Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1389

Three moves take in the number of people.” Xia Tian stands there very loud shouting to clear the way. Peaceful! Scene thorough was peaceful. Because the mouth of Xia Tian said that has most let they frightened and inconceivable matter, they understand, today's matter definitely cannot friendly, because Xia Tian these words already thorough enraging opposite party. The juniors complexion of that respected family was cold immediately, smiling face also thorough disappearance on his face. Extremely arrogant. His entire life first time hears the so extremely arrogant words, some unexpectedly people dares such to speak to him, now kills the opposite party to quell his anger simply insufficiently: Your unexpectedly dares such to speak to me.” I give you an opportunity, now you walk, I do not haggle over, otherwise in my three moves takes in your surely the number of people.” Xia Tian sound very light, was similar he saying that a very optional matter was the same. All people think that Xia Tian simply was too extremely arrogant. Now around that respected family juniors has more than 100 Expert, Earth Grade late stage has 100 people, Earth Grade greatly complete has more than 20 individuals, Xia Tian unexpectedly said that must under the protections of these many Expert, cuts to kill that respected family juniors. This simply is fantasy story. You were insane, quickly apologized.” The thin people console to say hurriedly. Knew that your good, hoping the opportunity we also to say goodbye.” Xia Tian is showing a faint smile to the thin person. You were saying anything.” The thin people frown to say. Xia Tian had not replied, but looks once more to front that respected family juniors, that respected family juniors at this time already thorough was angry, the arrogance of Xia Tian has made him feel own face by the deep stabbing pain. He has as if remembered one in family at this time, he was bullied the time by other family inside juniors the scene, reason that he bullies these powder to cultivate outside, to seek balances at heart.

But now Xia Tian unexpectedly makes him present that type to be bullied the feeling of time again. He wants Xia Tian dead, he must all scatter in these air/Qi that in the family receives on the body of Xia Tian, he must let suffer Xia Tian, making Xia Tian live to might as well die, he must regard Xia Tian is these defeated his person, suffering dead Xia Tian maliciously. Calls to be remnant he me, I must live.” The respected family juniors clenched the teeth to say. The flash has fired into Xia Tian from Xia Tian recent three Earth Grade greatly complete Expert directly, their speeds are fast, the attack in hand is sharp. Has Xia Tian stands in same place moved. Went well?” When three people think one must go well immediately. Bang! Their attacks by protective film blocking. Saint armor! On Xia Tian has put on Lucifer Saint armor, in the past the Lucifer strength had not arrived at Earth Grade late stage time can defeats three in China four big Expert by Saint armor and Saint sword, thus it can be seen Saint armor is actually terrorist. Besides Yin Nie defeats Saint armor fully, the defense of Saint armor had not been broken, because of this, therefore Saint armor will be called defends absolutely. Although these three people are Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but they are just ordinary Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, the strength does not even have the Maoshan old ancestors to be fierce. Rumbling! Meanwhile, other Expert also come to the Xia Tian attack, but they discovered that how regardless of attack, is unable to break the Xia Tian defensive power. What?” All people all are one startled, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so fierce, his unexpectedly so easily has blocked the attacks of these many Earth Grade greatly complete Expert.

Standing of this time Xia Tian face smiling face there, he has not handled anything, but the attacks of these people actually completely kept off there, at this moment the juniors of that respected family also hoodwinked. He has not seen Xia Tian this Martial Arts. This Martial Arts was really too strange. How is this possible?” The surrounding all people this time all hoodwinked, attack unexpectedly of their these many people were completely invalid to Xia Tian. The first move. Xia Tian stretched out a finger, afterward in his right hand presented a great sword, this great sword Lucifer Saint sword, at this time Xia Tian has used the Lucifer war attire. Bang! A Xia Tian sword lays out, he is a horizontal position, at this time in front of him has eight Earth Grade greatly complete Expert there god, they have not thought that the Xia Tian speed can be so fast. Bang! Eight forms maliciously were flown by this sword pounding directly, eight Earth Grade greatly complete Expert such were struck by Xia Tian on the racket flies. What?” At this time Xiong elder brother and the others do not know that should say anything. The thin people understand finally why he can that relaxed cutting kill each time is ominously beastly, because is Xia Tian intentionally delivers to front of him to let the homicide these ominous beasts each time, therefore he only needed casual beginning to be OK. Xiong the elder brother behind these felt embarrassed the Xia Tian person at this time the back all has been the cold sweat, they felt that they were moron, unexpectedly dare to feel embarrassed such terrifying fellow at that time simply. This boy is not really simple.” Biao the elder brother has remembered at that time him with the bear elder brother introduced Xia Tian the time.

Is impossible, this is impossible, gives on me, all gives on me.” That respected family juniors angry shouting, he has a dream does not have to think own eight Earth Grade greatly complete Expert one will be hit to fly by the enemy, moreover could not stand evidently in a short time. The second move. Xia Tian stretched out Lian Gen to point, afterward the left hand grasped in the air, the surrounding air current had the huge change, these fired into the Xia Tian person to discover that their bodies were suspended a straight line probably, the enormous and powerful over a hundred people stood a row. This is crisp.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the under foot silver light dodges, afterward he exhausts both hands to hold the Saint sword fully, his entire body flushes away to the front directly. Bang! Bang! Bang! Over a hundred forms by Xia Tian one after another to flying. This time Xia Tian looks like a motion fortress is the same. The flash, opposite party that strongest team thoroughly disintegrates, their bodies were all pounded the different positions, have taken back the left hand that Xia Tian gets rid instantaneously, his left hand may not have to idle, the racket flies, his left hand on the body of opposite party fast touches, at this time that over a hundred Expert weapons and goods took in the small cauldron by Xia Tian completely. No, this is impossible.” The juniors whole face of that respected family inconceivable looks at Xia Tian: You are Heaven Grade Expert, how is this possible?” He has a dream thinks that does not arrive this boy unexpectedly that before him seems 20 years old does not arrive is Heaven Grade Expert, naturally this is only his guess, but he could not find out other possibilities. Because besides Heaven Grade Expert, some impossible people so to be terrorist. The third move. Xia Tian stretched out three fingers.