Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1391

Sees these people time, Xia Tian understood, they come to themselves. Although he does not know actually one actually have any enmity with these people, but the opposite party comes to him obviously, these people pursue them to come, that comes to him. Really troublesome.” The drunkard right hand has placed above the sword of oneself waist. ! Drunkards instantaneous blade, the speed of this blade left the speed of blade to be fully faster than the blood blade old ancestor on one time. Whiz! Had that person body tuck dive of mask to evade this blade, the blade air/Qi has cut directly to Xia Tian. bo! The Xia Tian safety mask opens automatically, but the safety mask was cut to break by drunkard blade directly. Lying trough, is Expert.” Xia Tian deep shock lived by the strength of drunkard. The safety mask was broken by an opposite party blade. You are that gate protector.” Is bringing person of coldly mask looks to that two people. Monster, the demon, the person, the three parties have to protect the person of oneself entrance, the one who protects the monster clan entrance is you, the one who protects the demon clan entrance is Lei Feng, keeper clan entrance is our two, our several people have are controlling this world the strength, but we are two people, therefore you think that this time you can live are leaving?” Golden hair man excited saying. You use there strength.” Wears the person of mask to look at that two people surprisedly: This is violates a regulation.” Violates a regulation? Ha Ha Ha Ha, the joke, you also really work as that legend real, said that anything will use there strength to encounter the scourge, will really be the joke, after our two have killed you, will go back, on Earth, so long as your entrances or Lei Feng's entrances, that will have any person to be our matches, there our not dying perfection.” The golden hair man laughs was saying. Lying trough, is really Expert.” Xia Tian then understands, originally these people with a match of Lei Feng rank, and these two fellows have also used the strength of any taboo. Otherwise they impossible one to break the defense of vestment. Wore the person of mask to look at Xia Tian one: You said that what to do?”

What to do can also? Since others have gotten the gate to come.” Xia Tian both hands extend forward: Naturally wants. Ran.” Technique of second eight Qi! Attraction. Bang! The flash, the body of golden hair man and that drunkard directly was pounded to fly. Xia Tian and wears that person of mask to escape instantaneously, at this moment, two person breaknecking escaped completely. Dashing. Xia Tian not any hesitant, is only flash, his complete speed full. „, Your unexpectedly is so quick.” Wears that person of mask to break by biting directly own tip of tongue: Blood escapes.” The flash, his speed has surpassed Xia Tian. shit, such good B.” Xia Tian surprised saying. Xia Tian, you planned that which toward runs away?” Wears the person of mask to ask. You are also useless with me, the god of medicine mask I will not give you.” Xia Tian said. Discussed.” Wears the person of mask to beg. Had not discussed that was right, how you know that I do have the monster king mask?” Xia Tian asked that he felt that this wore the person of mask to be well-meant to him, but wanted the monster king mask. I was staring at the monster king mask more than 100 years, after you have robbed the monster king mask, I knew.” Wears the person of mask to say. Since knows that which monster Wang Mianju, you why doesn't snatch?” Xia Tian asked.

I hit eight Qi Dashe, but that thing the descendant of Ancient monster clan, if made it open the spirit wisdom, he might enter the step is the god beast, I was just the people of ordinary monster clan.” Wears the person of mask to say. Was right, do you name?” Xia Tian asked. Monster jade!” Wears the person of mask to say. Good, I remembered you.” Xia Tian said. Feeds, do not remember me, our two discussed again.” The monster jade follows to say side Xia Tian. Had not discussed.” Xia Tian very happy saying. „The words that on the other hand, our two such run, quick will be overtaken by behind that two fellows.” The monster jade said. Front has many people and ominous beasts, our two after pasts, you hold me, do not move.” Xia Tian said directly. Whiz whiz! They are going forward fast, Xia Tian this person is actually good to hand over, so long as the opposite party has not harmed his thoughts, he will not harm others on own initiative, looks like the monster jade is the same, although he wants the monster king mask, but he has not started directly, but in has discussed with Xia Tian. Quick, Xia Tian they saw many people, they are resisting ten ominous beasts, these ominous beast uniform Rank 2 ominous beasts. Stops!” Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps instantaneously, the monster jade also not slightly hesitant, held the shoulder of Xia Tian directly. Technique of First Layer deep meanings eight Qi. Hidden rest/breath technique. Xia Tian and monster jade hidden went to the personal appearance instantaneously. The monster jade does not dare to move, he had discovered own change, the innermost feelings are surprised, although he before was tracking Xia Tian, but continuously not with was too near, therefore does not know that Xia Tian also had such skill. After three minutes.

Whiz whiz! Two forms fell on have been away from them less than five meters place. Drunkard, I said that made you usually little drink to select, you did not listen, person with losing?” Golden hair man discontented saying. Here these many people, look to look that perhaps where is conceal is.” The drunkards said that and has drunk liquor. „Did you also want the monkey liquor.” The golden hair man reproved. Wants, otherwise I kill him to do, I relate with Lucifer am not ripe.” Drunkard very optional saying. That looks to look that they should mix in this crowd, otherwise was impossible such quickly not to have the sound.” The golden hair man said that starts to look to the right, the drunkard starts to look to the left side. Wears the man of mask to be anxious at this time, these two people are away from them, only then less than five meters far, such near distance he really worried that was discovered by the opposite party. But he sees with one's own eyes the golden hair man to pass through from him. When he must relax, Xia Tian has caught him, to his shaking the head of slightly, swings unusual is light. Em?” The golden hair man has anchored the footsteps suddenly, afterward his vision took a fast look around around Xia Tian. Turned round. Golden hair man turning round of gradually, he moved toward Xia Tian afterward directly their position, saw that he walks to oneself here, Xia Tian knew to go bad, the strength of this golden hair man was too strong, the power of observation was also very keen, a moment ago the monster jade was only slight moved to be realized by him. Treads! The golden hair man was away from Xia Tian they to be getting more and more near, Xia Tian and monster jade at heart was one tight.