Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1392

Puff! The golden hair took up to the air has hit a fist, afterward he continued to Xia Tian their here walks. Walks one step to hit a fist. He knows that here some people, he such does is using the stupidest means to discover Xia Tian they. Could not hide.” Xia Tian at heart one horizontal, prepares to get rid to sneak attack. ! At this moment, a series of roars transmit, transmit. Bang! In the sky ray of light transmits brightly. Hateful!” Body of Xia Tian again turns into the Vampire pattern, this pattern cut, Xia Tian has exposed immediately, sees the sudden person, the golden hair man also stares. Xia Tian has closed the Vampire pattern hurriedly. Xia Tian.” On golden hair man face immediately one happy. Bang! At this moment, the body of that golden hair man has flown upside down directly, monster jade that begins. Xia Tian you run, here I am towing first.” The monster jade shouts loudly.

Thanked.” Xia Tian nodded, he knows now is not the womanishly fussy time, otherwise they no one can be inescapable, but Xia Tian before leaving has placed the body of monster jade the monster king mask. Is willing to stand to block that moment of golden hair man in the monster jade for Xia Tian a moment ago, Xia Tian has handed over this brothers, truly speaking, the effect of monster king mask on Xia Tian was really not too big, after solving Jiang Tianshu them, Jiang Hai City was safe, he did not use again the combustion life, although Lei Feng was strong, but Lei Feng does not dare to come to the big city to kill people absolutely, otherwise he will also encounter above handling. Moreover monster Wang Mianju in Xia Tian, he always the excessive dependent monster king mask, like his strength wants to progress is difficult, the strength cannot come by the method of this being opportunistic. But by really hits, the edge sensibility of birth and death. Monster jade, had the opportunity to say goodbye.” Xia Tian said that flushes away to inside directly. Puff! At this moment, the body of Xia Tian turned into Vampire once more, is still the hidden essence and blood in within the body changes the body, but this time he was also disinclined to suppress this hidden essence and blood, was changed this pattern by own body directly. Now here is the person of respected family, the powder cultivates everywhere, although also has, but majority work as the personal servant to the juniors of these respected families. Hateful, how so many ominous beasts, will kill to me, does not need to protect the fur, many that who kills, I reward whose Intermediate Spirit Tool.” Juniors of respected family shout loudly. Under the generous recompense must have Isao, his these under hear Intermediate Spirit Tool time, is went crazy to be the same, Xia Tian had already discovered that although in these manpower has low grade Spirit Tool, but they do not have Intermediate Spirit Tool, before he cuts in that respected family juniors hands that kills not to have Intermediate Spirit Tool. Actually thus it can be seen Intermediate above Spirit Tool is how precious. At this time these people hear Intermediate Spirit Tool time is to go crazy to be the same. Has not been prolonging contact in Xia Tian of fast advance, his speed is fast, he uses oneself this superiority, fast plunged his ominous beast to cast off these, is mad the mercury to play the major role at this time. At this time the Xia Tian use air/Qi mercury the body surrounding air current change, these plunges the Xia Tian ominous beast all not to throw Xia Tian.

Corrupt wolf delivers the treasure, surely is the good treasure, treasure that this air/Qi mercury goes against heaven's will.” Xia Tian also a little thanked corrupt wolf at this time, the corrupt wolf simply was his lucky star, lacked anything to deliver anything. Lacks Spirit Tool to deliver Spirit Tool, lacks compounded drug to deliver the compounded drug. After running for day a night. Fuck! cannot.” Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps suddenly, at this time around him an ominous beast does not have. But in front of him actually volcano, giant volcano, what is main is the color of flame is the white, is not the red, the white flame, the temperature is high, Xia Tian stands in the volcano surrounding at this time, but the white flame in volcano is clearly discernible. Bang! A bang transmits, the white flame jumps out from the crater. shit, which this is any buried treasure opening, this obviously is the indication of volcanic eruption, this group of moron.” Xia Tian saw that the present picture understands finally beforehand nighttime thundering was anything, ominous beast why rebellion. Is the volcanic eruption. Reason that the beforehand these symptoms will appeared because this flame must erupt immediately. Although Xia Tian distance crater so is far, but he can feel this white flame the temperature. Very hot. Evades the hot hole, the seal. Xia Tian has sealed up instantaneously own evades the hot hole, otherwise he felt that his shell temperature rose.

White flame, the temperature of this flame compared with the temperature of red flame high several ranks, outside these has lacked silly also thinks that here will have any buried treasure born, here person were getting more and more, they clash toward , after inside ominous beast feels the crisis, wants to clash outward, this war will be certainly getting more and more intense.” Xia Tian looks that front white volcano says with emotion. He now was a little also disappointed, he flushed for day a night, finally unexpectedly arrived at a crater. Yeah, a bit faster leaves, I am not short in the time of fourth stay, this chapter of Jiang Hai City.” Xia Tian sighed, turn around must leave directly, although this any treasure had not found, but he has actually gotten so far as the weapons of more than 100 handle Spirit Tool ranks, was the bumper crop, moreover outside this Heavenly Connection the tour of hole, promoted Earth Grade late stage the strength directly, and obtained strength of 132 low grade spirit stone and Heavenly Connection. This must thank that respected family juniors, he has offered 50 together low grade spirit stone, on his other subordinates altogether has uncovered 30 low grade spirit stone. Present Xia Tian absolutely is figure of local tyrant rank. Outside Heavenly Connection in hole, these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert to spirit stone snatch to break the head together, but Xia Tian here actually enough 132 low grade spirit stone, this simply was a terrifying digit. After he goes back, can definitely use these spirit stone to come cultivation, then soon he can have the Heaven Grade general strength, when the time comes he must go to the crevice prison to rescue Brother Xiaoma. Thinks of Brother Xiaoma, Xia Tian thought that specially special feeling sad, Brother Xiaoma has been taking care of him since childhood, he had the enough formidable strength with great difficulty, he also wants to give Brother Xiaoma Jiang Hai City at that time, making Brother Xiaoma for a lifetime live sight, but Brother Xiaoma actually for he has used the technique of that taboo once more. When he wants to leave, he discovered that his body kept directing. Em? What's the matter?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, the hidden essence and blood of his within the body flowed at this moment directly in his both feet, afterward his body unexpectedly walk toward the crater.