Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1386

Three people have fired into silver wolf directly. ! The silver wolf just stood firm the personal appearance, sees to fire into own threesome, it throws directly forward. Is now.” Thin person both hands grip iron bar, he exhausted the strength of oneself whole body to pound directly to the throat of silver wolf, at this time he has closed the eye once more, he started to pray. Prayed that the silver wolf is a SB wolf, does not know to dodge. The vision of silver wolf one horizontal, the body must go to retreat directly. Spatial bright fist. At this moment, silver wolf felt that own scruff had been pounded by one vigorously maliciously, these are usually most is also makes it be selected the small wound, but its front also has powerful iron bar at this time. Bang! Ka! Sound of bone break reaches in the ears of all people. Succeeded. Thin person unexpectedly succeeded. The throat bone of silver wolf by thin person full how struck to break directly. Bang! The body of silver wolf fell down. When the thin person opens the eye, he had been lifted by everybody, excited, at this time the people incomparable excitement , if not the thin person, their this team definitely some people will die, but now on most people have hung out colored streamers, but any dead. Thin person, too extraordinary.” Biao the elder brother runs excited saying.

At this time they it can be said that win total victories, that their unexpectedly died without any person cut to kill a Rank 2 ominous beast silver wolf, and did not have the fur of damage silver wolf, such silver wolf can sell a high price. This time they got rich. Xia Tian shows a faint smile has not spoken. This time thin person has not responded from the matter that he to the present cannot believe the silver wolf is really a SB wolf, oneself hit on his stick. This silver wolf material at least can sell ten low grade spirit stone, quickly processes, meets me to give everybody a cent of money, the thin person merit is biggest, thin person minute of spirit stone, other brothers are divided ten spirit coins together, with thin person one group of two brother 20.” Xiong the elder brother steps onto saying that Xiong elder brother's behind four people started to decompose the silver wolf directly. The people heard that can divide to these many spirit coins, very excited, they everyone the minute to 12 spirit coins, today these ten has added on their employment money yesterday is 20, in other words, two days they obtained 32 spirit coins, this is the prize investment. At this time they also started to envy to have the thin person and Xia Tian they. A thin person has divided spirit stone directly, this is spirit stone, spirit stone can trade 100 spirit coins, the thin person these has gotten rich directly, but they think that does not have the thin person they are impossible such with ease to kill the silver wolf, therefore they also obtain spirit stone not to have what objection to the thin person. However Xia Tian and another person divide to 20 spirit coins, they a little have not been feeling well, after all they had not noticed that Xia Tian and that person gave any strength, rushes besides their three same places, Xia Tian has hit beside a fist to the air, their anything has not done. Immediately the people are very discontented looks to Xia Tian and another person. Was good, everybody is brothers, so long as we work with concerted efforts, that later treasure must have.” Biao the elder brother said hurriedly that he looked everybody had the opinion, he understands that a team cannot be too peaceful, but same cannot have the too big difference. If were too peaceful, they may join up to select the problem of leader very much, if there is a too big difference, that this team to disbanding is not far. Therefore Biao the elder brother must measure is coming. This also why he urged everybody do not quarrel, but did not say why considered the Xia Tian reason each time. Whistling! Bear elder brother, our time was developed, this silver wolf skin damage does not have, this is very rare, this silver wolf skin will certainly sell a good price.” Person excited saying of that specialized dismantling fur. Makes way.” At this moment, their rear some people shout.

Is the person of respected family. Sees the opposite party enormous and powerful more than 100 people, they understood, this certainly is a person of respected family, therefore they resigned a channel hurriedly. Sedan chair. Xia Tian saw the sedan chair. Here unexpectedly also some people carry a sedan chair. Moreover the people who carries a sedan chair are Earth Grade late stage Expert. On Earth, Earth Grade late stage Expert may be ruling a region by force super figure, Expert of sovereign rank, that wields conveniently, some countless people are willing to work oneself to death for him, person of wasting money. But here, Earth Grade late stage Expert unexpectedly is carrying a sedan chair. Xiong elder brother and the others do not lift, does not look at that sedan chair, stands on one side, was waiting for they pass. Stops At this moment, the person on sedan chair shouts suddenly. Stopped. The enormous and powerful more than 100 people such stopped, after they stopped, Xiong elder brother's brow immediately a wrinkle, he suddenly one unlucky premonitions. That silver wolf skin is good, I wanted.” A person on sedan chair said. Hears these words time, Xia Tian them all people all are in the heart one cold, once the silver wolf skin did not have, Xiong the elder brother will again definitely not give them that many rewards, the core value of this Rank 2 ominous beast on silver wolf skin. Small five, delivers silver wolf skin.” Xiong the elder brother said directly. Bear elder brother, cannot give.” Small five anxious saying.

Small five, is obedient.” Xiong the elder brother gives a loud shout, the appearance that sees Xiong elder brother, small five can helpless walked, afterward has attained by the silver wolf skin the sedan chair. Bang! At this moment, the small five bodies have flown upside down directly. Small five!” Xiong elder brother and the others caught hurriedly slightly five. Puff! A blood spouts from the small five mouths, a move, merely one move will be small five to wound, but the silver wolf skin fell on the sedan chair at this time that person of hand: This is only a lesson, you will die next time, walk.” The enormous and powerful team led the way once more. Just was very happy people, now actually a speech did not have, the silver wolf skin did not have, their this using energy untold hardships fought has almost wasted, although the remaining materials can also sell 34 spirit stone, but here some these many people, everyone also divided are less than anything. Depressing. The atmosphere is depressing, everybody understands that they cannot offend these respected families, if they dare to revolt, they will die. At this time outside ominous beast forest. This fellow unexpectedly entered to here came, it seems like Lei Feng will definitely pursue the bad direction, happen to I can bring back the monster king mask.” Wears person of body mask to dodge directly to enter in the ominous beast forest. After he leaves. „The speed of this fellow is quite slow, such pursues not to pursue one or two Heavens!.” A golden hair man said. Really troublesome, or holds front that to wear the fellow of mask, making him a bit faster guide.” Drunken male very impatient saying.