Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1387

Yeah!” Xia Tian sighed. His sigh broke tranquilly, all people looked to him. You sighed any air/Qi, if you were not feeling well you to snatch.” First time with the Rank 1 ominous beast fight on that man saying of being wounded gratefully, he already looked at Xia Tian not to be feeling well, Xia Tian has not made anything obviously each time, but minute money time has not actually been short the difference. Is, you have skill you to go with doing against of these respected families, what here heaved a sigh was any skill.” Other people are also echo to say. They looked that Xia Tian was not feeling well was very long. Brothers.” The thin people shout suddenly, hear the thin person to shout propaganda, everybody was peaceful, because the strength of thin person obtained everybody's approval a moment ago: Everybody is brothers, you did not think that you such do aim at him not to be a little good? You pushed aside him, will you obtain?” Hears the words of thin person, everybody was peaceful. The reason that reason that the thin people stand was he thinks these times matter too fishy. From that night, he saw since the change on Xia Tian face, he thought that Xia Tian was not simple, he struck to kill that moment of Rank 2 ominous beast silver wolf, was Xia Tian makes him go, at that time his bottom did not have. Because he does not believe one can defeat the silver wolf, but he succeeded. He thinks that Xia Tian absolutely is not an average person. Right that thin person said that since we are team inside brothers, that should not say these, was good, we continue to go forward, perhaps in us which person obtained an ultimate treasure, then soars, later also establishes a own respected family, our other people can also with profiting at someone's expense.” Xiong the elder brother also opens the mouth for the Xia Tian speech. After hearing Xiong elder brother's words, nobody said anything again, they thought Xiong the elder brother said also right, if after , all of a sudden developed. The following road was good, moreover their this squads harvested many, they have bumped into six Rank 1 ominous beasts, the thin person was also the big show invincible might, the thin people can use the smallest casualties solution fight each time.

Just started the thin person also to think one cut to kill that silver wolf is only the coincidence, but after these fought him to discover that one was very probably fierce, so long as full brandished own iron bar to hit these ominous beasts with ease. He also does not understand why these ominous beasts probably are hit on his stick to be the same, he once thinks that this has awakened any new ability. Therefore he has not gone to think that this thinks directly is natural. This time thin person could be said as the self-confidence full house, simultaneously he also had the fellow who another was called the small rock pile to regard as Xia Tian is his little brother, because he thinks that their three were predestined friends very much, from most started to divide a group, since their three minutes to a group, he probably was the soul takes possession was the same. Ha Ha, the thin person, this is seventh that you kill is ominously beastly, you were really better and better.” Saying that Biao the elder brother appreciates, here other people are also the worships looks at the thin person. In their eyes the thin person simply is super Expert. No matter what crisis each time presents, so long as the thin person a stick gets down, that ominous beast will directly be cut to kill, but the thin person does not come up to get rid each time, but when is most essential gets rid. Everybody thinks that thin person this is to let them exercises own strength. This is a secret, only then the thin person their three knows. The thin people each time are when Xia Tian said begins begins, he began to the ominous beast to create at this time each time strikes to kill, the opportunity that therefore he got rid of each time was the Xia Tian speech time. Brothers, so long as we in one vigorous effort, even if has not obtained the buried treasure finally, the conservative estimate our obtains two spirit stone to have the possibility.” Xiong the elder brother to saying that everybody inflates. He has not thought that this time recruits soldiers unexpectedly to incur to thin person Expert. The strength that the thin people show is very strong.

Stops!” The bear elder brother who gone forward beckons with the hand to say suddenly. All people stopped, at this time in front of them is having a fight, has the fight is not others, that respected family juniors who robbed their silver wolf skin a moment ago, at this time their this team facing a Rank 2 ominous beast. However fights the person who to have three people in front. Other people still stand there, anybody has not come up the help, that wealthy family juniors still on the sedan chair, do not have. Opposite that Rank 2 ominous beast is the big cat, a very big cat, from top to bottom the black superficial knowledge, the eye is the blue color. Although strength very formidable of big cat, the dogfight that but that three person uniform Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, their three keep with the big cat, has not been worrying to win, the fights of these three people are very steady. Is injured without any person. Quite fierce.” Biao elder brother saying of cannot help but. At this time these three people running around in circles that the big cat dawdles, the fight of this rank and they compared at that time, was were too simply many, others three people, but they all people all had gotten at that time rid, that many people were injured. Xiong elder brother was also injured. This is the disparity. Others more than 100 people of teams, only then three people get rid to have this grade of strength. They actually spell to try.

They want this big cat complete skin, therefore intentionally shivers.” Xiong the elder brother answered. Hears Xiong elder brother's explanation, everybody is clear, these three people are not cannot kill the big cat immediately, but to want complete skin, is likely silver wolf that type of complete skin. Quite slow.” Sits respected family young master impatient saying on sedan chair. Young Master, was that group of people a moment ago, these people who gives to your silver wolf skin, might as well make them try, perhaps they have the means a bit faster to end the fight.” Saying that under a famous artisan curries favor with. „?” The young master of that respected family has lifted the head slowly: Behind, gives you an opportunity , helping me have killed this big cat, remember, I want the complete skin, if there is any damage, I want you to die, if helped me kill it, and skin was complete, I gave you together the spirit stone service charge.” The young master of respected family said very optional, as if kills these people are pinches several flies to be the same regarding him. Although his words are extremely arrogant, but Xiong elder brother their here all people, dare not to say without any person. spirit stone takes a complete Rank 2 ominous beast corpse together. Calculates that is owes, but they do not dare to reject. Thin person, you?” Xiong the elder brother worries looks to thin person. Ok, our three people of groups on, do not have the issue together absolutely.” The thin people strike one's chest the guarantee saying that reason that other people think the thin person take Xia Tian and small rock pile to rise to them the rising fame, saves everybody to gossip. Good, this time looked your.” Xiong elder brother helpless saying.