Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1388

Although the opposite party has only given a spirit stone reward. However they know that they could not reject, if they rejected, this 30 people of squad instantaneously will be cut to kill by the opposite party, a living witness will not remain, they believe absolutely the opposite party had this strength. Therefore the opposite party is anything does not give, they same must go. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! That three Earth Grade greatly complete Expert forms drew back, returned in the team. Attack nape of the neck, this is can protect the means of this skin only.” Xia Tian with the sound that only then they can hear said. Good, attention security.” The thin people nodded the reminder to say. Meow! The big cat exuded one to yell, blue eye stubbornly was staring at Xia Tian their three, afterward it has fired into Xia Tian directly fast their three, the speed was fast. Is now.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. Kazakh Ah! Thin person both hands have gotten hold of iron bar, afterward he gave a loud shout, exhausts the strength of oneself whole body to pound to big cat the place of throat. Snort, depended on this also to kill the big cat.” Saying that the juniors of that respected family disdain. Spatial bright fist. Xia Tian soft fought with the fists in the vacancy.

The body of big cat just about to a revolution, it wants to sweep away with tail one Xia Tian they pulls out flies, is at this moment, it felt suddenly her scruff layer on layer had been hit, afterward its body flushes away directly forward, the scruff was hit, its head backward was supine, this, its neck completely exposed in the front of thin person. Bang! Ka! Sound of bone break conveys. What?” Sits that respected family juniors whole faces on sedan chair inconceivable looks to fall to the ground the big cat that. Has succeeded, good, he has succeeded.” Xiong elder brother and the others excited saying, their hearts were hanging a moment ago, they worried that the thin person has any mistake, they understand, once the thin person has any mistake, their more than 30 people might be killed. Now the thin person they have succeeded, that more than 30 people all lived. That was only big cat a moment ago moron was right?” Sits in asking that the respected family juniors on sedan chair have doubts. Succeeded.” The thin people relaxed, he noticed a moment ago obviously that was only big cat to turn the head to sweep their several with the tail, he also thinks one will definitely be defeated, but he did not have to think own unexpectedly succeeded finally. That is only big cat unexpectedly in turn around has laid out own neck instantaneously, probably is the appearance that brings death on own initiative. Processed this big cat.” The respected family juniors said that afterward he put out spirit stone to throw on the ground: Whoops, excuse me, has not grasped, you must pick.” Said that on his face has shown the smiling face of pondering. No matter what everyone can look, he is insulting thin person their this group of people, together revenging of spirit stone quite in not having, him intentionally has also thrown the ground to make the thin person pick. Bah!

Respected family juniors direct phlegm spat on that spirit stone. The scene was peaceful immediately, because the behavior of this respected family juniors was really too excessive, but they felt indignant but not daring to speak out, if they dare to go forward to figure out with the respected family juniors at this time, that final fate only then, that was rolled to extinguish. Young Master, can handle matters for you are our being honored, the reward does not use.” Saying of thin person persuasive words, his words said that has the discretion, not only to fully the face of respected family juniors, and indicated itself not to pick this spirit stone. Immediately Xiong elder brother and the others admire looks to the thin person. Appropriate advantage that because these words of thin person said that this can avoid a disaster obviously. Said that you did not show due respect for the feelings.” Everybody thinks this time matter can such completely be solved, that moment when the respected family juniors open the mouth, everybody understood, respected family juniors this was clarifies is to insult them. How regardless of they do, cannot avoid. The words of this respected family juniors quite therefore have brought to light, the meaning is you today picks must pick, does not pick must pick. Good, I pick.” The thin people swung the tooth, on his face the blue vein sticks out suddenly, thus it can be seen, actually he has made the big resolution. I pick.” At this moment, the form flashes through together, has picked up ground spirit stone instantaneously, that form right hand wields, the phlegm on spirit stone vanished, this form is not others, is Xia Tian, at this time a Xia Tian face smiling face looks at spirit stone: Really good, but also some people give spirit stone, thanked this young master.” Sees the Xia Tian action, all people were shocked. Xiong elder brother's behind these people feel immediately shamefully, they also pushed aside Xia Tian before, when is most embarrassed, was Xia Tian has actually picked up this spirit stone. „Did I make you pick?” When everybody thinks this matter definitely passed, the facial color of that respected family juniors suddenly one cold.

Hears his words, everybody understood, the juniors of this respected family must insult the thin person, strength very formidable that because the thin person displayed a moment ago, the juniors of their these respected families most cannot look is the talent, or some people of abilities are outstanding, the strength that the thin person showed a moment ago is very strong, therefore he must with insulting the thin person raises his sale price. The meaning of this procedure was saying that you were not fierce, you were not cow B, was that also what kind of? Also is not I asks you to do you to do. „Did you eat to decide me?” A Xia Tian face smiling face juniors who looks at respected family. Hears Xia Tian these words, Xiong elder brother behind the hearts of all people are thump, they know that the matter is bad, juniors who Xia Tian unexpectedly dares the contradicting respected family, this is courting death simply. He he, you very have plants, how long nobody has dared to contradict I.” The juniors of respected family have sneered, he thinks very interesting, some unexpectedly people dare to contradict oneself. This at usually radically unlikely matter. I biggest problem is did not look that the brothers were bullied, you bully me to be able, bullies my brother, is not good.” Xia Tian swung front finger. Hears his these words time, Xiong elder brother's behind person soon collapsed. Prepares to escape, runs away separatedly, can run away several is several.” Xiong the elder brother said in a low voice that he understands, this that respected family juniors were will definitely not let off them, they must prepare escape. The people have all prepared escaping immediately, cracks a joke, this is breaknecks. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” The respected family juniors started to laugh directly, he thought that he had discovered very amusing matter was the same, this time he also probably found his new toy to be the same: You said that I bullied you, can you I be what kind of?”