Xia Tian anything, may not ask finally, they jumped with Xia Tian. Brothers, you also saw, the middle definitely had any important matter, perhaps has the treasure born, we now on the past, if our luck is good, that was developed.” Xiong elder brother excited saying. Surroundings these people were also infected by his atmosphere. Listened to the words of thin man, Xia Tian to understand, Xiong the elder brother they the goal of most starting are for this time buried treasure, but he actually gradually tempted the people to enter here. Obviously this definitely is not all the way tranquil. If some people are not willing to go, now can leave, I do not demand.” Xiong the elder brother said that the vision 11 has swept on the body of people. Nobody did not agree. Good, since everybody agreed that we.” Xiong the elder brother said. The dark night embarks, although is not quite safe, so long as everybody careful point does not have what issue, after all the people on the scene are Earth Grade late stage above Expert, can induce to existence of crisis, if there is a poisonous snake and so on sneak attack, everybody will immediately also discover. Their this small teams have arrived at the daytime from dark night. ! Stops!” Xiong the elder brother has lifted the hand suddenly, all people have all anchored the footsteps. Afterward Xiong the elder brother squatted on the ground, his hand placed in the ground, his complexion immediately changed: Alert, is the Rank 2 ominous beast.” Hears the Rank 2 ominous beast time, all people all are the complexion change.

The Rank 2 ominous beast, is here quite terrifying ominous is beastly. General three Earth Grade greatly complete Expert carry on the dying war, may defeat a Rank 2 ominous beast. Xia Tian has discovered that in this team only then Xiong an elder brother person is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, other people also all are the Earth Grade late stage people, at this time presents the Rank 2 ominous beast, might present the casualties very much. Static! At this time calmed down on the spot all of a sudden. ! The flash, a silver form threw from side directly, a nearest man was fallen down by that silver form directly, at this time the people saw the grinding type of this ominous beast. Wolf! Is a silver war wolf. Fights the wolf to be nipped directly by the person who he falls down to that. Evil livestock!” Xiong the elder brother gives a loud shout, afterward his huge form hit directly in has fought the body of wolf. Bang! Fought the body of wolf to be hit to draw back two steps, was these two steps, Biao the elder brother has drawn from the ground that person: Counter-attack.” Hears the counter-attack time, all people have all gotten hold of the weapon in oneself hand. ! The silver fights head more than two meters of wolf, its speed is fast, was hit the instance that draws back by the bear elder brother, it started to counter-attack, was only one second, in its once more attack a person. Puff! The arm of that person was curled a big slice of meat directly, if were not he has had the feeling to the crisis, that silver fought the wolf patting a moment ago his head.

At this time other people attacked also arrive. Puff! The silver fights the speed of wolf to be quick, his body leaps, the tail swept directly on Earth Grade late stage Expert, bruised and lacerated that person by silver wolf pulling out. Quite fierce.” People all by the strength of silver wolf deep shock. Do not be frightened by it, three people of one group, forms the overlapping defense stance.” Xiong the elder brother gives a loud shout, afterward his body hit once more on the body of silver wolf, at the same time in his hand presented a great hammer. Hears Xiong elder brother's words, people responded that they deferred to the standing night watch group of assignment to start to form a team last night. Xia Tian and that thin man, another person of three people form one group. Other people fast had also found their team member. Three people of one group of overlapping defense can prevent the sneak attack of silver wolf. Bang! Great hammer in Xiong elder brother hand pounded directly on the body of silver wolf, the silver wolf is pounded about 34 meters directly, but simultaneously Xiong elder brother's arm also maliciously had pulled out by the silver wolf. Brothers, on, were to show the time of our strength now.” Biao the elder brother gives a loud shout, afterward all people all flush away to the silver wolf, the silver wolf worthily is the Rank 2 ominous beast. How although to be flown by the bear elder brother, but it has stood immediately firm her body, afterward flushes away directly forward, at this time is away from their recent Xia Tian this three people of squads. Although their three overlapping defense, when their so short distance saw that moment of silver wolf a little hoodwinked, the thin man clenched teeth, closed the eye directly, iron bar in right hand has brandished directly. He has managed not to this iron bar be able at this time to hit. Spatial bright fist! Fist making in Xia Tian right hand slowly. Bang!

iron bar of thin man from the silver wolf three centimeters, the body of silver wolf directly has also flown upside down, but looks from others' angle that the silver wolf was hit to fly by the thin man. What? The thin people, your unexpectedly is so fierce.” All people all surprisedly look at that thin man. The thin man also a little hoodwinked, he closed one's eyes a moment ago, anything had not seen, although he does not know that what happened, but he hit to fly that silver wolf obviously a moment ago probably. Thin person, you do well.” Biao the elder brother said: Brothers counter-attack.” ! The body of silver wolf hit to stop after a big tree, afterward it stood up, has fired into Xia Tian once more they, the thin man thinks a moment ago one hit the silver wolf, therefore his self-confidence instantaneous full house, iron bar in his hand made once more. Whiz! At this moment, the body of silver wolf vanished in same place. Quite quick.” The Xia Tian vision looked that to position that the silver wolf vanished. Puff! Three people defend the people of squad to be fallen down by the silver wolf, simultaneously another three people of squads pulled out by the tail of silver wolf fly. Hateful, lets loose them.” Xiong the elder brother gave a loud shout a hammer to pound directly on the body of silver wolf, the body of silver wolf is pounded to fly again about three meters. Its weakness in the place of throat, meets its throat that you hit.” Xia Tian said in the ear of thin man. Volume!” The thin man stares slightly: But it not obedient makes me hit, so long as it, when I attack it the neck draws back backward, can neutralize my strength.” Believes itself, on us.” Xia Tian has patted his shoulder, afterward their this threesomes have fired into the silver wolf directly.