Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1390

When Xia Tian stretches out the third finger. His left hand grasps. That sat the respected family juniors body on sedan chair has flown in his hand on this, the hand of Xia Tian was grasping the neck of that respected family juniors. No, you cannot kill me.” At this time that respected family juniors already thorough hoodwinking, he felt one see is not Heaven Grade Expert, but is the devil, because he felt that Heaven Grade Expert is impossible to be so terrorist. Xiong elder brother and the others the chins must fall to the ground, the ability that Xia Tian uses they listen not to hear. Xia Tian all actions make person this whole life unable to forget. He altogether has used three moves. The first move, the racket flew eight Earth Grade greatly complete Expert \; The second move, turns into a straight line all enemies, then a sprint being completely muddled that these people all hit \; The third move, waves, that respected family juniors like this appear in his hands, is flies. Is this person? Although they do not know Heaven Grade Expert fiercely, but they determined that perhaps Heaven Grade Expert cannot achieve Xia Tian to be so terrorist. Comes out to mix, said that three moves kill you, takes three moves to kill you, you make me not kill you, I do not kill you, I do not have the face very much.” Xia Tian very optional saying. You have killed me, you do not listen my not to have the face very much, I said that you have killed me.” The juniors of that respected family shout hurriedly. Such inexpensive request, does not satisfy your words, I was embarrassed.” Xia Tian said that the right hand wields, a number of people high throws. The fight ended, in the flash that the fight finished, the body of Xia Tian also vanishes in same place. Until after Xia Tian leaves, Xiong elder brother and the others have not responded from the shock, after they looked at around one these injured Expert, he only spoke a few words: Runs, the team dismisses, runs, leaves here, do not come back again.”

Afterward the people open directly run away. They understand that this time matter was absolutely small, the juniors death of respected family, this is not the minor matter, moreover here these Expert were injured, had not died, after their recovering consciousness one breath, how possibly to let off oneself this group of people. Therefore they must run. Can run many runs far. The thin people looked same place, looked iron bar in own hand, he understood, own beforehand self-confidence absolutely does not have any use, he will thoroughly change from this moment that average person. Run away! This is his second idea. This group of people started to escape completely. At this time can also stand person has four, is that four to the person who the respected family the young master carries a sedan chair, have not put down the sedan chair their four to the present, because they think that they possibly were too tired, has had a dream. They do not believe what own this time sees is real. Whiz! Leaves in Xia Tian shortly, wore the person of mask to present here, these injured Expert can stand at this time, but they have left behind a wound more or less, some broke several bones, some left the internal injury. However regarding them most terrorist is their weapon and therapy compounded drug spirit stone anything all disappears. Vanishing into thin air. When sees wears the person of mask, in them Earth Grade greatly complete Expert directly walked: Hey, hands over on you all things, spirit stone, the weapon, the compounded drug, otherwise we have killed you.” Puff!

When his words just said that his number of people already high flew. Leave to me.” Led the person of mask saying that pursued to the Xia Tian direction directly, place these Expert that he passed by were all struck to fly by him. These people all hoodwinked, they just experienced an impact of Xia Tian, now unexpectedly bumps into has worn the killing star of mask, they felt that own all these looked like a dream. After five minutes. The dream awoke. Their this time saw two people, a drunkard, a person of [gold/metal] hair. This time they believe that these two people absolutely were not Expert, because which Expert had to drink this. Hey, you, hand over all things, spirit stone, the compounded drug, the weapon, otherwise.” Puff! His words had not said that his number of people nearly flew. Always only then we snatch others, some first people dare to snatch us.” Saying that the golden hair man disdains very: Drunkard, killed.” „.” The hand of drunkard has placed on own blade, although his waist has put two blades, but he only pulled out a blade, after ten seconds, his blade returned to the scabbard. Thump, He has drunk liquor. Yeah, is really troublesome.” The people who drunkard light saying, here can gasp for breath at this time did not have. Xia Tian that gone forward felt suddenly he behind has the person.

Em? Speed unexpectedly is so quick.” Xia Tian stopped own footsteps, actually he wants to have a look is who is pursuing him. Whiz! The form appears in the Xia Tian front together directly, is one wears the person of mask. Xia Tian, do not run, you run I, hands over the monster king mask, that thing is not you can have.” Wears person light saying of mask. Monster king mask. When Xia Tian hears these four characters, he has prepared fight. Always only then he snatches others, he cannot be snatched by others absolutely. Have not revolted, I am monster clan Expert, with Lei Feng is a rank, I do not want to kill you, monster Wang Mianju is the most precious object of our monster clan, I must carry off.” Wears that person light saying of mask. You try.” Xia Tian when hearing the opposite party words, understood, this time definitely cannot friendly, opposite party unexpectedly with Lei Feng same level Expert, moreover knows that the monster king mask, does not reach the goal not to give up obviously, but he is more curious, actually this fellow how follows own: Was right, how did you find my?” On monster king mask has spookiness, I come with the spookiness, do not waste the time, the time that I come out has sufficed steadily.” That wears the person of mask to say. „.” Xia Tian nodded, he understands how finally this person pursues, he to be convenient, has led monster Wang Mianju on the body, has not loaded in the small cauldron, therefore this fellow can discover the spookiness on monster king mask, but at this moment, Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting: Perhaps I cannot give you thing, because came two people.” Em?” That wears the person of mask to hear the Xia Tian words to turn head, his is standing two men, person of full golden hair, in another manpower takes is taking the liquor bottle gourd, the waist is putting two swords. Drunkard, or together solved them.” Man light saying of golden hair.