Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1393
I collect, what situation is this?” Xia Tian discovered own body unexpectedly does not listen own has directed, his leg unexpectedly was only matched by this hidden essence and blood: shit, stops, which you must toward run.” Xia Tian hoodwinked. Thorough hoodwinking. Who noticed that own both legs do not listen to themselves to direct can hoodwink. Moreover direction crater that he runs now. Suicide? This is the Xia Tian first thought that is his both legs this must lead him to commit suicide? Leads him to experience to fly the general feeling? Stops, the father has not sufficed exactly.” Xia Tian anxious shouting, but his both legs are keep directing, bringing his act high and mighty to lead him to fly, but he ran up to the crater in an instant. Here is very hot, is only the flash, if were not Xia Tian opens has evaded the hot hole, perhaps his skin will dry out, even if were this, at this time his clothes all did not exist. At this moment, Xia Tian even wants to take up the [gold/metal] blade to cut off own both legs. Bang! But on the hesitant instance, his body directly jumped over from the crater. Is serious.” Then Xia Tian thorough hoodwinking, although he sealed up has evaded the hot hole, but if jumped in this type of white rock magma, he definitely the sediment not remaining. He has a dream has not thought that this hidden essence and blood unexpectedly led him to jump in the crater. The manpower forever is unable to contend with natural strength, although Xia Tian kills Earth Grade greatly complete Expert now is also very relaxed, but he does not have the means and this nature strength of contends. When Xia Tian almost falls into desperately.

Whiz! His both feet stepped on a foot in the air, afterward his unexpectedly has carried on the migration in the air, will the person possibly move in the air? In the air does not have any to borrow strength the place. What?” Inconceivable of Xia Tian whole face, he remembers this feeling hurriedly, this time's feeling was really good, his unexpectedly was flying, travel direction of his both feet in air. Whiz whiz! His both feet unexpectedly like this steps on the air to go forward, under the crater is the concave, after going in inside, space is very big, moreover surroundings also very big activity space. At this time the Xia Tian both legs are to there migration. Whiz! Whiz! The body of Xia Tian in flying high is going forward fast, although he does not know that the flight is anything felt, but he felt at this time he is flying. Bang! His both legs fell on the surrounding stone, here slow stage width about ten meters, the white, the temperature was very over the body high, even if Xia Tian opened has evaded the hot hole, he can still feel here that terrifying the temperature. Well, I active.” Xia Tian discovered own unexpectedly can control own body, at this moment a happy heart heads on, he thinks a moment ago really one died, at that moment was really too dangerous. He has not thought that this hidden essence and blood unexpectedly will send out this strange action. Since this hidden essence and blood brings to come to here me, perhaps that here has any serious thing.” The hand of Xia Tian has placed above the wall, the wall is very hot, but this touched has discovered the clue. After wall by white lime, covers, in other words in this should be spatial. Bang!

The right fist of Xia Tian hit directly above stone wall. Oh I go, is quite sore.” Xia Tian has flung own fist, he has not thought that here stone unexpectedly so will be hard, ordinary stone he, so long as a fist can open, but here stone unexpectedly only left small pit, moreover his hand bled. Thus it can be seen, these is really heavy. It seems like must use it.” The Xia Tian right hand flings once more, [gold/metal] Dao appears in his hands, the [gold/metal] blade straight insertion in the wall, probably inserted in the bean curd to be the same, very relaxed cut open stone wall. Bang! Incision stone wall had been overthrown by Xia Tian directly, when sees inside situation, the Xia Tian whole person has been shocked, he felt at this time one are having a dream, naturally might also be the corrupt wolf take possession. He a little cannot believe his eye. The compounded drug, the compounded drug of blotting out the sky appears in his front, moreover hole inside temperature is very low, unexpectedly in this type of crater will present such low temperature. This how much compounded drugs?” Xia Tian entered in the cave directly, he has not seen these many compounded drugs, moreover this type of compounded drug is the same type of compounded drug, does not have what to restore class, disintoxicating class and so on compounded drug, is the uniform one compounded drug. These many compounded drugs can be said as may richly the enemy. 100 million? 200 million? 500 million? 1 billion?” Xia Tian has not dared to guess again, because this digit simply was too terrifying, he used the eye unable to calculate. In brief this space has more than 100 meters high, at this time on this compounded drug mountain is places an upper limit on, the surroundings cannot see the boundary to be the same probably. „A TM suddenly point that too this happiness also comes.” Xia Tian now excited a little wants to cry, he also wanted to leave here a moment ago, but this hidden essence and blood actually towed here him. If this hidden essence and blood had not towed him a moment ago, he has missed this Baoshan. But now he all of a sudden became on Earth the richest person, these compounded drugs, absolutely are good compounded drug each compounded drug to take auction 180,000 absolutely are not the issues, moreover might be higher.

Xia Tian is walking in the cave, he had been shocked by front compounded drug mountain at this time completely. Thump! Xia Tian takes up under a compounded drug direct clothing. Bang! The strength of compounded drug blasts out in his within the body directly, afterward he felt his Inner Strength unexpectedly obtained the rapid promotion, moreover appearance that a little transforms to the spirit strength: „Is shit, so mysterious? It seems like I estimated a moment ago mistakenly, the value of this type of compounded drug is counted 1 million, even more than ten million have the possibility, more than ten million, here least 1 billion compounded drugs, are not good, I count unable to learn, cannot calculate.” Increases the strength compounded drug to be valuable, Xia Tian just under the clothing that compounded drug seemed used spirit stone cultivation ten days of feelings. At this time Xia Tian felt one already thorough does not know that should say anything. When the normal person sees these many compounded drugs, how meets the headache to move away these compounded drugs, but Xia Tian may not have depressed, because he has nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, the capacities of nine revolutions of universe cauldrons have many, is not clear Xia Tian to the present. Small cauldron, attracts to me.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward these compounded drugs had been absorbed by the small cauldron at the naked eye obvious speed. Thump At this moment, that small insect tattoos on Xia Tian arm moved, its has swallowed afterward at least 1 million compounded drugs, afterward Xia Tian discovered that small tattoos on own arm has increased. Xia Tian just wants to reprove own arm, he saw more inconceivable one. Has the person. A person sits well in compounded drug pile of inside.